Colorpop Lippie Stix Julep Review and swatches

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This post is all about lippie stix. No doubt Colorpop has one of the best lipsticks and eyeshadows. And finally I got my hands on their lippie stix. I am going to share my views on Colorpop lippie stix in the shade Julep. So basically this was my gift to my sister but she is not in the town and I couldn’t resist myself from using it? so I tried them on and used it a couple of times. Now let’s get into the review

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Price: $5. I got it for Rs.650 ( with shipping) from an Instagram store named Cosmetic2492

Availability: Available on

My experience with Colorpop Lippie Stix Julep

I was very much excited for it and I think everyone is excited about colorpop lipsticks in general. Lippie stix comes in three variants- matte, glossy, creme. The one I have is the creme variant. Now let me start my review with its packaging. This lippie stix comes in a white plastic twistable stick inside which you can see the lippie. Maybe that is why they have given the name to this lipstick as lippie stix (lippie in a stick) *omg I am feeling like a scientist who has discovered something great*? The quality of the packaging is quite sturdy and travel-friendly. The plastic is not flimsy at all.

It has a color-coded end where you can find the shade name and the variant of the lippie stix. When you open the cap, again the head of the lippie stix is the same color as that of the lipstick shade.

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

The shade Julep is a beautiful coral shade with a hint of red in them. It is kind of mix of red and orange. You will understand it clearly once you see the swatches of it. They are highly pigmented. The color intensity is so high that one swipe will give an opaque coverage to your lips. I got it on one swipe but then obviously we cannot just swipe once when applying lipsticks.

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Drew this with just one swipe. Color of Julep shade under artificial light

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Two swipes. Color of Julep shade under sunlight

Now coming to the consistency and texture of this lippie stix, as the name suggests it has a creamy texture. It glides on the lips very easily. I didn’t experience any sort of tugging or pulling on the lips while applying it. This colorpop lipstick did not give my lips a glossy look but yes it did give a sheen to my lips which I liked it. And after almost 30 minutes the shine started subsiding and it turned into a semi-matte lipstick.

How long does it stay on lips? Will this survive a meal? Does it become patchy after having a meal? How much does it transfer? These are some of the common questions which I and many of us asks and wants to know before picking a lipstick. So here are the answers!

The staying power of this lippie stix is around 4-5 hours. It would survive light snacks and coffee but definitely, this will not survive through a meal. Reapplication is needed. It doesn’t become patchy and do not settle in the creases of the lips.

The good thing about the shade julep is that it leaves an even finish of coral color on the lips even when they have faded away. This lippies stix is hydrating and do not cause any kind of dryness when they are on lips and even after removing it off the lips.

I loved the texture and pigment of Colorpop lippie stix. It does transfer (see how much it transfers in the image below) but still you can see the color on the lips which is a big yayyy for me and it does not bleed too. And because the color still stays on the lips, I did not care much about the fact that it transfers. I also observed that after it becomes semi-matte, it transfers comparatively less.  This Lippie stix is not sticky. I mean when I applied it, it was creamy and was a little sticky because of the cream texture. so it cannot be considered as a sticky lipper.

Lippie stix has light weight formula and this julep shade is perfect for summers. This shade would suit on all skin tones. Last but not the least you will need a makeup remover or oil to take off this lipstick.

Colorpop lippe stix julep review and swatches, khadija beauty

Transfer Test

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The deets

Lippie Stix Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates.

Crème Medium-to-full coverage lipstick that’s ultra creamy and melts onto the lips.

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Net Weight 1.0 g / 0.0352 oz

Step One – Start with freshly exfoliated lips! Prime your lips with our Lippie Primer for smoother application and more comfortable wear!

Step Two – Line your lips with a matching Lippie Pencil; this will help you achieve the perfect finished look and give the appearance of fuller lips.

Step Three – Apply your Lippie Stix and you’re good to go!

– If desired, you can apply your favorite Ultra Glossy Lip on top of your Lippie Stix for more oomph!

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Final Verdict

On a whole, Colorpop lippie stix is non sticky, semi matte, hydrating and very light on lips. I would highly suggest you try them. They have a huge shade range so if not this shade, you can chose any other shade of your choice.

That is it guys. I hope this review helped you. If I have missed out mentioning any particular thing then you can feel free to ask me in the comments section below or mail me or DM me on Instagram. Have you tried any lipstick from Colorpop? If yes, then do let me know which one was it in the comments. I would love to hear from you?

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  1. Since I’ve supremely dry lips, I definitely need to try these out!

  2. love the colour….I recently ordered a bunch of colourpop lippie stix directly from their site during a promotion due to which I got free international delivery…..I am loving these lip products….I have almost 8-9 of them but I don’t seem to have this colour……

  3. The shade is really pretty 🙂
    Thanks for answering all the questions by reading our mind

  4. I have the matte x formula in this and it’s better than liquid lipsticks!! Doesn’t even transfer

  5. I love colorpops. The shade is so sweet. Perfect everyday color. Definitely gonna try it.

  6. This shade is so awesome!!! ?? I too want to buy colorpop for the longest time now. Which instagram account did you order from????

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