Maybelline Colorsensational Vivid Matte Vivid 10- Review

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My love for lipsticks is not hidden from anyone anymore and I am here again with a review on another lipstick. I am going to review on newly launched Maybelline vivid matte COLORsensational lipstick in the shade vivid -10. Maybelline launched its vivid matte lipsticks only in four different shades, 4-5 months back in India. And now 10 more shades have been newly launched in India and probably I am the first to review this in India *hehehe excited* This shade vivid 10 is one among those newly launched shades. Without any delay let me jump into the review directly 🙂

Price: Rs.475( I bought it for Rs.404 😛 sale was going on)

Availability: Easily available online

 My experience with Maybelline vivid matte colorsensational lipstick vivid 10


This lipstick comes in a shiny silver case with a matte red colored see-through Cap.  The top of the cap has the same silver color coating as that of the lipstick case and that gives an illusion of a mirror. You can use that as a mirror to apply lipstick also. On the lipstick case you can see the brand name “Maybelline New York” printed in black. This shade has a better packaging when compare to the shades that were previously launched in Vivid matte range in India. They do not have a shade name instead a shade number is mentioned at the bottom of the lipstick. This packaging makes the product look expensive but they are very affordable. As a whole it has a classy and handy packaging.





Quick info

When you choose the shade vivid 10 online, you would see a magenta color but actually that is a baby pink shade lipstick. And the packaging shown in the image will be blak in color, the same like the previously launched shades but the one which you receive will be like the one you are seeing in this post. No clue about these difference between the actual one and the images shown online.


Maybelline vivid matte colorsensational lipstick vivid 10 is beautiful baby pink color. This shade is perfect for office and if you are going for a formal and subtle look. I loved this shade as it this gives a cute soft pink color to my lips. In 2-3 swipes I got an opaque baby pink lips 🙂



Texture and formulation

This lipstick claims to a matte one and yes this really is a matte lipstick. When you glide it on the lips you will feel like it is creamy and smooth but once the application is done, after few minutes the lipstick turns matte. It actually turns into a lovely pink matte color. The color looks better after changing into matte. They have a very good formulation because of which even after being a matte lipstick it did not dry out my lips. They do not look cakey and patchy, in fact I felt it very light on my lips. One thing which I consider and check after buying lipsticks is whether it accumulates at the corners of the lips and look cakey or not. And this lipstick has passed the test in my case. Ohhh yeah they do not bleed also.


Staying Power

They can stay for a good 4-5 hours. Re-application is needed after a heavy meal.  And that is okay because after after having that heavy meal anyways I always re-apply it :P*so not a big deal* When it is creamy it transfers but once turned into matte the do not transfer much.

Amazing Things about Maybelline vivid matte colorsensational lipstick vivid 10

Gives Cute and lovely pink color to the lips


Creamy lipstick but matte

Light on lips

Ebook Promo

Do not gather in the creases of the lips

Good packaging

Fruity fragrance

Honestly speaking I did not find any disadvantages with this lipstick so far. If I notice any then will sure update it in this post.

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Maybelline vivid matte colorsensational lipstick vivid 10

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  1. This is my all time favourite lip shade. I am so mad about pink and peach lippies.
    Nice Review.

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