Benefits of using organic makeup| Worth the Hype?

Benefits of using organic makeup| Worth the Hype? Why there is so much Fuss about organic makeup?

It’s no secret that organic makeup is one of the most popular varieties nowadays. Due to this, some naysayers believe that it’s all just a fad that will disappear off the market as quickly as it entered it. But they couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, this is more than a trend. It is an experience that will improve your life in multiple ways, and it is here to stay.

By using the best organic makeup in your daily regimen, you are not only helping yourself but the planet as well. It’s not surprising that it became so popular these days. Here is everything that you need to know about the phenomenon of unprocessed beauty, and why it would benefit you to make it an integral part of your lifestyle.

benefits of organic makeup and beauty products

The Success of Organic Makeup

Natural makeup is not a new concept in the beauty world. It has been around for decades, but it was only popular among certain groups of people. However, things have changed drastically in recent years. Not only is organic makeup trendy in the eyes of the general audience now, but it is quickly becoming more successful than traditional formulas.

In fact, this segment of the beauty sector is predicted to exceed a value of 13 billion dollars overall by the end of 2018. What is more, it now holds the largest share of sales in the industry. More and more specialty retailers are including a wide variety of brands and products of this variety on their shelves.

The official Sephora website now has a section entitled ‘naturals’ where customers can browse through hundreds of clean cosmetics and take their pick. What is more, Target noticed that their sales in this category rose by a two-digit percentage last year, so now they are expanding their line so that stores hold more alternatives in the organic beauty family.

This is all part of a larger increase in awareness among consumers regarding the topics of health and wellness. Nowadays, we are becoming more and more interested to live clean and sustainable lives in all aspects that matter. Of course, that also includes beauty rituals for some, which is why the organic makeup industry is the talk of the town right now.

Reasons to Make the Change

The average person uses at least five makeup items during their daily routine. While that’s not a lot, it certainly makes a difference looks-wise. Just imagine how great it would feel to apply something that is actually beneficial for you. There are many reasons to progress towards natural beauty products.

First of all, they are completely free of any type of harsh chemical used in conventional makeup formulas, such as parabens and phthalates. Thus, they are much milder and won’t irritate the skin or cause any breakouts. What is more intriguing is the fragrance they have, if any, is a natural one that won’t trigger any allergic reactions at the level of the skin, eyes, or lips.

What is more, organic products are usually eco-friendly as well because they do not require petroleum in their fabrication process. It might seem like a stretch, but by opting to follow a natural beauty routine, you are doing your part in preserving the planet in all its splendor. Wildlife and rainforests alike would be a lot happier if we all lived like this.

And the advantages of going organic don’t end here. Their green ingredients are usually rich in nutrients as well, which are absorbed by the complexion. This promotes an overall healthier and more youthful look. One such example is cocoa butter, a popular ingredient in natural liquid foundations that is rich with omega-3 fatty acids.

Furthermore, antioxidant-packed extracts such as pomegranate, grape, white tea, or apricots, protect the skin from free radical damage and maintain its elasticity. Thus, instead of packing on dangerous chemicals on your face and body, you are much better off when using products that contain beneficial components.

Finally, organic makeup is also an amazing ally in the fight against premature aging. Traditional formulas require SPF to be integrated separately. That comes at an additional cost, which means that few actually end up doing. But raw ingredients already come with protection on this front, which means that your epidermis will stay fresh for many years.

The Bottom Line

The success of organic makeup is rooted in the larger tendency of modern consumers to gravitate towards a cleaner lifestyle focused on health and wellness. The world’s most prolific brands and retailers have begun accommodating the increasing demand, which means that making the transition will be easy. All you need is a will to try it out.

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  1. I appreciate how you said that natural makeup is beneficial to your skin because it’s less likely to cause irritation or breakouts. My friend is trying to find a way to improve the health of her skin and make it look smoother without sacrificing the use of makeup on a daily basis. I’m sure she’d really benefit from natural, botanical makeup that will let her feel beautiful while still protecting her skin. Thanks for the information!

  2. I usually avoid makeup product as it’s not good for skin but now organic makeup are coming so I must try those products..

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