Indulgeo Essentials rose gold oil Vs TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir

Indulgeo Essentials rose gold oil Vs TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir | REVIEW & COMPARISON

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So after a long wait, I am finally sitting down to review and compare the two most famous gold elixir in India. After Farsali rose gold elixir, many brands have started manufacturing affordable dupes of it. The two gold elixirs which I am going to compare are Indulgeo essentials rose gold oil and TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir. Both the brands are very active and popular on Instagram. Even I came across them on Instagram only.

About Indulgeo essentials

They have a range of different oils targeting specific skin issues and also have face mists. They have been featured in so many top magazines and by the end of the post, you will know why.

TS cosmetics

This is a Brand exclusive available only on Instagram and Facebook. They are not a very big brand as such but they do have some good products especially their pressed glitters have so many positive reviews. I haven’t used that personally though. They have a wide range of pressed glitters, highlighters, gold elixir, silver elixir and false lashes.

So after this small intro about the brands let me dive directly into review and comparison.

indulgeo rose gold oil, ts cosmetics gold elixir

Review and comparison

Price & Availability

Indulgeo essentials Rose gold oil- Rs. 1280 for 15 ml. Available on their site and on NYKAA (It’s on 10% off on nykaa- Rs.1152)

TS cosmetics – Rs. 1750 for 15 ml. Available on their Instagram page called “tscosmeticsofficial”. 


Indulgeo essentials rose gold oil

I was totally impressed with their packaging. It came in a pink cardboard outer box and inside that the bottle was securely placed in a very classy and cute box. The rose gold oil comes in a blue glass bottle with a good quality dropper. You can find all the details on the sticker present at the back of the bottle.

Indulgeo essemtials rose gold oil Review, khadija beauty

Indulgeo essemtials rose gold oil Review, khadija beauty

TS Cosmetics 24K gold elixir

This comes in a golden pouch inside which you can find the bottle with a  dropper. The bottle was spray painted and the first and the big turn off was when I saw that the paint on the bottle was ripped off. A big list of interesting ingredient was found on this bottle too.

ts cosmetics 24K gold elixir, khadija beauty

How’s the smell and the gold flakes?

Indulgeo essentials rose gold oil

It has a minty smell which is not too strong and doesn’t last after applying on the face. You can see tons and tons of minute gold flakes in it * mesmerizing* The number of gold flakes in this is double the amount when compared to TS cosmetics gold elixir. The gold flakes are going last till the last drop of the oil.

Indulgeo essemtials rose gold oil Review, khadija beauty

Indulgeo essemtials rose gold oil Review, khadija beauty


TS Cosmetics 24K gold elixir

It has a smell which is exactly like Britania orange flavored cream biscuit *I liked the smell*. The gold flakes in this are chunky and are present in abundance. But when I was about to finish this oil, there were no gold flakes left and I had to apply only the oil.

ts cosmetics 24K gold elixir, khadija beauty

ts cosmetics 24K gold elixir, khadija beauty

Gold flakes of both the oils get absorbed into the skin when you start massaging.

Which oil has better Consistency?

In terms of consistency, I felt both are more or less the same. Both are non-sticky, gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

But I personally felt indulgeo essentials rose gold oil to be much lighter when compared to TS cosmetics. It doesn’t mean that TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir is heavy. It is light on the skin as well. And yeah none of them caused breakouts.

How’s the finish??

As I said both have a similar consistency, they also hydrate the skin really well. So when they are used as a primer before applying foundation, you can see a healthy glow on the face. They give a beautiful dewy and radiant finish to the face. And then if you want you can set your T-Zone or the areas which tend to become oily with a loose powder or compact.

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oh yeah when they are used as a primer, they do not hide the pores. When the oil is used prior Makeup, it gives a smooth base so that the Makeup application becomes easier and all of the products blends very effortlessly.

Claims of both the oils

Both the oils have almost similar claims as well. They claim to treat acne, blemishes. The oils are rich in anti-oxidants, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentations. But I personally didn’t find them to be treating any of these. But they definitely hydrated the skin really very well, made my skin look healthy and I loved using them before applying makeup.


Indugeo Essentials rose gold oil 

24k Gold Flakes, Pumpkin seed oil, Rosehip Seed oil(Rosa moschata) Â, Vitamin-E oil, Orangepeel oil(Citrus sinensis) Â, Patchouli oil, Lemongrass oil(Cymbopogon)

TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir

ts cosmetics 24K gold elixir, khadija beauty

Are they suitable for all skin types?

I have an oily skin and I use them to deeply hydrate my skin. So yes these oils are suitable for all skin types. I used these oils at night before going to bed as my night serum too.

If you have oily skin then you need a less amount and if you have dry skin then you will need more. That’s it. And do check the ingredients and cross verify if you are allergic to any of the oils used in them before trying.

Overall which one is better?

While comparing both the gold elixirs, no doubt I would recommend you guys to go for Indulgeo essentials rose gold oil. The packaging, the amount of gold flakes and overall quality of indulgeo essentials rose gold oil is far better than TS cosmetics 24K gold elixir. And besides that Indulgeo is available at a lesser price too.

Other ways to use rose gold oil

1. As a moisturizer and as a primer. Even the dry and flaky skin becomes soft and hydrated after applying this.

2. Before applying any matte lipstick, add 1-2 drops of this on your lips and massage your lips well. While massaging it exfoliates and removes the dead cells and keeps the lips hydrated. Also, the matte lipstick glides on really well.

3. Mix 1-2 drops of rose gold oil with your matte foundation to get a dewy look.

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