Freshistry Review| Customise your own skincare products for a healthy skin

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In this post, I am going to share with you guys a brand called Freshistry where you can customize your own skincare and hair care products. I am so excited to share this with you all. I will also be reviewing two of their products which I have received from the brand. Let me share some details about the site first and then quickly review the products.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

How is Freshitry different from other organic Indian skincare brands?

This is the first brand I have seen who has given the option to brew products of our own choice. And by the word customise I am not just meaning that you can get products with a specific ingredient. But here on freshitry site you can select what product and the base you want. Then you will get the choice to select your own favorite herbs. And the next step after selecting your herb you will get the option to select the colour of your cosmetic. Yes this sounds really new and the customization part no just stops here. After choosing the tint you will get a bunch of options from where you have to choose the fragrance which you would wish to include in your cream, lotion, face wash or shampoo. And the last but not the least and the exciting part of Freshitry is that you can actually name your products as per your wish *ain’t it cool??*

About the brand Freshistry- The chemistry of fresh cosmetics

We at freshistry believe that every product you use should be owned by you and should be as unique as you!
You might not know how the products you pick from the shelf , manufactured long ago before you actually apply them on your body differ from the freshly brewed ones! We are there to let you know. You can also grab a free consultation on their site.

I have two products from the brand

1. Khadija’s Skin Food- Body lotion with SPF
2. Khad’s Oily Skin Saviour- Face Cream
I wanted to give very different names to my products. Let me know in the comments if the names are good?

Khadija’s Skin Food – Body lotion with SPF by Freshitry Review

Price: Rs.425 (200 ml)

Availability: Buy HERE

Shelf-life: 6 months


Aqua, cream base, beeswax, EDTA, oil, almond oil, perfume, preservatives

Directions for use:

Take required amount of cream and add 5-6 drops of “The extra potion” to it and apply gently.


Both the products came in a classy black satin potli type of bag. I really loved the packaging.

My experience:

This body lotion comes in a basic white transparent bottle with black flip open cap. And you can find all of the details on the sticker. The snapshot I am including below will have all of the herbs and other things which I have included in my body lotion.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

So as it is summer time I wanted to try an SPF. Since lavender is known for its freshness and soothing properties I added it in my body lotion. The fragrance ” The refresher” indeed has a very refreshing smell. I loved its fragrance a looottt. This fragrance has a very similar smell to a perfume but I am not able to correctly figure out which perfume it is. If you own any product with this fragrance and please let me know which perfume it is. I am literally breaking my head to find it out.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

How well does it moisturize?

So after talking about all of the fancy things about this lotion the important point is how well does this moisturize? They asked about the skin type in the very first step of personalization and I chose normal skin type but I could say this lotion with spf from freshistry is suitable for dry to normal skin type. I do not go under the sun a lot so I can’t actually tell how well the SPF in it works but the lotion provides a very good hydration to the skin. The consistency is medium to thick and the texture of this freshistry body lotion is super creamy. Omg the lotion literally feels like a whipped cream and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. But you need to massage it into the skin. The lotion is not light weight but neither is it heavy.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

I did not feel the need of re-application which is a yay for me. Another best thing about this freshistry body lotion is that they are non-greasy. This is one of the important criteria which I consider before picking my lotions. And this lotion has passed the test. Once you apply this lotion, you can walk around with a mind-blowing fragrance coming out of you? There is a choice to opt for extra herb also. So for this lotion I chose an extra comfre potion which I received in a small bottler. The shelf life of the extra potion is just 45 days because they are freshly prepared and doesn’t have any kind of preservatives in them.

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My rating( Out of 5 ⭐️)

I would give it a 4.8 ⭐️

Final verdict:

I would suggest you try this body lotion if you are searching for a super creamy textured lotion with an amazing blend of your own favourite herbs and fragrance.

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Khad’s Oily skin Saviour- Face Cream

Price: Rs. 395 (120g)

Availability: Buy HERE

Shelf-life: 6 months from the date of manufacture

Direction to use:

Take required amount of cream and add 5-6 drops of “The extra potion” to it and apply gently.


Aqua, Cream base, Bees wax, MCW, T.E.A, Perfume, Preservatives.

My experience:

This face cream comes in a black tub-like packaging * which I feel unhygienic and messy*. I don’t know why but this packaging reminded me of Baskin Robbin’s tub ice cream? And now if you are my reader then you must be knowing that I have a combination skin with oily T-Zone because I have said this a zillion times on my blog? And all oily skin people usually gets attracted to the creams that would help them in controlling the excess sebum production and so did I. Tea tree derivatives are my favourite ingredient in face products. Because they help in controlling and preventing breakouts. So when given a choice without any second thought I chose the herb “Tea Tree”. So these are all the things I chose for my face cream. 

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

I have perfumes with white musk fragrances and they are my all time favourite. So I chose this fragrance in my face cream too and I can’t stress enough how good this cream smells! The fragrance of this freshistry face cream is a dope. If you are customizing your product then I would highly highly and highly suggest you add this fragrance. The cream is cute peach in color as I added an orange tint to it.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

How well does this moisturize and does this control oil?

The consistency of this freshistry face cream is thick. This face cream is definitely not for oily skin people. This is heavy and would work great for normal to dry skin people. But it is a big no from my side to use it as a day cream for oily skin people. You can use this as a night cream though! As they are heavy on skin they do not control oil instead, they made my T-zone oilier. They are highly moisturizing and can be used to prep the skin before apply matte foundations. But if you have a dry skin then you may love this. They make the skin soft and supple and locks in hydration for a long time. So if you have a dry skin and looking for an organic personalized face cream then this can be a good option.

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

freshistry review, body lotion, face cream, khadija beauty

After Blending

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My Rating (out of 5⭐️)

For dry skin – 4.7⭐️

For oily skin- 2.5⭐️

Final verdict

If you have an oily skin I would not suggest you use it in the day time however you can try this as a night cream. But if you have dry skin then you may love this?

That is it guys. Do check out the site and explore things from there. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask in the comments section or through mail or DM me on Instagram? And if you liked this then please follow and subscribe me. 

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