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If you were searching for some best alternatives to makeup removers and ended up clicking on my post then you have entered into right place lovelies. I have never bought any makeup remover till date and I guess I will not buy it in future also. Because I am very happy with my own way of makeup removing technique and these alternatives which I am going to reveal below to you all, may change your makeup removing game too. Okay first I will tell the reason why I don’t buy makeup removers. I know removing makeup is one of the most important steps and I have mentioned that in my night-time skincare routine also. But the thing is, I feel like why do I have to spend an extra penny (I am not stingy though :P) for just removing the dirt and makeup instead I can invest that money in buying another cosmetic and opt for the alternatives. Further these alternatives are safer to skin, do not dry out the skin, inexpensive and easily available too. So for me buying makeup removers are a total waste of money (no offense to any makeup removing brand. These are my views). Another reason is, those makeup removers will get over soon and we have to buy bottles after bottles.Let’s get started with the 4 best ways to take off makeup without actually using makeup removers. These four alternatives will remove your waterproof makeup also very easily.



Without any further talks let’s get started with the 4 best ways to take off makeup without actually using makeup removers. These four alternatives will remove your waterproof makeup also very easily.


Yes it is olive oil. Olive oil has many many and many benefits for skin, health and hair. Before diving into the topic I would like to highlight its few benefits

  • They moisturize your skin,
  • Gives you a glowing skin if used regularly
  • Gives shine to your hair
  • Has an anti-aging property. The list goes on

 And now one more benefit is added to it. It is a very good makeup remover. No matter how stubborn your makeup is, everything is going to be wiped off with olive oil. 90% of the time I use olive oil to take off my makeup. I use Figaro olive oil to remove makeup. 


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Figaro olive oil


Coconut oil is another great affordable makeup remover. Coconut oil again has numerous beauty benefits and a healing power. They are extremely hydrating and are used in winters for moisturizing the skin. So what else do we need? They remove the makeup and at the same time moisturize and cleanse the skin *double thumbs up*.   

If I run out of olive oil then I reach out to coconut oil for removing my makeup. This works the same way as olive oil and I use olive oil most of the time for the matter of fact that I started off with it and so got used to it #NoBiasedReason

 I prefer using oils to remove makeup because they help in breaking down the oily substances that are present in the products, especially in waterproof products. These both oils works great when it comes to removing waterproof mascara, kajal, eyeliners and all sorts of heavy face makeup and eye makeup.

I use parachute coconut oil to remove makeup.


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Parachute coconut oil

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You heard it right! Baby wipes can also be used to remove makeup. If you are in a hurry or you are too exhausted or too lazy or not in a mood to remove makeup then you can opt for this. There are makeup cleansing wipes available in the market but I prefer baby wipes. I use Himalaya a herbal soothing baby wipes because they are gentle, hydrating and doesn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation to the skin. When I am traveling and I am very tired I just grab one or two wipes and remove my makeup with it. This doesn’t dry out the skin too. This is a savior to me.


You can also clean your makeup brushes with wet wipes when you are running out of time.


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Himalaya a herbal soothing baby wipes


Let me tell you guys how I found this out. I was testing different lipstick shades (my favorite cosmetic <3) on my hand in a showroom and my hand did not have any place left to try out few other shades. Then I asked the lady at the counter for some makeup remover and she gave me a lotion to wipe my hand. I was wondering if that will work well and to my surprise it did. After that I tried removing my full face makeup at home with the body lotion which I  normally use. That really removed all my makeup including the eye makeup. Now I am using Lotus Herbals Aleo Soft Daily Body Lotion SPF-20  I used to use this before but I do not prefer it now because I do not want to waste my body lotion 😛


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Lotus Herbals Aleo Soft Daily Body Lotion SPF-20


Use body lotion that doesn’t contain irritating substances otherwise, it may burn your eyes a little.

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That is all my friends, these are the 4 alternatives I use and I hope you will also try it now. Let me know in the comments below about your choice and opinions. If you want any posts on a specific topic then you can tell me in the comments section or through mail. If you liked it then please subscribe, comment and follow me for more such posts 🙂


Hi!!! This is Khadija- a procaffinator, an engineer, a biotechnologist with a great interest in makeup.This is my personal blog and you can find here honest reviews and tips on beauty, makeup, skincare and many other things :) Get in touch for anything and everything at khadija@khadijabeauty.com


  1. Love using lotion to wipe off makeup because it’s something I always have on hand. Great post!

  2. Thank you 🙂 yes you must try these oils for sure and you are telling that you have a dry skin. Then these two oils are going to give you the moisture along with removing the makeup. It’s like oil massaging your face at the same time removing dirt and makeup 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tips. I have been following OMVED’s Skin care routine after makeup with 100% natural cleanser, toner & moisturizer for my dry skin that has produced an awesome result on my face, but I must try the given oils to remove makeup before the routine for sure.

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