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So winter is around the corner and I love just this season. I hope you too love it because who doesn’t like cold nights, warm blankets, hot chocolates, strong coffee, large sweaters, soft cute socks and many other things that we do in winter. Another thing people love about winter is that they get to feel like a kid all over again because they can bring out my onesie more often and dress up like a narwhal which you can get from a site like https://www.kigurumi.co/

 But along with these cozy days there comes a dry skin problem too. As the snow flakes start appearing during winter, our skin flakes also start appearing on our faces. Do not worry, with every problem there comes a solution.

I am going to tell you guys 7 beauty essentials for winter that will solve your problem and you can have moisturized skin even in cold weather. You are just 7 steps away from getting a healthy looking glowing skin in winter. Few of these beauty essentials are for men also. So you can suggest this to your father or husband or son or to any male you know. Let’s dive into to the topic.

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The 7 beauty essentials are



The very first thing that gets affected during winter is your lips. So carry a good hydrating lip balm wherever you go. Maybelline Baby lips give good moisture to the lips and has a good staying power also. You can opt for tinted lip balms also. I have a samll collection of baby lips, currently loving Maybelline New York Baby Lips electro, Pink Shock which has fairly a good amount of pigment and it stays on my lips for a long time. No doubt in its moisturizing capabilities! If you do not want a tinted lip balm then you can choose colorless one according to your preference. Maybelline has a veryyyyyy wide range of baby lips collection both in India and other countries. So a good hydrating lip balm is going to solve your chapped lips problem.



Use Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream every single night before going to bed and thank me later:P Seriously you will never have any issues regarding dry skin or chapped lips(I know I have said this in many of my posts) I use it regularly. If you are in India then you can very easy buy it in any pharmacy.


The reason for your dull looking face is the loss of moisture in your skin. So to get back the lost moisture use a heavy moisturizer. Heavy moisturizers are best for winters as they nourish the face and help in keeping the skin soft and supple. I use Lever Ayush Suvarna Poshak Skin Cream  you must be knowing if you have read my older posts and if I have extra dry skin then I turn towards my calamine lotion. Again I  have also spoken about Dermo Calm lotion in my previous post too. I will link it all below. These two has worked well for me, another thing you can do if you have a super dry skin is take 2-3 drops of coconut oil or olive oil depending on your requirement and massage it directly on our face. Then go over it with a foundation or any makeup you want #NoMoreDrySkin

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Yes use an oil based foundation during winter to avoid that cakey look on your face. You might be using matte foundation during the fall and may be you were in love with that matte finish look. But don’t use it in winter because that is going to make your face look dull, flaky and dry. I usually opt for Clear Glow ALL IN ONE BB from Maybelline which I have mentioned in makeup for beginners post. You can read that here.

If you have only matte foundations and you don’t prefer BB or CC creams then what you can do is, take the amount of foundation you are going to use on your face and add one drop of coconut oil to it. Mix them both well and apply it. You are good to go. Your matte foundation will now give you a moisturized dewy finish. Isn’t that great? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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Your hands and body parts tend to dry out during winter. So the best way to lock in moisture is to use body lotions that deeply hydrates and gives life to dry dull skin. I have heard that body butters are also good and work well but I have never used it so I have no idea about that. Coming to the body lotion, there are various hydrating lotions available in different brands and at an affordable price too. I use Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Daily Body Lotion SPF-20 because they contain aloe vera and cucumber which are best known for providing hydration plus they are not sticky at all. I can give a detailed review on it very soon. They are amazing!

If you have a very dry skin then I can give you 2 more options. They are Nivea Body Extra Whitening Body Lotion and Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body LotionVaseline is a little bit sticky one and that is why I do not like using it. But this may be good for those who are dealing with extremely dry skin.

If your hands tend to get dry then apply a good amount of  lotion to your hands too.

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Another problem that you, me and almost everyone faces during winter is cracked heels. A quick solution to this is, apply a generous amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly to your cracked heels and put on your woolen  fuzzy socks then go to sleep. You will wake up with soft feet in the morning.


Bold color lipsticks such as red, maroon and lipsticks will purple undertone will give you fresh wintery (if there is a word :P) look and that is the trend going on. My favourite red lipsticks are from Revlon and Maybelline which are affordable with gorgeous pigment. Read review of Maybelline color show Big apple red lipstick here.

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Waterproof mascara is a must because they will open up your eyes during cold winter mornings and mascara add beauty to your eyes and face. The chances of getting cold are high in winter so during the days when you are down with cold, runny nose and watery eyes, waterproof mascara is the one that would not smudge and would give life to your face. Maybelline New York Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara is a good waterproof and affordable.

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Maybelline New York Baby Lips electro, Pink Shock

Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream

Lever Ayush Suvarna Poshak Skin Cream

Clear Glow ALL IN ONE BB from Maybelline

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion

Nivea Body Extra Whitening Body Lotion

Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Daily Body Lotion SPF-20

Vaseline petroleum jelly

Maybelline New York Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Final words:

Winters are fun and with these 7 beauty essentials this winter along with fun, you can make your skin look alive and glowing  and you don’t have to sacrifice your matte foundations also. Have fun, Stay warm and stay beautiful!!!

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Hello my lovely people out there!!! 🙂 So winter is around the corner and I love just this season. I hope you too love it because who doesn’t like cold nig


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  1. I love that you included a waterproof mascara in your beauty tips during winter. It really look weird during winter when your mascara smudges on your eyes and you’ll look like you’re on an emotional breakdown or just trying to scare people out in the streets. Waterproof mascara is also nice not just during winter but with every season of the year. Do you agree?

  2. Nice and helpful post di! Maybelline electro pop in pink shock is my favourite lip balm! And I loved the vaseline + fuzzy socks trick!

  3. I never thought to use waterproof mascara in the winter but that makes sense! I just got over a cold so here’s to hoping it stays away! Also I love the lip products you featured. I love something with color that also moisturises.


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