The Face shop herb day cleansing cream review – green tea

The Face shop herb day cleansing cream review – green tea

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I have been looking for a good and affordable cleansing balm/cream and I randomly found this on Nykaa like a few months back. It was at a reasonable price and I just ordered it. I know I am reviewing it late because I totally forgot about this product and forgot to use it🙈 Finally I am here reviewing it in detail. I hope you will find this helpful.

My experience with The Face shop herb day cleansing cream

Price: Rs.390

Availability: Nykaa

How is the packaging

This cleansing cream comes in a huge tub. To be honest I didn’t expect to be this huge for the price I paid. I had the same surprising expression when I first got the face shop herb day cleansing foam. This range is affordable and the quantity is also more. It comes in a good quality plastic tub container. The packaging is travel-friendly.

The Face shop herb day cleansing cream

How is the consistency, color, and fragrance of The Face shop herb day cleansing cream review – green tea?

As the name suggests this cleansing cream has a creamy consistency. It looks and feels like a cream. It has a hint of a tint to it and also contains tiny blue beads that melt while massaging. It has a good familiar fragrance. I don’t know how to exactly explain the fragrance.

The Face shop herb day cleansing cream

How is this The Face shop herb day cleansing cream Does it remove makeup effectively?

Ok firstly I was confused if this is a cream cleanser or a cream-based makeup remover. Then I read its description on Nykaa and came to know that it’s both a cleanser and a makeup remover which was a yay for me. I was like ok even if this doesn’t work as a make-up remover, I can use it as a cleanser.

This cleansing cream doesn’t foam but kind of melts on the skin. It feels like we are massaging a water-based cream on the face. And after washing it gives my face a bright fresh look. It is very hydrating and will be suitable for all skin types.

The Face shop herb day cleansing cream

Now coming to the part that if it really removes makeup or not?

I would say it does remove makeup but will not effectively remove very heavy makeup. It breaks down the bb/cc cream, lipsticks and even eyeliners but I could feel that it leaves some makeup residues behind. This the face shop herb day cleansing cream can be used as an effective makeup remover for mild makeup and is an amazing face cleanser.

It breaks down excess oil and dirt and gives the face a cleansed look and feel when used as a cleanser. If you’re looking for a hydrating cleanser that would give a brighter look (it would not last long) to your face instantly then this is something you can consider.

Amazing things The Face shop herb day cleansing cream


Acts as a very good cleanser

Good for removing mild makeup

Gives a bright and fresh look to the face

Comes in a huge tub

Quantity is more compared to the price

It will last longer

Quantity of the product used depends on an individual’s requirements

A good option for double cleansing

Con The Face shop herb day cleansing cream

Not effective in removing heavy makeup. Good only as a cleanser

Final verdict

I personally like it irrespective of the fact that it didn’t remove heavy makeup effectively. I love it as a cleanser. If you wanna remove mild makeup and use it as a cleanser then do try it. Try to get it on sale at a much lesser price 😝 but if you wanna buy this expecting it to remove heavy waterproof makeup then please don’t go for it. You may get disappointed.

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