TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review | The Universe collection

TS Cosmetics veleet eyeshadows

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review | The Universe collection

Hello my lovely people out there !!! ?

TS cosmetics has newly launched their “The universe Collection “ velvet Eyeshadows. I have previously reviewed their Rose gold oil and liquid highlighters (if you haven’t read that do check it out) I personally love this brand because firstly it’s an Indian makeup brand and secondly for their quality and price range. The shade names of these velvet eyeshadows are named upon planets and stars which was really impressive.

I am going to review seven shades of Ts cosmetics velvet eyeshadows along with the swatches. So keep on reading to know everything in detail

Price: Rs.210 for 2.0g

Availability: You can buy from their official site, Instagram page

My experience with Ts Cosmetics velvet eyeshadows

How’s the packaging?

These velvet eyeshadows come in small plastic pots with transparent plastic caps. And these pots are securely placed in an outer beautiful cardboard box where you can see all the ingredients and other details about the eyeshadow. The packaging is travel-friendly but the lower part of the pot comes off for some shades. Though that doesn’t cause any damage to the eyeshadows but still just wanted to mention it ?

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Venus


A very beautiful golden foiled (creamy and metallic) color. This shade is my most favourite shade amongst all.


Venus is highly pigmented and is very close to any high-end golden foiled eyeshadow shade. The color shows up better when applied with fingers.


As the name suggests, it is velvety soft but only the outer coating is creamy. After that, the texture is soft but not as creamy compared to the first coat. And this one thing is common for all shades. Blends very easily both with fingers and blending brush.

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review

Will I recommend this shade?

Yes definitely

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review


TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Jupitar


This is again a very beautiful mix of metallic bronze and burnt orange color. When in a hurry just take this shade with your ring finger and blend it well. You are good to go for a party.

I love to layer Jupitar with Venus. It gives a glamourous bronzy goldeny eyelids

Pigmentation & texture 

Jupitar is also highly pigmented and blends very easily. The texture is neither too creamy nor too hard.

Will I recommend this shade?

Yes definitely!

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review, swatches

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Uranus


Uranus is a very unique shade with a mix of dark green, silver tint and kinda off holographic. I absolutely love this shade and if you are looking for a fancy green lustre and metallic eyeshadow shade then you can’t miss owning this.

Pigmentation and Texture

This is creamier than Jupitar and the pigmentation is amazing.

I would highly recommend this if you are into such shades. Even if you are not into such shades I would suggest you to experiment. Because even if you apply this shade “uranus” very lightly, it would just add a hint of color which is going to look fabulous.

Would I recommend this shade?

Hell yeahhhh !

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Mercury and Saturn


Mercury is metallic bronze shade and Saturn is a shade which is a color very difficult to explain. It has a bronze/brown undertone with a silver and a green reflective shimmer.


Both the shades are pigmented when you swatch on your fingers but the color doesn’t transfer much on the lids. You have you layer it up several times to get the shade pop up on your lids


Mercury is creamy but Saturn is not that creamy. You need to add a drop of facial oil to make it work well.

Would I recommend these?

Mercury- If you are looking for an affordable option and have never tried this shade then you can.

Uranus- I would say it’s your wish. Because this shade would look good when it is combined with any other shade or while creating an eyelook with a mix of colors.

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows review

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Neptune


Blue shimmery shade

Pigmentation and texture

It is medium pigmented and the texture is not so appreciable. It has to be blended really well with blending brush in order to not look harsh. It also has some loose glitters in them and I would like the brand to look into this issue.

Would I recommend this shade

Not really. But still if you are not finding this shade at this price and want to try then you can try once. Because it’s manageable. But only if you don’t find any better option

TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows- Stars


Stars is a purplish blue shade

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How is the Pigmentation, texture and blending power?

To be very honest I think Ts cosmetics has messed up with this particular shade. Stars is such a unique shade but it is very poorly pigmented and it is not creamy all. In fact it’s chalky and patchy. Even in this shade I could find a few chunky glitter particles. It doesn’t blend well too.

Would I recommend this

No. I would suggest you to skip this shade. And I would recommend the brand to please improvise the texture and pigmentation of stars because the shade is really beautiful.

Shades from TS cosmetics Velvet eyeshadows that I would recommend you guys to definitely try

Venus, Jupitar and Uranus. These three shades are totally worth the money. In fact I feel you will not find three shades of Ts cosmetics velvet eyeshadows anywhere else at this price keeping in mind the quality and pigmentation


All of the seven shades smells like vanilla chocolate. The fragrance of Ts cosmetics velvet eyeshadows is exactly the same as that of their liquid highlighters.

All of these eyeshadows are not waterproof. So it comes off if you wash it well just with water. Stays well on the lids for 4-5 hours. I have to try wearing it for longer hours to comment on exact its staying power.

Final verdict

Except stars and Neptune all the other shades are good. However if you ask me, I would highly suggest the first three shades to try. Other than that you can try other shades as well. The texture, pigmentation and blending ability of these velvet eyeshadows are fabulous considering the price.

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