Home remedies to Lighten Dark underarms

Home remedies to Lighten Dark underarms| Get Rid of Dark Underarms

By: Pallavi Bose                  Editor: Khadija

Winters are perfect because you don’t need to worry about shaving or even about your dark underarms. But now summers are around the corner and thus you need to wear those sexy dresses where your underarm will show.

And of course, most of them are bothered and shy to show your underarm. Many people are of an opinion that underarm darkness is a medical issue but no it’s not rather an outbreak or reaction of something.

You need to first understand that the skin beneath your underarm area is very thin and thus even a slight discomfort can cause underarm darkness. There can be numerous reasons for underarm darkness. Some of the major reasons for underarm darkness are listed below 

Get Rid of Dark Underarms


One of the most common causes of dark underarms. If you are regularly in the habit of shaving then dark underarms are very common. Shaving actually removes hair only half from the surface of your skin.

It only removes the upper half. Lower half is still intact and thus the darkness is because of that non-cut underarm hair. Waxing is a much better alternative of shaving if you are suffering from underarm darkness.


Excess melanin content on your skin causes darkening. This is one of the major cause of hyperpigmentation. This is almost painless. Hyperpigmentation is visible when some areas of your skin is darkened as compared to other areas on your skin. This can be a major cause of worry and hyperpigmentation can be serious at times.

Thus, you must visit a dermatologist in case you are looking for hyperpigmentation solutions. It is better to get your hyperpigmentation treated before it expands on the other areas of your skin.

Dead Skin Cells 

Dead skin cells are quite common and they can be seen all over your body. And thus dead skin cells are quite common around your underarm area as well. There can be numerous reasons for dead skin cells in your underarm area. Exfoliating your underarm area is the best remedy to remove dead skin cells.

So, now when you know the top 3 reasons for your underarm darkness, let’s look at the best 5 ways of how to get rid of your underarm darkness –

Potato to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Potato is a natural bleaching agent. The mild acidic property present in potato makes it one of the most potent solutions for dark underarms. Also, the potato is perfect for sensitive skin as well.

Get Rid of Dark Underarms

How to use 

  • Cut a thin slice of potato
  • Rub this thin slice on your dark underarm area
  • Alternatively, you can also grate the potato and apply this potato juice on your underarms
  • Let it rest for 10-20 minutes
  • Wash off your underarm area with lukewarm water

Try this potato remedy at least once every day. You will be able to see the effects within 15 days or so.

Apple Cider Vinegar Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Apple cider vinegar contains mild acids which are extremely good for dead skin cells. It also acts as a disinfectant and kills any kind of bacteria or virus present.

Get Rid of Dark Underarms, apple cider viniger

How to use

  • Add a pinch of baking soda into the vinegar.
  • Apply the mixture on your underarm area after the bubble settles down.
  • Rinse it with cool water.

Try this mixture once every week. You can also add water to this mixture if you are using this paste for sensitive skin type.

Castor Oil Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Castor oil is known to cleanse out your pores and removes the dirt and other impurities from your underarm area. It also removes the dead skin cells and restores moisture balance at your underarm area.

Get Rid of Dark Underarms

How to use 

  • Rub 1-2 tablespoon of castor oil on your underarm area
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Rinse your underarm area thoroughly with water

You can try this remedy every day as this will also act as a natural moisturizer

Regular application of castor oil will restore the moisture balance and also remove the darkness from these areas permanently

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Lemon Juice Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Lemon juice is extremely high in citric acid content. This acts as a natural bleach and exfoliator. And thus lemon juice has excellent lightening properties on your skin.

Get Rid of Dark Underarms, lemon juice

How to use 

  • Cut 2-3 slices of lemon.
  • Rub them on your dark underarm area
  • Let it dry on it’s own.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.

You must try this everyday before the shower. Within 15 days, you will see an improvement.

Pumice Stone Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Pumice stone is a natural exfoliator which has been used by our ancestors. This removes the darkened layer of the skin but pumice stone is hard. So, make sure you are comfortable using this on your skin. DO NOT use it if your underarm is sensitive

Get Rid of Dark Underarms, pumice stone

How to use 

  • Wet your underarm area
  • Rub pumice stone 2-3 times on your underarm area
  • Let it dry and then rinse away with water.

Try this method 2-3 times a week.

NOTE: Please do a patch test before applying any of the above-mentioned ingredients

That is it guys. I hope you liked it and found this post helpful. Have you tried any of these? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Home remedies to Lighten Dark underarms

By: Pallavi Bose                  Editor: Khadija


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  1. Along with its excellent bleaching properties, cucumbers are also filled with a number of vitamins and minerals. Simply rub a few cucumber slices on your dark armpits for minute or two and let its juice remain on your skin another 10 mins, then rinse off with water. It is an excellent choice for reducing skin darkness if you repeat the method daily.

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