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I personally hate that ugly under eye dark circles and I guess most of you too hate it. You might be trying a lot of products to get rid of that. I started facing this problem a few months back and I was very much worried about it. I started researching about the causes and the reasons why it occurs and got to know that the main reasons are improper diet, inadequate anti-oxidant in the body, improper sleep and also because of tiredness. After that I followed a good sleeping cycle but still this did not show any effect on me. I was scared that I will end up having a panda eye. I started to try out remedies at home but they seemed to show the results very slowly. And then I finally discovered a weapon to fight against these dark circles. Yes it is Alentaz vitamin E oil. So let me review it in detail and tell you guys how it effective it has been to me.


Quantity: 100 mL

Price: RS.150

Shelf life: 3 years (36 months)





The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a pump making it easy to use. 

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Vitamin E oil 5,000 IU bathes your body in healthy, anti-oxidant rich moisture. Pure, Vitamin E oil plus 5 essential natural oils of Almond, Apricot, Avacado, Sunflower and wheat Germ renew skin’s softness. Use alone to dry spots all over the body, or add a few drops to your favorite body lotion.

My experience with Alentaz Vitamin E Oil

Firstly this particular brand Alentaz is not known to many of you and even I didn’t know it two months back. As I said I was experimenting different things to get rid of dark circles, I came across the benefits of vitamin E oil for skin. I always knew that vitamin E is good for skin, hair and body. That is something I have been studying in my science subject. But I was surprised to know that Vitamin E oil can have soo soooooo many beauty benefits and especially for maintaining a good skin. Without any second thought I wanted to order one. And that is how I came to know about Alentaz brand in Amazon. I could hardly find one review on this Alentaz vitamin E oil on Google and thought I should definitely do it and let you all know about its amazing results. Huhhh…I know I dint start reviewing it yet (sorry) 😛 . Okay let me get on the track now.

The oil is very heavy, thick and colorless. As I have mentioned about this oil in my night skincare routine you must be knowing that I apply it every single night before going to bed. I use only one pump of it. What I do is first gently pat the oil under my eyes, and then with the ring finger I gently massage the oil under my eyes, on my eyelid and also around the inner corners of the eye. I prefer using it only at night because of its thick consistency.

 It contains all certified organic ingredients and apart from vitamin E oil, it also contains 5 essential natural oils which actually attracted me and I thought why not to try this. I didn’t like it fragrance much, though! But once applied on the skin, you would not find any kind of smell. After applying it for 15 days I observed a mind blowing result. My darks circles really seemed to have reduced within 15 days. Now after using it for two months, it is almost gone. I am telling it as “almost” because according to my mom and my sister I do not have dark circles anymore, but I don’t know why I feel like I still have a slight trace of those pigmentations. I use regularly no matter I have a dark circle or not. Because this oil apart from reducing the dark circles also helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles (which I don’t have now) and dark spots. Vitamin E oil supplements the nutrients and repairs the skin and also prevents in formation of excess melanin. Improper melanin production only results in pigmentation.

I also apply it on my eyelashes and I have noticed that my lashes have also grown. I am currently in love with this oil for so many reasons.

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Amazing things about Alentaz Vitamin E Oil



Good packaging

Contains certified organic ingredients

Easily available

Travel friendly

Have shown remarkable results in reducing dark circles

Promotes the growth of eyelashes

Moisturizes the under eye area and locks in hydration for the entire day.

Good shelf life

Things I did not like about it:

Very thick consistency


My rating:


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Alentaz vitamin E oil

Final words:

I tried many natural remedies and eye cream but this oil has shown very good results on me. I would strongly recommend you to try this oil. The oil from this brand works great but is underrated and I think that is why it is not known to many of you. The product is very effective when it comes to reducing dark circles. This is not a sponsored post and I am talking so much about it because I am completely satisfied with the way it has worked on me.

Hope this will solve your dark circle problem too. Was that helpful? Do comment below and let me know. 

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