Whenever you are cruising through the big city, many things may catch your eye. Stuff that looks cool and will definitely get you noticed. In the big city, streetwear is in – we are talking casual and comfortable looks that are constantly evolving. And you must have the perfect accessories serve to complement the look.

Many people wonder how to get the best accessories that will match comfortable basics such as jeans and t-shirts. Here are four cool street-style accessories that you can try to help you become that number one stunner. Remember, street-style is always changing and so the key is to stay updated with the trends.

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Oversize Sunglasses

Oversize sunglasses with rounded frames are cool for the summer. The sun does not need to be blazing hot for you to rock your cool eyewear. Oversize sunglasses go well with any shape of face and so this will save you the trouble of hunting for the right pair of sunglasses that will suit your face.

They come in different colors thus enabling you to color-coordinate them with whatever you will be wearing.

Cross Body Bags and Waist Packs

Crossbody bags are suitable for any place that you may want to go. You can take strolls with them, walk on the beach with them and even take long trips with them. They come in different designs and sizes, all optimized for different functions. The bags will both carry your stuff and make you look cool while at it.

Streetwear is usually characterized by bold colors (or bold print), so do not hold back when choosing a color and pattern, unless you are more of the reserved type.

Here’s a dressing tip: pair cool-colored clothes with neon accessories to make you stand out from the crowd. Cross body bags and waist packs may seem more geared towards guys but this is not the case.

Slouchy Boots

In the world of shoes, slouchy boots are a style that has a lot of casual appeals. If you want to sport a pair of skinny jeans or a cute dress like those found in, you can finish the look with a pair of slouchy boots because they go well with both.

As already mentioned earlier, the bolder the color of your boots, the better the look. Here’s another dressing tip: try out boots in bold colors such as red, white, orange or yellow.

Mesh Sneakers

Talk about versatility! Mesh sneakers will go well with your jeans, your dress, and even your slacks. Create room in your shoe rack for your growing mesh sneakers collection (just make sure that you vary the colors) and you will be good to go for days, even if you choose to make this the only kind of shoe that you will want to have.


Outfits are never complete without accessories. Some are functional like handbags while others are simply useful for enhancing your desired aesthetic value. All in all, as you make your choices, be bold, be creative, but do not forget to be yourself. You can even personalize your accessories by adding your own spin on them in order to maintain your uniqueness.

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CRUISING THE BIG CITY: 4 COOL STREET-STYLE ACCESSORIES YOU CAN TRY Whenever you are cruising through the big city, many things may catch your eye. Stuff th
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