Bubble farm skincare products review| Scrub| facial oil| face mist| Face mask

Bubble farm skincare products review| Scrub| facial oil| face mist

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️

Don’t we all prefer a better skin over makeup? Skincare is something which must be a ritual, not a routine. Because as I said on my Instagram, skin is the largest organ and we are going to wear it forever. So let’s wear it Beautifully, right?!

I am going to review some of the skincare products from a brand called Bubble farm. The products are homemade with no nasty toxic ingredients and are manufactured in fresh batches with Love❤️

The products that I am going to review in this post

1.Bubble farm Kaolin clay cleanser

2. Bubble farm Anti Bacterial Scrub

3. Bubble farm  Face glow oil

4. Bubble farm Chamomile Hydrosol

Availability of all Bubble farm products:

bubble_farm1 Instagram page. You can DM. They have their own website where you can check all of their products & order directly from the site. BUBBLE FARM

Bubble Farm Kaolin clay cleanser Review

Price: Rs.300


It comes in a glass jar with product fully filled inside. Since it should be used before 8 months, the quantity is sufficiently good.

I chose this product, especially for their amazing ingredient list.

Bubble Farm Kaolin clay cleanser Review


Kaolin clay, Cocoa powder, grounded oats, lavender essential oil


Mix a desired amount of the cleanser with water or any herbal tea and apply all over the face and scrub gently for a few minutes. Can be washed right after scrubbing or can be left for few minutes and wash

My Review

I have been using it as a cleanser at night. Not daily but alternate days ’cause I am a lazy and a chaotic messy soul. I end up creating a mess in my wash basin while using it as a cleanser. But the after effects makes it all worth the mess!

Bubble Farm Kaolin clay cleanser Review

When using as a mask, wash it off when 90 % of the mask dries off. It’s gonna dry in 10 minutes to 15 minutes max. I mixed the powder with milk while applying like a mask & mixed it with tap water when using it as a cleanser.

How’s the Fragrance?

I am so obsessed with its fragrance. The fragrance is a mix of cocoa, oats & also some other ingredients. I can’t vouch that you will also love the fragrance but I do. Before actually using it on my face, I Sniff it a couple of times🙈

What does it do?

This makes my skin feel soft, cleansed & hydrated. The oats act as a mild exfoliator and it gives my face a cleansed look too. I just love my skin after every wash.

Kaolin clay soothes dry, acne-prone & irritating skin.

Who can use this?

People of any skin type can use this. Either as a mask or as a daily cleanser. But make sure you’re not allergic to any specific ingredient.

Bubble Farm Anti Bacterial Scrub Review

Price: Rs.350


Neem powder, Tulsi powder, Powdered Oats, Turmeric, Peppermint essential oil


Mix a desired amount of the scrub with water,milk, rose water. Scrub gently in cirucular motion. Keep for a few minutes and wash off.

How is the smell?

The fragrance of this scrub is mild. It has a leafy smell to it. It is a mix of neem and green tea. Overall the fragrance is not troublesome at all.

Bubble Farm Anti Bacterial Scrub Review

How do I use?

I use it as a powder cleanser & as a face pack too. Powder cleanser creates a bit mess and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t prefer while the main reason is me being lazy to mix water, make a paste and use it as a cleanser. But I totally loved using both of the powder packs from bubble farm as a cleanser in my night skincare routine.

How is this?

First, I was completely blown away by their ingredients list. They have everything which I ever wanted in my face mask.

Green tea is an antioxidant, neem, basil, turmeric has anti-bacterial properties and helps in preventing pimples. oats are such an amazing ingredient for sensitive skin and the mildest scrub too.

I felt my skin soft and hydrated after using it both as a cleanser and face mask. While masking, I mix the powder with milk and keep it on my face until it’s dry.

Bubble Farm Anti Bacterial Scrub Review

The scrub is not harsh at all. Yes after washing you may see a light green tint on your face which goes away after washing properly.

Would I recommend?

Yes, I totally loved this anti Bacterial scrub. I was not a powder cleanser person but after bubble Farm’s powder packs, I have been using either this or Kaolin clay cleanser at night as my cleanser. They are natural with amazing skin-friendly ingredients. I would highly recommend these two products for any skin types.

