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Hello and welcome to Khadija Beauty!!!

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My name is Khadija. I am a procaffinator and love to spread love, laughs and happiness to the people around me. I Love makeup, accessories, bags, shoes, coffee, chocolates and anything that has a coffee flavor in it. This is my personal blog and I am the author and editor of this blog.

To start with, I was always interested in beauty and makeup. After completing my Engineering in Biotechnology I found my love for beauty and makeup started growing even more. Then I started experimenting with makeup and that is where the idea of blogging clicked into my mind. After publishing my first blog post, I found out that writing blog is actually something I am really passionate about and highly interested too. Now I love blogging not just because this is my passion, but I feel it makes me eternally happy by sharing my views and ideas with other pretty girls out there.

My blog will have reviews on different makeup products(love lipsticks), skincare, quick beauty hacks, different website reviews and other interesting things that would be quite affordable to everyone and would help the beginners in positive ways. This blog is mainly to comfort and help out any girl who has a little idea and is just confused about how or from where to get a start for doing makeup or maintain a healthy skin. And also you will find few posts on the things I personally love. So this is a place where you will get to read on your favorite topics and will also get to know my favorites too 🙂

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