Refresh your skin with Biotique | cleanser, Toner, Scrub, Eye gel| Affordable and worthy

Revitalize and refresh your skin with Biotique | Affordable and worthy

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As spring approaches, its time to refresh & rejuvenate your skin with Boutique’s eclectic range of products. Biotique products are made with natural ingredients aiding your skin to look fresh with a natural glow. Biotique’s range of haircare & skincare products is the best way to pamper your skin this season.

Biotique toner, cleanser, eye gel, scrub review, khadija beauty

Before starting this review I wanna share a small and a personal experience with my readers. The very first time I used Biotique products was almost 7 years back when this was newly introduced in the market. Since I was a biotech student, I was excited to see something related to my field so I tried their morning nectar body lotion back then which I loved and even made my college friends to purchase that *I guess I had that influencing power even at that time * Long story short no doubt Biotique is one of the best and leading Indian brands in the market and in this post  I am going to review four of their products that would freshen you up and your skin without any hassle. These products can be incorporated in both your morning and nighttime skincare routine.

Common things about Biotique

All of the Biotique products are :

100% botanical extracts and Ayurvedic recipes

Organically pure and preservative free

Dermatologically tested for safety

Not tested on animals

Has therapeutic properties

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the review

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Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing foaming face cleanser Review

Price: Rs.149 for 120 ml

My experience with Biotique Bio Honey Gel


This face cleanser comes in a cardboard box inside which you will find a handy good quality plastic bottle. All of their product’s packaging is completely travel-friendly

BIO HONEY GEL cleanser review, khadija beauty

Product description

This fresh-foaming, 100% soap-free gel is blended with pure honey and extracts from the bark of the Arjun tree, euphorbia plant and wild turmeric. Dissolves makeup and impurities, softens skin and helps lighten the complexion.

How’s the color, smell and consistency

This bio honey face cleanser is light pink in color and has a runny consistency. As the name suggests it is in gel form. It has a sweet fragrance which anyways is not going to linger around after washing off the face wash.

BIO HONEY GEL cleanser review, khadija beauty

BIO HONEY GEL cleanser review, khadija beauty

What are the after effects?

After effect 1

This face cleanser lathers well and it makes the skin extremely soft. When I used it for the first time, I kept on washing my face thinking that the cleanser is not completely washed off. But later realized that it’s the after effect of Bio honey cleanser, it leaves the skin slippery soft and hydrated.

After effect 2

This is suitable for all skin types and it gives a fully cleansed feel and look to the skin. A little amount of product is enough for getting rid of all the dirt and impurities.

After effect 3

It didn’t cause any dryness or stretchy feel to the skin post washing which I LOVED.

The ingredient list is quite impressive and has ingredients that are really beneficial for the skin.

Overall verdict

I would highly recommend this face cleanser to all the people. It is mild, hydrating, 100% Ayurvedic and cleanse the face really well.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner With Himalayan Waters For Normal To Oily Skin Review

Biotique BIO CUCUMBER toner review, khadija beauty

Product description

This refreshing, pore tightening toner is blended with cucumber, coriander, nutgalls, berberry, peppermint oil and the fresh waters found in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is formulated to bring the complexion into perfect pH balance and help keep skin in its purest state.

Price: 120 ml – Rs175/-

My experience with Biotique Bio cucumber

The packaging is same as their face cleanser with the change in label.

This Bio cucumber toner is green in color *super attractive*. It is basically like a green colored water.

How is it?

So I use this toner either in the morning or at night. And even after cleansing my face really well I found some extra dirt on my cotton pad after wiping my face with this toner. So it is THAT effective in removing all the remaining gunk from the face. Just 2-3 drops of the product is enough for removing the impurities. Do not wipe your under eyes because I felt some tingling sensation in that area alone.

Biotique BIO CUCUMBER toner review, khadija beauty

After wiping off just pat the remaining product into your skin. It is non-sticky and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly.

It has a strong smell of some solvent, and the smell evaporates after few seconds. Cucumber helps in soothing and toning the skin. This Bio cucumber toner is suitable for only normal and oily skin. My sister has normal skin and she totally loves this. But if you have a dry skin then this one is not for you as it may cause dryness.

Overall verdict

If you are looking for a good, paraben free toner that would help in calming down your skin and remove dirt from deep pores then this is something you have to try. Go ahead and give this a shot.

Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub Review

Biotique BIO PAPAYA Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

Price: 199 for 75 gm

Product description

This Revitalizing Tan-Removal scrub is blended with pure papaya fruit to dissolve dead surface cells, unclog pore openings and smooth the way for clear skin to the surface. Gentle refining action uncovers skin’s natural brightness for a younger-looking complexion.

My experience with Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

This Bio papaya face scrub comes in a tub packaging with an inner safety lid which makes it travel-friendly. I feel the quantity is great for the price and the quality.

How is the consistency?

This scrub is in a paste form and it has a slip to it. A small amount of product spreads easily all over the face.

Biotique BIO PAPAYA Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

Biotique BIO PAPAYA Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

How does it work and what is the after effect?

Biotique Bio papaya tan removal scrub has numerous hard beads which act as a scrub. This is neither too gentle nor too harsh on the skin. All you have to do is take a small amount of Bio papaya scrub and gently massage your face for 1-2 minute and then wash off with water.

The very first thing which you will notice is your bright and clear face. Yes it instantly gives you a brighter look and refreshes your skin. I absolutely loved that feel. But I would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin. Because they may feel this scrub a bit coarse and hard on the skin. But beside this, I loved everything about this scrub. And I think it is perfect for this season.

It makes the skin super soft and gives a glow to it. It gives a glow which you receive after a good facial and after all the dead cells are removed. I totally loved this but I really wish the scrub particles to be a little more gentle.

Biotique BIO PAPAYA Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

Overall verdict

If you are on a vacation this spring and don’t have time for pampering the skin then keep this Bio papaya scrub handy. This would give your skin a fresh glow by removing all of the dullness just in a minute.

Biotique Bio seaweed  Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel review

Biotique BIO SEA WEED eye gel review

Price: 199 for 15 gm

Product description

This refreshing eye gel reduces and prevents signs of stress, puffiness and darks circles.

My experience with Biotique Bio seaweed  Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel 

This comes in a cute small tub. A miniature version of Bio papaya scrub packaging. Even this has an inner safety lid that would prevent the product from wastage

Biotique BIO SEA WEED eye gel review, khadija beauty

How is it?

This is a clear gel and is extremely lightweight. Seaweed has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. So if an under eye gel has all these properties then what else do we need? Right?  This gel gives a cooling sensation after the application which is quite soothing for the eyes. They get absorbed into the skin quickly and hydrates them as well.

A tiny amount of product is what you need. It spreads easily and doesn’t give a sticky feeling at all. It has a minty fragrance to it. Our under eye skin is very soft and need extra hydration. This under eye gel is good for keeping the under eye area soft and hydrated. It can be used prior makeup also as this would keep the under eye moisturized and will allow the Makeup to sit properly.

I didn’t find any changes in dark circles and I personally feel no gel or cream can alone treat dark circles. We have to improve our diet, drink lots of water, get a proper sleep and use under eye gel/cream to see the changes. But this Bio seaweed eye gel for sure soothes the under eye area.

Overall verdict

This Biotique Bio seaweed eye gel is a good one. I like it especially for the fact that it gives a cooling sensation and hydrates my under eyes without making it sticky. Ohh yes it is super light yet super hydrating too.

That is it guys. I hope this post helped you. Have you tried any of their product? 

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  1. Biotique always is my favorite brand. Your review attracts me more to the products, especially the toner and the scrub.

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