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Winter is here and along with the winter there comes dry skin problem. Our skin becomes dehydrated, dry, and itchy not just on face but all over the body. Cold weather makes our days lazy, makes our skin dry, gives us cold, sore throat and lots of sneezes *the struggle is real* So I am going to give you few quick and awesome skincare and beauty tips so that you can waterproof your skin. Let’s begin with my favorite tip 🙂



Do not wash your face with facial cleansers often

Yes, you heard it right lovelies! I usually wash my face with the cleanser only in the morning. The reason behind this is, our skin is already dry during winter and using cleansers twice or thrice is going to strip off our natural oil from our face. This is going to make the skin drier than before. Use a good hydrating cleanser. Do try to follow and include this in your winter skincare routine.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Use an oil based hydrating body wash to get rid of flaky skin on yur body.

Water, water and water!

You may not feel the thirst during winter but that doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t want water. One great tip that works well is drinking more water during winter. This will hydrate your skin and body from inside. I insist on drinking water in almost all of my post. Because this is really a very important tip and shows amazing results. To know more about how water is good for skin you can read my older posts.

P.S This tip is applicable for all the seasons. The quantity of water intake varies from person to person. On an average a person must drink two and a half liters of water per day.


Use Highlighters to get instant glowing skin

Apart from becoming dry, our skin tends to become dull too during winter. If you want a glow on your face instantly then all that you need is a highlighter. This is a quick tip which will add radiance to your skin.

Use natural toner and makeup remover

This is another thing which I would strongly recommend you to include in your winter skincare and makeup routine. Say a big NOOO to your toner and makeup remover containing alcohol. Because alcohol will eventually make your skin extra dry. And who wants that’s extra dryness during winter? The best way to deal with it is to use natural toners and makeup removers.

For toner, you can go for rose water mist. I have been using this as my toner not just in winter but in all the seasons. You can know about this in detail from my skincare routine.

Now coming to the makeup remover, the best natural alternatives to makeup remover is olive oil and coconut oil. Again I have done a separate post on this too. You can read it HERE

ROSE WATER AS TONER,khadija beauty,rose water

Rose water as toner and face mist


Olive oil as makeup remover

Use moisturizer and oil to get rid of itchy hands and legs

Okay let’s admit that we all have dealt with itchy hands and legs during winter. You can avoid that by doing few things

  1. Apply moisturizer as soon as you come out of the shower. This way you will need less moisturizer and your skin will be hydrated for a long time.
  2. Re-apply the moisturizer when you feel your hands and legs are starting to dry. Applying it before they become very dry would prevent that irritating itchy feeling.
  3. Do not forget to load your skin with moisturizer before going to bed.
  4. Apply coconut oil or and body oil to your hands. Coat it with a moisturizer. Then wear your gloves and leave it for 30 minutes. *tadaaaa* You will get softer and smoother hands



Get softer smoother hands

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Do not forget sunscreen

You may be thinking like ohh winter is here and let’s keep our sunscreens aside for summer. But little do you know that UV rays can penetrate even through the glasses. This is said by doctors, not by me though! 😛 And it’s the winter season when we actually love sitting under the sun and feeling the warmth of the sunshine. Imagine a cup of coffee during the winter under the sun! The thought in itself makes me feel warm. Yes you can enjoy that but if you are doing that without using Sunscreen then very soon you will notice symptoms of ageing on your face and body. So next whether you are time stepping out or staying inside do apply sunscreen #StayYoungStayBeautiful

Suggested sunscreen

Lotus Herbals Safe sun 3-in-1 matte sunblock SPF-40 . Read its detailed review by clicking on that link

sunscreen, sunblock,best sunscreen


The best way to get rid of dry skin is to exfoliate. You can use either the readymade exfoliator or prepare one at home. I prefer going natural when it comes to exfoliation.

Few great homemade exfoliators which you can make are

Oatmeal and milk exfoliator

Sugar scrub- Mix sugar and olive. Your exfoliator is ready. You can also add flavors to it:)

To know other homemade exfoliators you can read

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No hot showers for a long time

Since the days are cold we may love taking hot showers for a long time. But our skin may not like it. Taking hotter showers for long will strip off the natural oil from the whole body leaving our skin lifeless and dry. And again we do not want that to happen with us. So it is better to take a shorter shower in warm water.


That is it. You can get rid of dry, flaky, itchy skin with these tips.

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