9 Fashion Hacks for lazy girls| Cool fashion tips that will save your money

Fashion Fixes for the LAZY GIRL!

If you are one of those lazy lasses who love to look stylish but is too sleepy in the mornings to find time for looking or feeling fashionable, then these fashion hacks would be handy for you!

I guess all of us have those days where we just end up feeling sluggish before heading to work/college and have little to no-time for looking stylish. Well, then some of these super quick, easy and simple fashion hacks done beforehand will save your day while some can be used not just on lazy days but in general.

We all want to look fashionable while stepping out but one thing that often lets us down is the difficult and time-consuming fashion tips and sometimes we end up making fashion disasters. With some of these easiest and super fast fashion hacks, you can now flaunt your fashionable side with great poise. Be it a bad hair day or an emotional hangover, switch to these super quick and easy fashion fixes!

Not only these fashion hacks are meant to save you a lot of time, but will also help you look effortlessly stylish! Below are some of the fast and easy tips to help you kick-start the fashionista in you!

1. Statement Pieces can add drama without effort

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

Statement pieces can go a long way in making your entire outfit look chic. Just that one piece can totally transform your look. So investing in some boho jewelry or chunky neck pieces is definitely a great idea.

2. Cool patches and pins for accessories

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

Get creative and stick some cool patches or pins on your accessories. Be it a wallet or a handbag, these patches will certainly reflect the cooler side of you and also adds so much oomph to an outfit.

3. Curl up your hair using a hair straightener

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

If you are tired of the same old straight hair and looking to experiment something new and exciting for your hair, then try curling up your hair. Well, you don’t necessarily have to spend money lavishly on a parlor to get that hairstyle done. Just divide your hair in two parts and start folding them around, now using a hair straightener, just press down your hair. Entangle the rounded plaits and see beautifully curled locks!

4. Use super glue to set your high heel

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

If you accidentally happen to break your shoe heel, then don’t fret. Always keep a super glue to repair your heel as it sticks in no time. You don’t have to throw away a broken shoe, you can easily mend it, temporarily though using a quick-fix glue. If you are looking to repair it for long-term, look for high-quality glue and your shoe becomes better than before.

5. Monochromes are a savior

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

You can never go wrong with monochromes. Stick to a single color and match all your accessories with that. You certainly require less time planning on your OOTD and accessorizing the same. Blushed pinks and nudes are great color options hile dressing for a monochromatic look.

6. Fix your bangs yourself

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and a mirror. Look in the mirror and make sure you place the comb horizontally at the exact spot where you would like the bangs to be. If you need a softer and a blunt finish, make tiny snips vertically. Do not chop with the entire blade, make sure you cut the fringe just till above your eyebrows. And there you go, flaunting your fringe and looking super stylish.

7. A hair poof for short girls

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

Short girls can now instantly look taller by flaunting a cute hair poof that goes extremely well for all face cuts. A hair poof is a simple and easy hairstyle that involves poof-ing up a small portion of your hair just above your forehead. A hair poof makes short girls appear taller and looks cute at the same time.

8. Spruce up your ordinary white shoes

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

Go for DIY art and try your hand at your creative skills by designing art in your shoes. Add some zing to your ordinary and plain looking white shoes by making it more lively and colorful. You can make use of sketches and fabric paints and brushes to make cool art and design in your shoes to replace the boring shoes with something new and extraordinary. Keep them handy and wear with any outfit of your choice to make it look chic and stylish.

9. Make your makeup bag your companion

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

If you aren’t a wakeup and makeup kinda person, you can always carry your make-up products in a pouch and get it done while on the way. The real struggle with lazy girls is getting ready in the morning and that’s exactly when they realize the importance of time. Even a few minutes seem too precious to waste, hence makeup on the go is a good option to get glammed up in an instant.

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So these were 9 super easy fashion hacks that will save both your time and money. Do try them and let me know which one you liked the most?

Author: Madiha       Editor: Khadija

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