Plum Green tea Mattifying moisturizer review| Best moisturizer for oily skin

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Oily skin people are always on a hunt for a moisturizer that would mattify their face. Are you too on the same hunt? Then have a look at this post. I am going to review green tea mattifying moisturizer from the brand Plum. In my previous post, I have reviewed Plum clear face mask from this same range. I am attracted to this range as they focus much on acne prone and oily skin. Now let’s get into the review.

plum green tea mattifying moisturizer, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.450. Always available on a much lower price.

Availability: Available on their official site PLUM. Also available on NYKAA, AMAZON, PURPPLE.

Product description:

Silicone-free, matte-finish moisturizer with hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients. Daily pleasant after-feel, non-shiny finish and acne combat.

This is just the light moisturizer that oily skin types had been waiting for. Multi-dimensional care that includes: controlled hydration, non-shiny matte finish, acne (pimples) combat and a fresh, clear appearance.


Aqua (Water), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, PEG 400, Phenoxyethanol, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Fragrance, FDA Approved Colours

My experience with Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer


The packaging of this green tea mattifying moisturizer is travel-friendly and occupies less space in the vanity. It comes in a plastic bottle with a good quality pump packaging. The bottle is slim and fits in the palm perfectly. Very handy and sturdy packaging * loved it*

How is the consistency and smell?

Green tea mattifying moisturizer is white in color and has gel-cream like consistency. It is somewhere in between a gel and a cream which is perfect for oily skin. It smells like a green tea with an added amazing fragrance. The fragrance of both the face mask and the moisturizer is same.

plum green tea mattifying moisturizer, khadija beauty

plum green tea mattifying moisturizer, khadija beauty

Does it work as per its claims?

I take half to one pump of this green tea mattifying moisturizer and apply it all over my face. And yes it blends into the skin very easily and immediately. And while blending it gets absorbed into my skin and makes my face Matte and oil-free instantly. The formulation is indeed great.

plum green tea mattifying moisturizer, khadija beauty

When I am wearing makeup I usually preferr one to one and half a pump of this green tea mattifying moisturizer and this keeps my skin hydrated and without making my face oily. So in my case, it does what it claims.

How long does it keep my skin oil-free?

I think this depends on every individual and the amount of oil secretion they face. I would say this green tea mattifying moisturizer kept my face matte for a good 2 hours. And after that, I started noticing slight oil secretion on my nose and not on any other parts of my face.

This kind of impressed because my T-Zone becomes oily super fast and it really worked by keeping my oils at bay. It hydrates the skin really well and did not cause any break outs. In my case, it worked well but I am not completely satisfied with this. It is vegan, hydrating and mattifying, but still I expected it to work a little more than what it did to my face. The name mattifying attracted me and may be I thought it would make my skin free from oil for at least 4 hours *I don’t know if there is any product that would work this way though*

Perfect moisturizer for oily skin when used under makeup

I loved it while using under my makeup. When wearing makeup we need extra hydration but the problem with oily skin people like us is in the process of providing extra hydration we also end up making our skin oily very soon. So this green tea mattifying moisturizer gives you that extra hydration along with the mattifying effect *great right?* Overall it is worth the try.

Amazing things about Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer

Mattifies the skin immediately

Provide good hydration

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Doesn’t cause acne

Very light and good for oily skin

Contains glycolic acid helps in preventing acne

100% vegan

Free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA, PABA and animal derived ingredients


Keeps the skin oil free only for around 2-3 hours

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Final Verdict

This green tea mattifying moisturizer hydrates the skin deeply with a mattifying effect. It smells amazing and the glycolic acid present in it prevents acne. I would recommend you guys to try at least once.

That is it guys. Do check out their entire range. They also have different ranges for different skin types and skin issues. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram

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Plum Green tea Mattifying moisturizer review| Best moisturizer for oily skin

Hello my lovely people out there!!! Oily skin people are always on a hunt for a moisturizer that would mattify their face. Are you too on the same hunt? Th

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  1. My wedding is just 3 months later and my skin has acne scars and acne as well do u think I should give it a try

  2. So glad that this doesn’t cause breakouts. I am using their toner and will now try to get the moisturizer as well. ?

  3. It’s a great moisturizer I think. Your review says that it will work on my face as well. Surely this will be my next purchase.

  4. Have heard so many good things about it.And after your review,I will try to give this a shot.
    Wonderful Review

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