Home remedy to grow longer eyelashes within a month| Easy DIY

Home remedy to grow longer eyelashes in a month| Tested and Proven Easy DIY

Hello my lovely people out there!!!

Are you bothered about the growth of your eyelashes? Searching for a home remedy to grow thicker and longer eyelashes? Well, then you are reading the right post. Lashes can define and enhance the beauty of your eyes. Eyelashes also give an attractive structure to the eyes and there are many reasons for thinning of your eyelashes. But I am going to share one easy DIY that will help you grow your eyelashes within a month.

how to grow longer eyelashes, khadija beauty

I have been personally using this DIY mixture since August and I can see that my lashes have grown thicker and longer. Not just me, even my younger sister is using this and she has also noticed the difference. This DIY to grow eyelashes which I am going to share is 100% natural and will not have any side effects.

Ingredients needed

Castor oil

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Why are we adding these three oils to grow eyelashes?

Castor oil for eyelash growth

Castor oil promotes hair growth and has been used in hair oils for a really long time. They can be used alone or by mixing with other oils for best results. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins which is why it helps in thickening of eyelashes and it improves the growth of lashes in the areas where they are less.

Olive oil for eyelash growth

Olive oil again helps in growing the lashes in a healthier manner. It is rich in Vitamins E & K and naturally helps in giving fuller eyelashes.

Coconut oil for eyelash growth

Last but not the least, coconut oil boost the eyelashes growth as it contains the nutrients which are needed for hair growth. It gives the lashes a beautiful shiny and healthy look.

How to make the mixture?

I mixed all the 3 oils in 1:1:1 ratio

For example

Cold pressed Castor oil- 1 ml

Extra virgin Olive oil – 1 ml

Coconut oil- 1 ml

Now shake well and mix all the three oils together in a container. I have used an old mascara tube (of course after washing and drying it 😛 )for storing this eyelash growth mixture.

Tadaaaaa that’s all, your mixture is ready to use.

how to grow longer eyelashes, khadija beauty

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How to use?

Every night before going to bed apply this mixture to your lashes with the mascara wand. If you don’t have a mascara want you can store it in any container and apply the oil using a cotton swab (buds).

Make sure you are applying it well to the roots of your lashes. And do not apply an excess of oil. If you have excess just massage it onto your eyelids *this is what I do*

Why didn’t I use castor oil alone?

Castor oil has a thicker consistency which gives a sticky, uncomfortable feeling and when so when used in excess it may burn the eyes. Plus when a mixture of different oils are used, the advantages and effectiveness doubles.

How long will it take to see the r esults?

Use this eyelash booster regularly for one month and you will observe the changes in your eyelashes. Nothing happens immediately so you have to be patient and regular. Though everything doesn’t work the same way for everybody, you can notice the changes within a month or after a month.

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I have been using this for the past two months and seriously I can see a wonderful difference. My eyelashes have grown thicker and longer. The difference was even more noticeable after applying mascara. My lashes look longer and naturally beautiful.

I would recommend highly recommend you all try this. If I can force you for something then I would definitely force you to try this. If possible I can even send you all this DIY 😀 because it REALLY works. And I know it will work for all. This is a tested and proven DIY to grow longer eyelashes.

That is it guys. Hope this post was helpful. Are you going to try this? Do let me know in the comments below. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram.

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Home remedy to grow longer eyelashes within a month| Easy DIY

Home remedy to grow longer eyelashes in a month| Tested and Proven Easy DIY Hello my lovely people out there!!! Are you bothered about the growth of your e

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  1. Shampooing hair is essential to remove all the dirt, grime, and excessive oil. But if you are using strong shampoos with high levels of chemicals and cleaning agents, then they wash away hair protective moisturizers along with them.

    A too strong shampoo can even affect the hair growth level as they damage the internal cortex. So, make sure you use a mild shampoo and don’t overdo it.

  2. True, I was using castor oil all my youth and it worked. Also quite recently, I grew my eyebrows thicker with the help of coconut oil plus burdock oil. But for my eyelashes, I needed smth that is less cloudy for the vision and of more pleasant substance. So I tried Cherish Lash serum and it didn’t betray my trust, my eyelashes are so much longer and more silky in just a month 🙂

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