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This is going to be my very first haul post so obviously I am excited about it. The talk about Nykaa Winter❄️sale is going on everywhere. This sale has gone viral because of their amazing discounts and who doesn’t love sale, offer, discounts. These words in itself are so much tempting and being a shopaholic I couldn’t resist myself from purchasing a bunch of things from Nykaa? Shopping online and receiving products is like I am gifting things to myself and that is why online shoppings are addictive and a kind off mood lifter for me. I wanted to try a couple of things and when the sale is onn it is better to stock up our go to products * smart move?* I usually do that (a budget tip for you guys) I think all are aware of Nykaa shopping site but for those of you who don’t know about it, Nykaa is an online shopping site for cosmetics, beauty, makeup, skincare products and more. They sell top beauty brands and their service is also good. Amazon and Nykaa are my first preference when it comes to online shopping *no offence to other site, I do shop from other sites* I was so excited after seeing their discounts and grabbed few stuffs. I wanted to buy for more than 3,500 rupees so that I can get that free Nykaa pouch? But all of the products I wanted, summed up within that price. I received all of the stuff except one within 2 days and because of which this haul post was postponed. You would have known this from my insta stories if you are following me on Instagram. So without any delay lets get into my Nykaa winter sale haul*eeeee excited* All of the products which I purchased was new to me, was trying out for the first time. Ordered it with fingers crossed. Let’s see if all the products were worth buying for!

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I received all of the products in a brown carton box, well packed in a bubble wrap. I threw away the bubble wrapper so could not show them in the picture.

Nykaa winter haul, khadija beauty (7)

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Spray moisturizer

This was the very first thing I wanted to try. I have seen its ad on youtube and the moment I saw it I wanted it in my skincare kit. I have used vaseline Intensive Care body lotion and that was making my skin greasy and this spray thing was something new. So what can be better than adding this in my Nykaa cart when the sale is going on. This moisturizer is doing a good job so far. Review on this and all the products mentioned in this haul will be coming soon?

Price: Rs.310                

After discount: Rs. 279

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Maybelline New York V faced duo stick

How can I not shop from one of my favorite brands when new products are launched and an offer is going on. I have seen YouTubers using this duo stick and I wanted to try this too. So I thought of giving this a try and the next thing which I added to my Nykaa bag was this duo stick. I had no idea which shade will suit me. Only medium to dark shade was available and with lot of guts I ordered it because we can’t return things on Nykaa. This is the only thing which I did not like about Nykaa. But luckily the shade which I ordered was perfect for me. I loved its highlighter more than the contour.

Price:  Rs.650            

After discount: Rs. Rs.553

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Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner

I have been using Maybelline colossal felt tip liner and I was not completely satisfied with that. So I was searching for a good eyeliner and checked out colorbar ultimate eyeliner reviews and then ended up buying this. Loved its review and price plus sale was going on. These reasons were enough for me to get that?. I must say they really are very good. My current favorite felt tip eyeliner.

Price: Rs.550

After discount: Rs.440

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Face Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal- Black

The next product is this kajal which I purchased. I don’t know why I added this in my Nykaa bag? *clueless* Maybe because I was in a mood shopping and as I said before wanted my purchase for more than Rs. 3,500? Faces always have a good range and good quality of products and this kajal did not disappoint me anyways. A very creamy and jet black kajal indeed. It has a smudger at the other end and I got a free Faces sharpener also along with it*free things excites me*

Price: Rs.549

After discount: Rs.494

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Ebook Promo

Essence Match2Cover Cream Concealer

Essence cosmetics are in Nykaa now and we all know this brand for its good quality and affordable price line. I have never tried any thing from essence but always wanted to get my hands on them. I was running out of my Maybelline concealer so this time planned of trying something new. I have heard good things about this concealer and so bought this from Nykaa sale. There are two shades in a single palette like packaging, I pretty much liked this essence match2cover concealer. 🙂 Have to wear it for a long time and only then I can give a detailed review on it. So far they are working good and giving a good coverage too.

Price: Rs.299

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Nivea Fresh Natural Anti perspirant Roll On deodorant

And the last product of my Nykaa sale haul is this roll on. This I got for keeping in stock. I have been using Nivea roll on for a long time and now this has become one of my must have daily skincare products. If you have not used it before then I would highly recommend you to try this. You are going to love it. These roll on are available in different variants with different fragrances. All of them are amazing and they have 0% alcohol. So it is a big yaaayyy?? from me.

Price: Rs. 175

After discount: Rs. 158

Nykaa winter haul, khadija beauty (5)

And lastly they give me a 100 rupees free coupon which probably is I am not going to use. Because that is valit only till January 2017.

nykaa winter sale haul

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That is it for this Nykaa winter sale haul. I am so happy that all of them turned out to be the best products. Hope you liked it. So what are the things you purchased from this sale? If you are confused or having a second thought about the above products then I would let you know that all the products which I have got are really very good. You can go ahead and buy them, provided you select your shade correctly. For the first time, I am completely satisfied with all the buy. Usually whenever I order a lot of things at a time, some suits me and some of them don’t work well for me. But this time I was jumping in happiness as I did a full paisa wasool shopping from this Nykaa sale.?

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Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Spray moisturizer

Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner

Face Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal- Black

Essence Match2Cover Cream Concealer

Nivea Fresh Natural Anti perspirant Roll On deodorant

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  1. Hi, I loved your blog. you got some amazing products in the haul.
    You should also consider buying from La Tierra. They have amazing handmade soaps, shampoos, face packs, face wash, essential oils and much more.

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  3. Awesome haul. You have picked great set of products. Waiting for review of Vaseline spray moisturizer… 🙂

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