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How are you all doing? Hope you are doing good. You must be knowing that I have purchased few products from Nykaa sale if you had read my previous post(if you didn’t then do read that). I was confused which one to review first and since many of you asked for the review on Vaseline spray moisturiser, I am here with that ?Vaseline has launched a new spray moisturiser which is really a new thing In India because I never heard of any such thing before *what about you guys?* So I wanted to try that very badly and bought it on sale ( would have purchased even if there wasn’t any sale though?). So let’s get into the review fast??

vaseline spray moisturiser review

Price: Rs.310

Availability: very easily available online


vaseline spray moisturiser review (1)

How to use

Hold 4 inches(10 cm) from the skin and spray all over body in a continuous motion

My overall experience with Vaseline intensive care deep store spray moisturiser

The very first thing which attracted me and the reason why I wanted it was because of its packaging. So let me start my review with it’s packaging.


As the name suggest, this moisturiser comes in a spray bottle. This makes the application a lot more easier. They come in a steel bottle with a plastic head and spray nozzle at the top. The packaging is very similar to deodorants. There is no cover for the bottle but there is a lock system provided at the top of the bottle. So that you can lock and unlock the nozzle. Overall a good travel-friendly packaging.

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Consistency and formulation

When you spray it on your skin, you will feel the lotion more or less like a cream mixed with water. They are white in color and have a liquidy consistency. It is not like a cream moisturiser but they hydrate in the same way like other lotions do. I can say that they have a light consistency and aqua based formulation. But inspite of being light consistency they hydrate the skin well. It looks like a cream but when you start blending it over the skin you will feel like you are rubbing water on your skin *if that made any sense :P, this is how I felt*

Now coming to the other factors, it blends into the skin in a matter of seconds. After being blended spray moisturiser gives my hands a dewy glow kind of finish which I pretty much loved it? You don’t have to be like rub rub rub to make your moisturizers get absorbed into the skin. Spray moisturiser has changed the whole game.They are not sticky at all.
All you have to do is just spray it on your body and rub it once, it will be absorbed immediately and leaves your skin moisturised and soft. Yeah one thing which annoyed me was after applying in one hand, spraying it on other hand becomes little difficult. Because the bottle starts slipping from the hand and if you are in a hurry this may annoy you too. The smell of this is same as that of normal vaseline intensive care deep restore lotion.

vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser review, comparison of spray moisturiser with lotion (1)

vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser review, comparison of spray moisturiser with lotion

Comparison of Vaseline intensive deep store lotion and spray moisturiser

To be frank I did not like the lotion because it was greasy. But this spray moisturizer is non-greasy and are absorbed into the skin super easily and quickly. Smell wise both are same. The lotion gives extra hydration than the spray moisturiser. But this doesn’t mean that spray moisturiser do not help in preventing dry skin. It depends on your skin types. I am using this in winter and it is working very well for me. Comparing the consistency, normal moisturizer had a very thick consistency and this one as I said before has a liquidy consistency and re-application is needed.
Price wise vaseline lotion is Rs.130 for 200 ml and spray moisturiser is Rs.310 for 190ml. So this is more than double the price of lotion. 

Amazing things about vaseline intensive deep store spray moisturiser

Absorbed in seconds

Very light on skin

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Hydrating and non-greasy

Gives dewy finish on the skin

Travel-friendly packaging with twist lock system


Spraying on the other hand becomes a little difficult as the bottle slips from the hand

Expensive when compared to the normal lotion

Re-application is needed.

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vaseline intensive deep store spray moisturiser

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    • If you have an extreme dry skin then this will suit you for summer. But for normal to dry skin this will be a good one. 🙂

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