Perenne Broad spectrum SPF 50 & Revitalizing face mist review- Summer essentials

Perenne cosmetics Broad spectrum SPF 50 & Revitalizing face mist review- Summer essentials

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I am super proud to introduce you guys to an Indian professional skincare brand- Prenne, whose active ingredients are very specifically picked from France and all their products are dermatologically tested. Sunscreen and face mists are the most needed thing in summer. So I will review these two products in this post and I hope you will like it. One of the things that attracted me the most while collaborating with this brand was that all of their products are free from animal derivatives, no ethanol or harmful alcohol and all the ingredients are derived from plants. So no fear of using any Haram ingredients even by mistake

Perenne cosmetics sunscreen and face mist review, khadija beauty

Let’s get into the review now

Perenne Cosmetics  Broad spectrum SPF 50 Review

Price: Rs.1000 for 50 gm

Availability: Perenne official site, Nykaa, purplle, Amazon

Product description:

A naturally treated sunscreen lotion equipped with Vitamin C, E and Kojic Acid. It’s sun screening agents safeguard the skin from sunburn and tanning. Filled with nourishing powers of natural ingredients, SPF 50 efficiently protects the skin from harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiations and gently preserves the natural radiance leaving an undying beauty behind.

Perenne cosmetics Broad Spectrum SPF 50, khadija beauty

My experience with Perenne Cosmetics  Broad spectrum SPF 50 Review

How’s the packaging?

The packaging of this sunscreen is very different from traditional ones and to be honest I loved it. This perenne sunscreen comes in a pump packaging and you know what they have a small lock at the tip of the pump. This is quite thoughtful and it prevents the wastage and leakage of the product.

Perenne cosmetics Broad Spectrum SPF 50, khaidja beauty

How’s the color and texture?

This sunscreen is opaque white in color and has a creamy texture. It spreads easily over the skin.

Perenne cosmetics Broad Spectrum SPF 50, khaidja beauty

How is it?

So this is the main question we ask before trying any product. Right?

This perenne sunscreen is extremely hydrating and oily skin people like me do not need any extra moisturizer too while using this. I just apply this after washing my face. Sometimes I use toner and some days I don’t. I have been using this sunscreen for almost 20 days now and to be honest this is amazing.

A very little amount of product does the job. It has an SPF 50 which is yay again. And the best part about this is that it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients and no paraben too. I haven’t seen a sunscreen without paraben yet. They do not contain any harmful ingredients as well. Alcohol is mentioned at the end of the ingredient list but that’s just for obtaining the extracts *the QA team told me so* This sunscreen also contains Vitamin C, E which are really good for improving the skin texture.

It gives a dewy finish after applying and doesn’t make the face oily. This perenne sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin quickly and makes the skin soft and hydrated. It doesn’t leave any white cast on the face too. Yeah you should make sure that you are using a little amount of product. If you use extra product then that’s gonna make your face whitish and oily.

It has a good fragrance and I don’t know to explain the fragrance of it *really bad at this* The product says it’s sweat proof and waterproof too. But it does get washed out a little. And one more thing which I noticed is after using this is that if you wash your face you will feel your skin slippery soft. It did not cause any breakouts, so this is suitable for sensitive skin people also.

Overall I am absolutely loving this sunscreen. And I can confidently say that this better than the Neutrogena sunscreen.

Amazing things about Perenne Cosmetics  Broad spectrum SPF 50

No paraben, sulphate, mineral oil, silicones, Artificial colors and animal derivatives

Has an SPF 50

Protects the skin from the sun, gives a dewy finish

Hydrates the skin and makes the skin soft and supple

Doesn’t cause any breakouts

Suitable for all skin types

Oily skin people can skip moisturizer while using this


Expensive (But not expensive for oily skin people because you are getting a moisturizer and a sunscreen. So think like that )

Perenne Aqua Restoration Revitalizing tonic mist Review

Price: Rs.799

Availability: Perenne cosmetics, Nykaa


Aloe barbadensis extract, Rosa Damascena (Rose) extract, Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract, Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Oil, Morus Alba ( White Mulberry) Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Water

Product description

Gently revitalises skin and helps to maintain pH balance ensuring the preservation of natural moisture. The enriching natural extracts regenerate dead skin cells and energise the skin to fight environmental hazards. By minimizing open pores its revitalizing properties refreshes the skin leaving an ageless lustre behind.

Perenne cosmetics face mist review

My experience with perenne face mist

To start with, this comes in a good quality plastic spray bottle and is completely traveling friendly.

This face mist is 98% natural and instantly freshens up the mood. It has a mix of fruity and indistinguished fragrance which I personally liked. It hydrates the skin and is perfect for this summer. This perenne face mist contains green tea extracts which are good for acne prone and oily skin. It has a soothing fragrance because of the lavender oil added to it. It also contains rose extracts, licorice extracts which calms down the skin and helps in toning. Other extracts present are mulberry and grapefruit and also has fruit water.

So this small bottle has the goodness of so many natural and skin beneficial extracts which is suitable for all skin types. It gets absorbed into the skin after a minute or so and after drying up on the face you will not feel any sort stickiness. Instead, your skin will feel hydrated. You can throw this into your handbag and refresh your skin anytime anywhere on the go.

Amazing things about

No paraben, sulphate, animal derivatives, silicones and mineral oil

Instantly refreshes the mood

LOVE the ingredients

Did not cause breakouts



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That is it guys. I hope this post helped you. Have you tried any of their product?

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Perenne Broad spectrum SPF 50 & Revitalizing face mist review- Summer essentials

Perenne cosmetics Broad spectrum SPF 50 & Revitalizing face mist review- Summer essentials


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  1. Looks amazing will try once i finish my lotus sunscreen which i have just received it from nykaa?

  2. Both products seems to be really nice, sunscreen seems to be ideal for my skin but mist has ingredients which I like 🙂

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