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After trying for 30- 60 days, IF none of the remedies/products mentioned in the book worked for you & if you didn’t notice any positive changes in your skin in the next 60 days then 50% of your money will be refunded. If you’re not satisfied, I am not satisfied!

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How to get rid of pimples? I have stubborn small pimples that are not going away. What to do? Do you know any remedy for dark circles beside under eye cream? How to get rid of Tan, and dullness? Can you please suggest something for acne and acne scars? How to get a brighter skin? Do you have any remedy for getting rid of pigmentations around the mouth?

So I have been asked these questions on a regular basis and these are the top requested topics suggested to me by my followers for more than a year. I tried covering them on my blog in bits and pieces as it is a vast topic to talk about!

Still, I am asked about these issues and that is when I decided to compile all the BEST WORKING REMEDIES & my personal PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS in a book. Hence, named this eBook as ANSWERS TO YOUR SKIN ISSUES”. The content is now exclusively available only in my book. You will not find it on my blog.

This book contains the most effective, very selective remedies and products that have been personally TRIED & TESTED not just by me but by a lot of other people as well. The ways, tips, remedies & products recommended in the book are the ones that are being followed and used by me for years now.

This book contains 

– A 3 step simple process to suppress & kill a pimple in the initial stage itself. I found this accidentally!

– Effective remedies & products for

  • Pimples/Acne
  • Dark circles
  • Dark Spots
  • Tan
  • Pigmentation around mouth
  • Dullness
  • Clogged Pores
  • Cystic acne
  • Whitehead & Oil heads
  • Smooth, healthy & clear skin

Even if you don’t have any issues, you can use a product that’s mentioned in this book which would help you retain a healthy skin & would prevent pimples & clogged pores. I do not want to give out anything more about this. All that I can assure you is that it’s going to be a good deal for you and your skin

I would like to clear the air and answer to the obvious question which you might now get in your mind.

There are so many remedies & recommendations already available on the internet for free. Why should I buy this ebook?

Yes, that’s the point! The answer lies in your own question.

First things first, there are so many remedies and product suggestions available online that you end up being confused, as to which one to try and which one will work best. My ebook is going to have selected remedies & products targeting the issues and they have worked for the majority of people.

I have not given suggestions in a much-generalized way, but rather have considered people with different skin types and have recommended solutions accordingly for their respective skin issues. In fact, this was another reason why I wanted to compile them all in a single place for you. NO MORE CONFUSIONS!

Second, it is just for Rs.449. This is the least price I could think of, in exchange for my time, energy, hard work, creativity, and experience. I have made it available at the cheapest price possible so that every one of you can get their hands on it.

We can’t deny the fact that we buy different skincare products worth more than Rs.449 in a year just to try them with an expectation that it may work for our skin problems. In fact, some work well and some don’t! Then why do you have to feel reluctant about buying this eBook which claims to have powerful, effective remedies & recommendations for you?

If you are my Instagram follower or my regular blog reader then you must be knowing that all of my suggestions have always been REAL & HONEST. I am sure this will be one of the best investments you would have ever done for your skin.

Third, I can only highlight why it could be one of your best decisions to buy this eBook. But at the end of the day, it is always your wish 🙂

I really hope that you find this book helpful. And yeah don’t forget to leave your feedback here. I would love to read them all.


How will I be able to read the book?


1. Once the payment is processed, a page with order details & download link will appear. You can download it through that link in your device.

2. The download link will also be mailed to you for your future use. So that you can download it unlimited times on all your devices.

3. Another preferable way is that you can create an account (will take less than a minute) during checkout. After purchase, you can log in to “MY ACCOUNT” (in my site’s footer) and download your purchased book unlimited time. The book will be stored in your account. You can access it anytime from anywhere.

If you still face any difficulties in downloading then just drop an email on [email protected] or DM on Instagram. I will help you. I shall sell it to you directly through mail.

Is the payment gateway secure?

YES. The payment gateway is completely secure. I have personally tested it before making it live.

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Hi!!! This is Khadija- a procaffinator, an engineer, a biotechnologist with a great interest in makeup.This is my personal blog and you can find here honest reviews and tips on beauty, makeup, skincare and many other things :) Get in touch for anything and everything at [email protected]


  1. Assalamualaikum sister. How are you? Now I am going to give you my final review on ‘the magic lotion’ that you have mentioned in the book. I bought it way before when you first suggested it. But I used to apply it occasionally whenever I see some rashes or acne on my face. I soothes my acne within two days. This i have already told you. But since you suggested to use it every night. I thought to give it a try . I used the lotion every night for one week..Subhan ALLAH i am in love with it.You are absolutely right . It makes my skin super soft. Now my skin doesn’t feel unhealthy. It feels so soft, smooth, glowy. I asked my mom also to use it😊. Thank you so much to insist me for using it every day.😊

  2. Thank u sooooo much khadija aap ne eBook launch ki is book m har us question ka answer h jis ki hum sabhi ko jarurat h aap ki har tips ka use main jarur karugi or aap ko batau gi 😊😊😍😍😍 love u 😘😘😘

  3. Many congratulations dear for the new book launch. I was eagerly waiting the launch. When I saw that you launched a book I didn’t think twice before buying. Your recommendations are always so honest. The book covers all possible ways to cure acne and best ways which will work for sure. And yes it’s so reader friendly that whenever I will have any issue I just need to go to that section and follow all the steps you have mentioned. Totally recommend everyone to buy it. It’s worth the money. Instead of wasting time in google whole day just to find one remedy for skin issues then we don’t know if it will work or not , we just can open the book and find best remedies and ofcourse the best products which will work for sure. I personally used the products you recommended me earlier and you mentioned in the book also. That’s why I know they worked so well on my skin. Thank you so much dear for such wonderful book. I know it takes lot of hard work to write a book so beautifully And many congratulations..

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I am overwhelmed seeing such a warm and positive feedback. Well, this was my main motive behind creating this eBook.

  4. This is such a perfect e-book a much needed 1.. Now i dont have to google for my queries as i can refer this e-book anytime,anywhere as it is there with me 24/7 in my phone.. Thanks for this lovely guide.. Loadz of love and once again congratulations for this amazing creation.💐❤

  5. Whooaaa!! Way to go girl. Producing such good content with this frequency and consistency is remarkable. Hope to see your book going on Amazon Soon and Making it to the #MustRead list for all beauty niche lovers. Great success ahead…!!

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