Bubble Farm Face glow oil Review

Price: Rs.650


Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Hempseed oil, Tamanu oil, Neroli essential oil,Rose essential oil,Jasmine essential oil,Geranium essential oil,Fennel essential oil,Carrotseed oil,Lavender essential oil,Frankincense essential oil,Helichrysum essential oil,Myrrah essential oil,Moringa essential oil,Saffron essential oil


Cleanse your face thoroughly before bed and take 4 to 5 drops of the serum and massage directly into the face and leave overnight

Product description

*Moisturizes your skin extensively and adds extra nourishment
*Gives a natural healthy glow
*Protects skin from harmful pollutants
*Rejuvenates and minimizes fine lines


This facial glow oil comes in a brown glass bottle with a dropper cap. The dropper is of good quality and overall the packaging is pretty decent and similar to any facial oil.

Bubble Farm Face glow oil Review

How is the fragrance?

So this facial oil is a mix of a wide variety of essential oils which in turn has given this oil a very strong fragrance. I personally did not like the fragrance and people with a sensitive nose wouldn’t like the smell for sure.

The fragrance is too strong and it takes time to go away even after applying on my face. I belong to that category who would easily break out from strong fragranced products. But luckily this oil didn’t break me out!

How is the oil?

So I have combination skin. Oily T-zone and rest of the face has normal skin. But due to climate changes, my skin around the mouth is dry, cheeks and other parts are normal & T-zone is oily. Lol all types of skin in a single face😂 so this was the best time to test this facial glow oil. It is nonsticky, gets absorbed into the skin as we massage

This facial oil hydrates the skin really well and of course, the quantity to be used depends on your skin type. I use it under my makeup and it works hydrates the skin beautifully by making the foundation to blend properly. If you need a dewy look, you can mix 2-3 drops of this oil into your foundation and apply all over your face.

Bubble Farm Face glow oil Review

To be honest, Saffron and tamanu oil was the main reason for me to choose this facial oil. I have heard that tamanu oil helps in treating scars and dark spots. But due to its strong fragrance, I am not using it at night. I tried it for a week at night but now I use it under my makeup.

You can very well include this in your night skincare routine.

Would I recommend?

If you are ok with a strong fragrance and if you’re looking for an affordable, good and hydrating facial oil then you can definitely give this a try.

Bubble Farm Chamomile Hydrosol Review

Price: Rs.280

Product description:

Chamomile Hydrosol is the absolute best choice for reactive and problem skin conditions, It will have a definite softening effect when applied to skin.
•The anti-depressant and stimulant properties of chamomile hydrosol are effective in fighting against depressions and stress
•It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, making it great for minor cuts, scrapes, and bruising.
•It is also cicatrisant, meaning it has cell-regenerative properties, making it helpful for healing scars.
•This hydrosol makes an excellent foot spray.


This chamomile hydrosol comes in a basic plastic spray.

Bubble Farm Chamomile Hydrosol Review

How is this?

To those who don’t know, hydrosol is pure water that is obtained post distilling any flowers or herbs. This is nothing but a face mist. Chamomile hydrosol is pure chamomile water that is collected after distillation of chamomile.

As I said earlier, my skin is sensitive to strong fragrance and this chamomile hydrosol gave me a terrible painful break out on my nose🙄😣 So I stopped using it right away. I tried the remedies mentioned in my eBook to get rid of it. Now the pimple is gone leaving behind its mark so that I don’t miss him😅🙈

But this has happened with me even with kama Ayurveda mogra or lavender water. I feel my skin doesn’t like such herbal hydrosols. I have come up to a conclusion that only rose hydrosol suits me.

Would I recommend?

This is pure chamomile water as the brand claims. If such fragrances suits you then you can try. But for me, it’s a NO.

That’s it for this post. I hope you stayed till last. If you did do comment and let me know.🙈 I know it’s a bit longer post but I also hope that you found this helpful.

I would highly recommend you to try kaolin clay mask & anti-bacterial scrub. I am in love with these two babies.

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Bubble farm skincare products review| Scrub| facial oil| face mist| Face mask

bubble_farm1 Instagram page. You can DM. They have their own website where you can check all of their products & order directly from the site. BUBBLE FARM


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  1. After reading the detailed review of all these products I am super keen to buy the first two products that are the kaolin clay cleanser and anti bacterial cleanser. But first let me finish using my current face wash which was also suggested by you (biotique papaya scrub wash), as I ordered the largest size it’s not getting finished anytime soon. Once that’s finished, I will definitely buy these two babies as you mentioned above… Love all your reviews… I never ever used to read blogs ever… You are the first blogger that I read and also follow your advice…😊

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