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Are you from oily and acne-prone skin category? Are you searching for a product that would deep cleanse your pores? Do you want a mask that would help you control acne? Then keep reading. This review may help you to get your right mask. I am going to review green tea clear face mask from the brand called “Plum”. Plum is 100% vegan and is against animal testing. Green tea clear face mask is a clay mask that would best suit oily to combination skin and acne-prone skin. Let me get into the review.

Plum green tea clear face mask, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.475. Most of the time it is on offer so you can get it at a lower price. I bought it from Amazon.

Availability: Available on their official site PLUM. Also available on NYKAA, AMAZON, PURPPLE


Plum green tea clear face mask, khadija beauty, ingredients

Product description

Acne-prone skin needs multi-dimensional care – to cleanse, care, control acne, prevent recurrence, and to do all of this gently – phew! No mean mask, this.

Get instantly brighter, healthier-looking skin. A soft, creamy formula that applies nicely and is also easy to wash off, without drying your face. Gentle exfoliation of glycolic acid removes dead cells and impurities, while antioxidant benefit of organic green tea extracts helps control acne (pimples) over the long run. A must-have product for oily and combination skin types.

My experience with plum green tea clear face mask


Green tea clear face mask comes in a glass tub container with a plastic cap. The container is heavy and the packaging is quite sturdy. I personally loved it and yeah they also have a safety lid inside the cap.

Plum green tea clear face mask, khadija beauty

Hows the consistency, fragrance?

This green tea clear face mask has a thick paste like consistency just like any other clay masks. But they are very easy to apply both with fingers and brush. They spread easily all over the face. I use fingers to apply.

Plum green tea clear face mask, khadija beauty

 The fragrance is very nice and not at all strong. The mask is very soft just like a clay. It doesn’t contain any granules.

How do I use it and what are the after effects? 

So I usually apply this green tea clear face mask with my fingers mainly on my T-Zone and a very little amount on other parts of my face. After the application, you will feel a slight tingling feeling for 1-2 minutes which means that the mask is working and removing the dead cells from your skin. You will find a sheet inside the box where everything is mentioned in detail. You will get this feeling every time you apply this green tea clear face mask and it is because of the bentonite clay.

Plum green tea clear face mask, khadija beauty

I keep the mask for 10 minutes and then wash off. You have to wash it off once the mask is dried. Since I apply only on my T-zone and on my pores, it dries quickly. I generally wet my face and gently rub off my mask in a circular motion. This green tea clear face mask melts in water and becomes even more clayey and soft. I then follow it up by splashing ice cold water on my pores. The after effects are just amazing. I feel my skin super soft and moisturized. As they claim, it sucks out all the dirt and oil from the pores and makes the pores looks smaller. But the pore size reduction is noticeable only for 2 hours. This mask will make you feel that your skin is clean and fresh. One more thing which I noticed is that this mask not just cleanses your pores but also gives a cooling sensation and refreshed feel to the face. I absolutely loved that feeling.

Does it control acne?

It doesn’t cause any dryness or stretchy feeling after removing the mask. Whenever I see any new bump on my face I immediately reach out to this plum green tea clear face mask. It instantly calms down my inflammation and the pain. This is because of the amazing clay and other ingredients that are included in the mask and the glycolic acid that helps in removing dead cells. What I do is I apply this mask and after washing, I use my anti-acne gel. And it works! This subsides my acne and prevents it from getting bigger. For the past one month, this green tea clear face mask has become my staple skincare product and I use it twice a week regularly. Along with that, I use it for my spot treatment. It has indeed helped me in controlling acne.

Amazing things about plum green tea clear face mask

Sucks out all the excess sebum and dirt

Pacifies the acne and pimple.

Instantly treats the minor inflammation and pain

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Makes the skin feel soft and hydrated

100% vegan

Free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA, PABA and animal derived ingredients

Sturdy packaging


None. I love it

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Final Verdict

This is a real detoxifier in a small glass jar. It helps in subsiding acne, deeply cleanse the pores by pulling out all of the excess oil and dirt. I would highly recommend oily to combination skin people to try this plum green tea clear face mask. This is the best thing for acne-prone skin. I am not hyping it guys, I personally loved it and has become my holy grail face mask for the past one month.

That is it guys. Plum has so many other skincare ranges focussing on different issues and different skin types. Do have a look at all their range. They are all very affordable and effective too. You can get them on offers at much lesser price. 

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  4. I’m yet to try this product. But Green Tea and Clays are indeed amazing ingredients for acne, so it must be a great product. Lovely review 🙂

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