TS Cosmetics Loose pigments review| Glitters eyeshadow with confetti

TS Cosmetics Loose pigments review| Glitters eyeshadow with Confetti In Inda

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️

Glitters and confetti are something every girl loves. I have already reviewed Ts cosmetics liquid highlighters and their velvet eyeshadows. Today I am going to review their new launch. It looks so magical and attractive. I am going to review 8 shades of Ts cosmetics X makeupByTuba newly launched loose pigments. These pigments are not like the ordinary ones which you have seen but they are a bit different and are infused with confetti 😍 Let me talk about it in detail here.

Price: Rs. 290 for 12g

Shelf life: 3 years. Cruelty free

Availability: You can buy from their website.

How’s is the packaging?

These TS cosmetics loose pigments come in a small transparent plastic tub with a golden cap. They come in an outer white-colored white cardboard box where you can find the ingredients list and other information regarding the product.

TS cosmetics Loose pigments

How to use?

Press & dab the pigment with the fingertips. To increase the staying power, use with a glitter glue/glitter primer.

How is the pigmentation?

All the shade are supremely pigmented and they have glitters, confetti of different shapes and Pixi dust in them.

How are TS cosmetics Loose pigments?

So here is the main part of the review. They are pretty easy to use and looks damn beautiful on the lid. They have a variety of shades and all of them are really versatile.

If you’re a beginner then I would suggest you use glitter glue because there are very high chances of confetti going inside the eyes if you are using it on your eyes by yourself.

How to remove

Ok, so this was something that kinda annoyed me. I tried removing it with makeup remover, oils and what not. But the confetti decided not to leave my sister’s eyes and my hand when I swatched it. And guess what worked best? Instead of removing, just washing the face or the place where you have used these confetti infused glitters with a normal face wash **face-palm**

Yes just washing it with a face wash and my hands with handwash, removed all the confetti so easily.

Oh yes, These are not waterproof.

Shade Descriptions of TS cosmetics loose pigments

TS cosmetics Loose pigments


A very beautiful shade which gave me Cinderella vibe infused with Florescent round confetti and blue star-shaped glitters.


Blackish brown shade with neon green confetti infused in it.


As the name suggests, it’s a gorgeous pink shade with different shapes of glitter and pixi dust


Silver color with pink glitters of different shapes.

TS cosmetics Loose pigments


A silver shade with silver star shaped glitters, Pixi dust and silver round shaped glitters

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This is a gorgeous and extremely creamy copper shade. It doesn’t have any confetti. The shade gives a foiled shadow look with a hint of shine to it


OMG this is a golden shade and again this is so damn pigmented. This shade too doesn’t have any confetti to it but I totally loved this. It has a hint of shine and looks like a real foiled gold applied on the lids.


These are literally loose confetti without any base shade. You will understand when you see the swatches. I have tried my best to explain the shades🙈 All the shades in the images are 98% exactly how it looks in real.

How is the consistency of each shade?

The content creator & good luck are in powder form with minute soft grainy balls. First, five shades explained above are semi-solid and feels a bit wet when touched. This consistency makes it easier to be applied to the lid even without glue.

The shade Not your business is a mix of loose different shaped glitters and Pixi dust.

Final verdict

These are amazing and perfect to wear in special occasions and weddings. If you don’t like confetti or feel like it would look too fancy then you can go for good luck & the content creators. Those two shades are without confetti and are equally gorgeous and SUPREMELY pigmented. I would hight recommend all these shades to makeup artists and if you want for personal use then you can pick a couple of shades with confetti and don’t forget to get your hands in THE CONTENT CREATOR.

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TS Cosmetics Loose pigments review| Glitters eyeshadow with confetti

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️


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