5 fictional fashion icons who can inspire you to look stylish, cool & quirky

5 fictional fashion icons who would inspire you to look stylish, cool and quirky

Being stylish usually means keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining a classy and up-to-date wardrobe. Occasionally, however, you need to let out some personal character. For instance, take another look back at my post on some weird, cute and unique jewelry pieces, which included fluffy stud earrings, a blood choke necklace, and a ring that resembled coffee being poured into a cup. Granted, there’s such a thing as being too weird with your style choices, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a little fun with quirky looks and accessories now and again.

fictional fashion icons

Sometimes there’s nowhere better to look for those kinds of looks than fiction. Simply put, fictional characters tend to get away with a little bit of costuming you wouldn’t exactly see in fashion magazines or at runway shows. So, with that said, here are five fictional icons who can inspire some fun, quirky fashions.

Daenerys Targaryen

One of the newest iconic characters in popular fiction, Daenerys Targaryen (of the HBO series Game Of Thrones) is positively bursting with interesting styles and accessories. Granted, the thing most people notice first about her is her white-blonde hair, typically shown in long and impressive brides. Beyond that, Daenerys often appears in little more than a simple, solid-colored dress. In plenty of scenes throughout the show’s lengthy run, however, she’s also been adorned in accessories we wouldn’t necessarily call “normal” in the real, modern world.

These might include a coiled bracelet going up her forearm, a golden rope or chain around her torso from hip to shoulder, or even a large dragon tooth (or some kind of tooth – we’re guessing dragon) necklace. Daenerys casually pull off these accessories and might inspire you to do the same if you’re looking for something bold, unusual, yet mysteriously alluring. Already style sites are using Westeros as inspiration, and much of that comes down to Daenerys.

Jack Sparrow

Granted, Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp’s famous pirate character) isn’t a female character. But certain aspects of his character design are gender-neutral, and in fact, there has been buzz over the years about his occasionally feminine tendencies. That’s neither here nor there, however. What matters is that Jack Sparrow arguably made it cool to wear beads and ornaments in one’s hair, as well as a headband across the forehead (and lots of eyeliner).

 jack sparrow inspired hair

Yes, you can look distinctly like a pirate if you embrace the Jack Sparrow look, but ultimately he almost introduced whole types of fashion accessories that most of us never considered to be options. A string or two of beads and a dimly colored headband can actually make for a really cool look.


Here again, we have a male character, and a very old one at that (with the original Dracula having been written in the late-1800s). Nevertheless, Dracula remains popular today in a way that suggests many recognize his image. He’s still a source of inspiration for kids’ Halloween costumes, as well as the subject of film adaptations. A recent list of the most popular mobile games in the slot category featured not one, but two Dracula- and vampire-inspired games (the latter being called “Blood Suckers” and not invoking Dracula specifically, but let’s not split hairs).

 dracula inspired jewelry

At any rate, though the image of Dracula has changed over the years, a few things stand the test of time: vertically popped collars, heavy pendant necklaces, and even, for those brave enough to go for it, capes! Dracula is actually a pretty fascinating study in accessorizing, and while he inspires bizarre looks, they can be a whole lot of fun done correctly.


Okay, so Cleopatra isn’t actually a fictional character. Fair enough. But even though this was a real queen of Egypt who ruled during the height of the Roman Empire and even had run-ins with her Mediterranean neighbors, there is a somewhat fictionalized version of her that’s become popular over the years.

cleopatra makeup look, jewelry

Basically, Cleopatra has come to symbolize the classic (and almost certainly exaggerated) vision of a wealthy or powerful Egyptian woman. That means heavy eye makeup, haircut at sharp, flat angles, and most notably, all kinds of golden arm jewelry. Going by this image, coiled bracelets, snake-like ornaments around the fingers or writs, upper arm bands, jeweled insect-themed rings, etc. are all fair game.

Princess Leia

There’s a legitimate argument about whether or not Princess Leia is the most iconic female character in the history of fiction. She’s certainly right up there, perhaps alongside Helen of Troy (who may have been real in some capacity), Medusa (whom we wouldn’t exactly look to for fashion advice), and a small handful of others. And while her fashion was always distinctly plain, with the exception of the infamous metallic one-piece she wore involuntarily, there’s one element of her look that has long fascinated us: the hair!

Ebook Promo

While she didn’t always wear it the same way, Princess Leia’s double buns, on each side of her head, might make for the most famous hairdo in cinematic history. And you can rest assured, there are online tutorials about how to achieve the look!

So those were the fictional fashion icons from whom you can get some inspiration for makeup, hair, jewelry and costumes. Which one is your favorite fictional character and whose fashion sense do you like the most?

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  1. My favourite undoubtedly has to be jack sparrow, charachter wise! But of course the beauty cleopatra is the epitome of it all!!

  2. I love the game of throne looks! They are always so amazing and Jack sparrow! What to say about him! He is the best character… And his fashionable and quirky yet wearable accessories are amazing too!

  3. So fashionable i even love the look of harry potter series and afcourse john deep is my fav too with this pirates look

  4. I love Cleopatra very much. I love her quotes too its so much meaningful always.

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