Ultimate checklist for the bride a week before the wedding

Hello my beautiful brides to be! I know wedding preparations gets hectic when the time is nearing, but do not worry here is a checklist which you can rely on so that you do not miss out any thing. There are chances that few things may slip off your mind and that’s a usual thing. So have a look at this checklist and make sure you have done all of these.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Cross check your own checklist

Yes, it’s just a week left and so it is very important for you to cross check the list which you have prepared for yourself. This is really important and will help you keep sorted.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Check your bridal accessories

Without bridal accessories, you can’t achieve the perfect bridal look and when it comes to India, jewelry shopping is very important. So check upon all your bridal accessories and if they are in place. Plan in which order and how you want to wear them all. This will avoid confusion on the final day.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Fitting of the dress

Wear the wedding dress and check the fitting. Make sure you are comfortable with the dress. Try to sit, walk around and do a mini rehearsal with your wedding dress.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Fix and re-confirm your Henna (Mehandi) artist

Mehandi is very important and there is a separate function arranged specially for that. It is advisable to fix your henna artist earlier. And do re-confirm it by calling or contact them through any means.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Choose an experienced makeup artist and try a demo makeup

Bridal makeup has become mandatory these days and it is very important to fix a makeup artist who is experienced. Because we do now want to take any kind of risk with that. Do share your preferences and do not forget to try the makeup which they are going to do on you on your wedding day. So that you can be sure if that makeup-look suits or not. This way there will be no chance of messing up on the main day.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Rehearse in your shoes

The fact is not hidden that new shoes can give blisters and no bride will want bruises on their wedding day. So the best thing you can do is to wear them, walk around in that shoe and get used to it. This will save your feet from blisters.

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ultimate checklist for the bride

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Try the hairstyle and dupatta draping

Usually the makeup artist does the hair styling and draping of saree or dupatta. So try your hairstyle and make sure in which style you want to drape the dupatta.

Drinking lots of water

Another thing which is very essential being a bride is to keep yourself hydrated. This is as vital as other materialistic things that you check upon. Drinking lots of water will help you maintain your skin and body healthy by flushing out toxins. So do drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

ultimate checklist for the bride

Do not miss your beauty sleep

As the time gets closer the stress level increases but do not compromise with your sleep. Sleep for a good 7-8 hours and this is not something you should do before a week but instead try to get sound sleep a month before your wedding.

ultimate checklist for the bride

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That is it. I hope this checklist will help you keep sorted with your pre-wedding preparations. Have a nice day and all the best for your big day!  If you liked this then please follow and subscribe me and stay tuned for more such tips and beauty related posts.

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