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When it comes to foundation, there is a hell lot of confusion we go through before finding out a perfect foundation with a perfect shade. Foundations are the base for any makeup we wear and if the base goes wrong, then the entire makeup is ruined. Are searching for a good foundation which will give your face an even tone and cover up your scars or spots? Then this post is going to clear up your mind and by the end of  this post, you will have a good idea about which foundation will work well for you.  I am not going to suggest you any high-end brands (no offense) because my post is about drugstore foundations. Yes beautiful girls I am going to share the best foundations with you that are very affordable and works almost same like the high-end foundations. I have tried out a lot of foundations and not all of them worked well for me. I am not going to give you a very big list of foundation and confuse you even more instead I will share 3 best foundations which are going to work well for all skin types because they are available for different skin types.




Foundations are meant to hide your imperfections and give you a clear, radiant look. It is not meant for giving you a fair or tanned look than your actual complexion. So choose the shade that suits your skin tone, not a shade darker or lighter with the thinking that you can either look fairer or darker with it. That will make you look artificial and end up being a makeup disaster.

Before jumping into the main part, let me just name the brand which I am going to suggest





Yes, it is Maybelline again. If you have read my makeup post then you must have known that I have recommended almost every makeup product from Maybelline because I love, love and just love Maybelline and the price range of it. They have a whole range of products that works so damn well and it is affordable too. So with Maybelline it is a win-win kind of situation. You will get to experience that the products work similar to high-end brands but at a lower price. Okay now I will stop acting like a brand ambassador of Maybelline and get into the topic (:P)

Poreless and easy to blend

As the name suggest matte and poreless, it really is poreless and I would say it is 80% matte. It gives more than a medium coverage but less than a full coverage (if that made sense :P). Hope you understood. This foundation is available in different shades so you can pick one that suits your skin tone. I am in shade 115 IVORY IVORIE. The formulation is quite good and it does not take a lot of effort to blend on your skin. You can blend it very easily just by using your fingertips. I personally prefer blending it with a damp beauty blender. If you are comfortable with beauty blender then go for it or you can blend it with the brush also. It totally depends on you and the technique you use for the application.

Set the foundation if you have an oily skin

After the application set it with compressed powder. If you have a dry skin then you can skip this. Maybelline Fit me foundation will hide your pores and at will give a look as if there are no pores at all, yet gives a natural beautiful finish. You can set the foundation with Maybelline fit me compressed powder. They have launched Maybelline fit me compressed powder in the exact shade as that of the foundation. So you don’t have to worry about choosing the right shade for the compact. Another good thing about this compressed powder is that it gives your face a shiny (not oily) and sparkly effect. It contains a bit of highlighter property thereby making your skin to glow. If you want to cover up your spot, your can use Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I have the entire Fit Me range and I can say that it is so good and affordable too.

Price: Rs.445


Packing is okay and would have been better it had a pump  but still for its price it is very good. If you are looking for a foundation at a lower price, then this can be your best foundation for everyday use.

You should definitely go ahead and try. You will not regret it.








After blending

 Buy online by clicking on the product name:

Maybelline Fit me foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline fit me compressed powder


This is again an amazing foundation. If you want a full coverage and a long lasting foundation then this is the best drugstore foundation you can go for. But if the spots are darker then you can use a concealer.This gives you a skin smoothening effect and is available for all the skin type with SPF 20. You will have a good amount of shade options too. I am in the shade BUFF.

Suitable for all occasions

You can wear it to the office, wedding and everywhere. You can get a flawless base with a perfect balance of glitters in it which as a result will give you a fancy look.

Matte Foundation

Revlon colorstay foundation is a matte one and it has actually proved it in my case. My skin type keeps changing according to the season and I have an oily T-zone. But this foundation didn’t make my face oily for a maximum of three hours. Then just by patting my T-zone with a compact works well and it stays for a longer time.

Blending Technique

This is a liquid foundation which should be worked with one area at a time. If you leave it on your face without blending, it will dry up and may look patchy. Blend it immediately after the application. It is easy to blend and again you can blend this with your finger tips or beauty blender or with a brush.

Price: Rs.875

I bought it for 875 and I have no idea why it is for 995 in Amazon (clueless)

Ebook Promo

Just like gold, do foundation rates also get increased???


Very good packaging. The product comes in a glass bottle with a pump. So now you can’t waste the product by taking out excess of it. 








After blending

Buy online by clicking on the product name:

Revlon colorstay foundation


I agree friends it may seem expensive comparing to the above two foundations, but trust me it is worth spending for. This foundation is available in so many shades which mean you are more likely get a perfect match for your skin tone. I am in the shade 120 VANILLE VANILLA.It is buildable, so you can layer it up to hide acne or pimple marks and gives you a smooth finished look


You can just apply the found and you are good to go even without setting it. It has a very good formulation with a long lasting feature which makes it the best drugstore product. But it doesn’t hide the pore. So what I do is apply Maybelline fit me foundation on and around my nose then, on the rest of my face I use L’OREAL PARIS INFALLIBLE 24H FOUNDATION. This really stays without melting for a good 6-7 hours. Blending is very easy and I blend it with a damp beauty blender. I would suggest you to blend this foundation with either a beauty blender or a buffing brush.

 Price: 1260


This is again with a pump dispenser (yeeyyy!!!) and one pump is enough for covering your face and neck. This foundation is a complete package in a single bottle.

If you are okay the price then I would recommend you to buy this.








After blending

Buy online by clicking on the product name:



If you feel that foundations autoxidize on your face then try getting a shade lighter than yours. So that after few minutes it will auto-oxidize and will match your skin tone.

Use concealer after applying foundation. That way you can perfectly spot conceal your scars, imperfections and get an even toned look. You can read more tips in my beauty hack post.

Final Verdict

All the three are my favorite foundations and I would recommend you to give it a try. I would give a big thumbs up to all these foundations. They are good for beginners also. So which one are you planning to buy? Let me know in the comment. As I always say I would love to hear from you all 🙂

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