Scary, Sexy and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Of 2018

Scary and Sexy Halloween Makeup Ideas Of 2018

Halloween can definitely be termed as one of the most creative phases of the year as the top makeup artists of the industry come together to create timeless looks which serve as inspiration to many. Today we are going to take you through some of the best Halloween looks which can definitely turn you into the star of all fright night parties.

So here are some of the Halloween Makeup Ideas

Star Trek Inspired


If you are pondering over who you who wish to dress up like this Halloween, then you can definitely channelize your inner Trekkie by opting for a super cool space-age look. For nailing this Halloween eye makeup, you shall be required to prepare your lids with a nude eyeshadow and follow it up by drawing a bold wing using a liquid liner. While over lining, you need to take the color over the entire lid and then outline it using a black smoky eyeshadow.

Next you will be required to shade the lower lashline using cobalt blue eyeshadow, define your brows and apply some generous coatings of mascara. You can finish off the look with some nude lipstick and by patting on some gold shimmer onto the middle of your pout.

The Saw Psycho

halloween makeup ideas easy


This super-effective Halloween look has been inspired by the eerie character of the Saw movie which is bound to scare your friends to the core as you go about the town trick or treating. You can start the fright night look by applying black face paint both over and below your lash line using a small brush which has to be subsequently blended outwards using a bigger fluffy brush.

Next you need to intensify the eyes by bordering the upper and lower lash lines using a black kohl eyeliner. For nailing this Halloween eye makeup, you will be required to add some false eyelashes and then apply a super pale foundation for coating your skin and creating a ghostly appearance. Now you will be required to impart further definition to your eyebrows with a black eyeshadow and fill in your lips with an opaque red color. You can create a more exaggerated pout by pulling out the corners of your lips slightly using a small brush.

Now you will have to draw two lines on either side starting from the corner of your mouth to underneath the chin using black eyeshadow. If you are not much confident with your makeup strokes, then you can definitely proceed with the usage of an angle brush. Finally, you will have to draw a simple spiral shape on both your cheeks using a red lip liner.

Harley Quinn



For the eccentric Harley look you need to start by applying a medium coverage foundation in the palest possible shade you can get your hands on. This has to be followed up with some translucent powder and highlighter dusted over the top. For getting the Halloween eye makeup right, you will have to trace your upper and lower lash lines using a black kohl without giving too much importance on the level of precision.

Next you will have to smudge the same using your fingers for a grungy look. Further definition can be imparted to your eyes by feathering your eyeliner along the socket line and then blending it out. It is advisable to opt for cream eyeshadow as it is easier to smudge the same with your finger or an eyeshadow brush. You also need to be cautious about using two different brushes for the dual hues of blue and red.

You can finish the eye makeup by coating some mascara over your eyelashes and defining your brow to fill in the empty spots using a pencil. An Ombre lip can be created by tracing the outer corners of your mouth with a berry-toned lip liner and then filling it up with bright red color. You can wrap up this look by applying some clear gloss on your lips and drawing all the Harley’s tattoos using a black liquid eyeliner.

Snapchat Rainbow Filter


You can recreate this popular look for Halloween by following some easy to follow steps. You need to start by drawing a super thick line using a white eyeliner pencil on your lower lids. You can even apply your go-to eyeshadow and mascara if you wish to do the same although there is no compulsion behind it.

Next you will have to have to dab on some brown hued eyeshadow beneath the white liner for making your eyes seem freakishly huge by creating a faux lash line. Your foundation and concealer has to be blended in the usual manner although you can skip the chin portion if you wish since a large rainbow is soon going to be painted on the same. A dash of pink can be added to your cheeks and nose for imparting that rosy glow and brightening up your complexion. Pink lipstick has to be applied only on the top portion of your lips while rainbow lines have to painted down your neck starting from the bottom lip.

You can even add clouds at the very bottom using a tiny brush and paint some finishing rainbow dots as well as other intricate details. White liquid liner can be used for adding the twinkly stars as you get ready to puke colors on everyone.

Alien Lizard


You need to start with this Halloween eye makeup by creating large circular smoky eye using a cream based eyeshadow spanning both under the lower lash line and over the lid.

Next you will have to map out some lines which can represent the contours and gills on both the sides of the face using the same product. The lines can be blended in a downwards motion using a flat brush unless it fades out evenly. A reflective eyeshadow has to be patted over the shading for maintaining the color strength in all those places where the shading is darker.

An extreme feline flick can be drawn along the top lash line using a gel or liquid eye liner which has to be connected with the lower lash line. You can create a sharp statement lip by applying some black cream eyeshadow and finishing it off by patting some shimmery eyeshadow at the centre of your lips.



You need to start with a dry and clean face for applying some primer which can help your face paint in staying intact throughout the evening. You should also allow a resting time of few minutes in between application of the primer and face paint so that the same can set properly. While proceeding with the face paint, you need to choose a background color and create an even layer of the same over your face using a sponge. It is advisable to choose a light color base as that can be shaded later on as per your requirements. You need to start from the center of your face and slowly work outwards.

On having a light and even color all over your face, you can blend in a white paint for lightening certain areas for that added highlight. Requisite details and markings can be added using darker coloured paints. When it comes to nailing the Halloween eye makeup, it is advisable to use black eyeliner. You can twist the brush for creating thinner lines for best results. Alternatively, you can also push down the brush for achieving thicker lines. Adding some stand-out eyelashes can help in bringing your eyes to the focal point of attraction. Some glitter can also be used for a dash of glamour.

Ebook Promo

Gone are the days when Halloween was all about buying expensive costumes and accessories. Modern day fashion gurus are coming up with new techniques of Halloween eye makeup which can help you in stunning the fashion police with your creative flair.

So which of these looks you liked the most, which one are you going to try?

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