Jovees bridal brightening face wash Review| Ultra radiance

Jovees bridal brightening face wash Review

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Any product that has brightening/ glowing term on their packaging attracts me the most. Jovees is one Indian brand that’s been in the market for a really long-term and their products are known for their efficacy. Well in this post I am going to review one of their products from bridal skincare range- Jovees bridal brightening face wash
And yes even if you are not a bride to be, you can try this. After all, it’s the after-effects which matters and who doesn’t like a healthy glow. If you want to know if thsi products really worked then keep reading.

Jovees bridal brightening face wash Review

Price: Rs.245

Availability: Jovees site, Nykaa, Amazon

Active ingredients:

Cherry Fruit Juice, Bearberry Fruit Juice, Mulberry Fruit Juice, Kiwi Fruit Juice, Honeyberry Fruit Juice, Orange Pulp Extract, Cantaloupe Fruit Juice, Glycerin.

My experience with Jovees bridal brightening face wash

How’s the packaging

The face wash comes in a tube packaging with a screw cap. It’s travel-friendly but the screw model cap is not user-friendly. The entire process of taking out the cleanser and closing the cap becomes messy.

Jovees bridal brightening face wash Review

How’s the color?

So this part was surprising and in a positive way. The jovees bridal brightening face wash is orange in color and the exciting part is that it has golden glitters/sparkles in them. This is a gel based face wash with sparkles in them which looks beautiful to me. I personally have never used anything like this before.

Jovees bridal brightening face wash Review

How’s the smell?

This Jovees face wash has a mix of fruity, honey and sweet smell. I felt the fragrance to be strong. Some may like it and people with a sensitive nose like me will find it strong. Anyways the smell doesn’t linger around after the wash so it’s not a big deal to me.

What are the after effects?

As I said it is a gel based cleanser so it doesn’t foam a lot but it cleanses the face really well. You can feel that your skin is cleansed. It didn’t cause any breakouts and is suitable for sensitive skin too.

It is best suited for normal to oily skin. My skin type is normal to oily and after washing my face, sometimes I feel a little bit of dryness on some parts of my face after washing with jovees bridal brightening face wash. And it goes away after using a moisturizer. I use Jovees bridal brightening face cream to moisturize my face. At times I just use sunscreen and that dryness fades away instantly.

It gives my skin a clear look and instantly makes my face brighter which I totally love about this, though it last just for an hour or so. The ingredient list looks so promising. Vitamin C is much needed by the skin to make it look brighter and even tone. This face wash has the juice of different berries which are a rich source of vitamin C.

Amazing things about Jovees bridal brightening face wash

Very affordable

Cleanse the face really well

An impressive natural ingredients list

Gives the skin a clear, fresh & brighter look after the wash

Gel-based cleanser and contains super attractive golden sparkles in them

Mild and Suitable for sensitive skin people

Did not cause any breakouts


Causes a bit dryness which goes away instantly after moisturizing.

Not recommend for dry skin

Screw model cap packaging is a kind of messy

Final verdict

Jovees bridal brightening face wash looks beautiful and does the job of face wash pretty well. I liked everything about it except for its smell (too fruity) If you are from oily skin family then this is an affordable face wash option which you can try. It cleanses the face and keeps the skin healthy.

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