Colorpop ultra matte mini kit first date- Bumble, Sunday, Fresh cut, Viper, More better

Colorpop ultra matte lip collection-First date review and swatches

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Colorpop liquid lipsticks are famous for their beautiful shades and their lightweight formulations. In this post, I am going to share the swatches of five Colorpop ultra matte lipstick shades which came in a set. Colorpop has different lip collections wherein they have a set of 5 mini liquid lipsticks. The lip collection which I have ordered is “First Date”. Foxy lip kit is the most famous one but I didn’t order as one of their lipsticks contain carmine *haram ingredient * The lipstick which had carmine is the most popular nude shade TULLE. Yes, I was heartbroken when I came to know this as I was eyeing it for a really long time. So if you are like me who doesn’t prefer carmine in their products then you can go for the kit “first date”. Moreover, all of the shades that come in this kit are wearable.

colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches, colorpop ulta matte lipstick, khadija beauty

About Colorpop

To those who don’t know about this brand, Colorpop is a drugstore brand from USA. They are cruelty-free however not all their shades are vegan. They have a wide range of lipsticks from matte to satin to gloss. They also have some amazing single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. Their makeup products are known for their quality and affordable price. But it’s budget-friendly only in USA however it becomes a bit pricey when compared to their original price here in India. You can purchase their products directly from their site at the original price but can’t guarantee about the customs.

What are the lip shades present in First date lip collection

  • Sunday
  • Fresh cut
  • Bumble
  • Viper
  • More better

All of these are mini lipsticks from ultra matte range. I can see myself wearing all of the shades present in the kit and probably this is the only kit which had my kinda shades. The problem in buying kits is that along with your favorite shades there are chances that it will have one or two shades which either you don’t like or it doesn’t suit you.

colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches, colorpop ulta matte lipstick, khadija beauty

colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches, colorpop ulta matte lipstick, khadija beauty

Colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches

“First date” Colorpop ultra matte mini lip collections contains the shades that are going to suit all the skin tones. They have shades ranging from nudes to pinks to deeper shades. And all the lipsticks shades in this kit is vegan which is why I chose it.

Price: I got it for Rs.1600 from an Instagram store.

My quick review on Colorpop ultra matte lipstick

All of the shades are damn pigmented and turns a bit darker after it becomes matte. Ultra matte liquid lipsticks dry up very quickly on the lips and are weightless. You will not even feel like you are wearing something on your lips. Yes, it’s that lightweight.

 Some feel that it has a very drying formula but I didn’t experience any such thing personally. Maybe because I always prep my lips before wearing any matte lipsticks. If you want to know how to apply matte liquid lipstick beautifully and prevent your lips from looking flaky and chapped then I have already done a post on that.

Now moving on to other aspects, these lipsticks go on without tugging on the lips and the applicator makes the whole thing a lot easier.

colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches, colorpop ulta matte lipstick, khadija beauty

 These mini lipsticks look super cute and I personally prefer mini sized lipsticks these days because I know about myself. I love trying different brands and shades so I am never going to finish any lipstick. So it’s better to use mini lipsticks which can be very easy to carry too.

They stay on the lips all day long no matter what you eat or drink. Some shades may fade a teeny tiny bit but not much. They don’t crack up or look gross as well. 

And don’t ever try removing them with physical force. You will end up hurting your lips and nothing else. Remove it with a waterproof makeup remover or oil. Even after removing it with oil the shade more better left a hint of pink on the lips.

Colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches, khaidja beauty

Colorpop first day mini kit review and swatches

Colorpop ultra matte lipstick- Sunday

Sunday is a beautiful pinky nude that would complement all the skin tones.

Colorpop ultra matte lipstick- Fresh cut

It is a cool toned pink shade which after drying up becomes a bit darker. If you love such shade then try it. But I would not recommend this for darker skin tones.

Colorpop ultra matte lipstick- Bumble

This is one of their best sellers and once you try it you will understand why it is loved by all. Bumble is a browny Dusty Nude. This is perfect for all skin tones. It instantly brightens up my complexion.

Colorpop ultra matte lipstick- Viper

This is a warm toned dusty purple shade. And this is again suitable for all the skin tones.

Colorpop ultra matte lipstick- More better

It is a deep wine shade. This shade is going to look great on all skin tones. It’s one of those shades which can give you a glammed up look just by wearing it on your lips. I felt this particular shade has more Liquidy consistency when compared to others.

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That is it guys. So these were Colorpop ultra matte liquid lipstick that came in the kit “first date”. Which shade did you like the most? I loved all of them equally. I will be wearing them all as they would suit and would also complement when worn with different outfits at different occasions. If you loved any particular lip shade then you can order that alone as well.

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  1. Great review Khadija,

    The Sunday shade is my favourite – great for an everyday nude colour!

    Thanks for linking to your liquid lipstick mistakes to avoid post too – very helpful!

    I’m glad you point out that the Foxy lip kit Tulle contains carmine (crushed bugs), and that you point out that not all Colorpop shades are vegan.

    For any readers looking to go natural (or vegan), we recently posted a piece exposing some lipstick ingredients to avoid.

    Thanks again for the great brand review,


    • I got this kit from beautyplusindia20 and there are many other authentic insta stores which sell at a comparatively lesser price. There is another page called authentic_makeup_love. They sell at a cheaper rate than many other stores.

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