Colourpop lippie stix Cami, With the Band, LBB, Brink & Goal Digger| Review and swatches

Colourpop lippie stix Review and swatches | Cami, With the sand, LBB, Brink and 

Goal Digger

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ?

Colourpop Lippie stix have become my absolute favorite. I personally prefer bullet lipsticks over liquid lipstick. It’s not that colourpop liquid lipsticks are bad it’s just that I love their lippie stix more. I have already reviewed lippie stix in the shade julep (satin finish). And in this post I am going to show you guys the swatches of another three shades of Colourpop lippie stix (With the band, Cami, LBB, Brink & Goal Digger) from their matte range.

So basically Colourpop lippie stix are available in different ranges. Like matte, matte X, glossy. The shade- Brink, LBB are from matte range. the  shadesWith the band, cami and goal digger are from Matte X range. To know more continue reading.

colorpop liipie stix review and swatches, cami, lbb, with the sand


Availability: You can Order directly from their site or if you are in India, you can get these from Instagram stores who sell authentic international brands. I got mine from an Instagram store called authentic_makeup_love. This is one store where I found international Makeup products at a reasonable price compared to other stores **Mind you they sell original stuff** Since I got these from Colourpop Bogo sale, the price was just Rs.340. But you can easily get these for Rs. 550-650 if there’s no sale.

My experience with Colourpop lippie stix

How’s the packaging

So the packaging is same as any other lippie stix. They come in a retractable pen like the packaging. The outer bottom rim and the inner part is color coordinated with the shade.

You can find the shade name and if they are from matte or matte X range at the bottom. The packaging is travel-friendly, compact and I love it❤

The shades I am going to talk about

– Colourpop lippie stix “With the sand”

– Colourpop lippie stix “Cami”

– Colourpop lippie stix “LBB”

– Colourpop lippie stix “Brink”

– Colourpop lippie stix “Goal Digger”

colorpop lippie stix review and swatches, cami, lbb, with the band


How are pigmentation| Shade description

All the five shades are well pigmented and oxidizes (which means the shade becomes a bit darker) after 1-2 minutes

colorpop liipie stix review and swatches, cami, lbb, with the sand

Colourpop lippie stix With the Band

With the Band is a beautiful browny nude with a hint of peach in it. It would suit fair skin tones. Since the day I got my hands on it, I am wearing this non-stop. This is one of those nude shades that would instantly brighten up the complexion. It is my absolute favourite and would highly recommend this for all the people who have fair skin love nude shades.

Colourpop lippie stix Cami

This is again a very beautiful pinky mauve nude. Cami is going to suit fair to medium skin tones. I already own tons of shades similar to this. This shade is very similar to Sugar cosmetics Peachy little liars

Colourpop lippie stix Brink

This is my current go-to nude shade. I used to love With the band which I still do, but brink is my new favorite.

It’s a nude shade with a very light peachy undertone to it. This shade will suit fair skin tone

Colourpop lippie stix Goal Digger

Colourpop lippie stix goal digger is a peachy, light browny nude. It’s a bit similar to brink. When I swatched brink and goal digger for the very first I was disappointed that I ordered same shade with different names. But then upon trying on the lips, they did show up differently. If you want to go for just one shade, then I would suggest you go for goal digger. Because this is slightly darker than brink and would suit fair & medium skin tones.

Colourpop lippie stix- LBB

Okay so I am into nude shades. But then I decided to try a dark shade. LBB is a purplish plum shade. This is a deep shade that would suit all the skin types. If you have Colourpop liquid lipstick in the shade “More Better “ then you can totally skip this shade.

I found that Colourpop lippie stix LBB is less creamy while gliding on the lips compared to Colourpop lippie stix other 4 shades.

colorpop liipie stix review and swatches, cami, lbb, with the band

colourpop lippie stix brink, goal digger swatches

From the top 1st- brink (beautiful peachy nude) , 2nd- goal digger (muavy nude). Both are very different when worn on the lips

How’s the texture and formulation

With the Band & Brink are creamy while applying and they turn matte whereas Cami and Goal digger are powder matte. They do not feel creamy when applied so you have to keep your lips moist to glide these 2 shades effortlessly. All the 4 shades are non-drying, turn matte instantly. The moment you apply it, they are matte.

Colourpop lippie stix LBB is from matte range. They do not turn matte immediately. All the 5 shades are buttery soft and creamy. They glide on the lips easily.

Are they transfer proof?

All the 5 matte shades are transfer-proof but the shade LBB transfers a little

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How’s the staying power?

All the five shades can stay on the lips for good 4 hours or more than that depending in what you eat. They can survive snacks but not heavy oily meal. And I personally do not mind reapply them as they are super easy to apply. This is the reason why I love lippie stix or any bullet lipsticks than liquid lipsticks.

How does it look and feel on lips?

They do not make my lips look patchy nor do they accentuate the lip lines ❤ I told you I am totally in love with Colourpop lippie stix and now I am slowly going to collect all of their shades. They are so comfortable, lightweight and non-drying that you will not even feel like you are wearing anything on your lips. Ohh yes all the 5 shades are vegan hence Halal.

You can check for their ingredients on Colourpop site. Ingredients for every single shade is listed.

That is guys. You can easily get yours from an Instagram store or from Colourpop website. I would suggest you to get them when it’s on sale. Have you tried Colourpop lippie stix? If yes then what’s your favorite shade? And which among these 5 shades did you like? Comment below. Hand down I am in love with the shade- With the band.

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colorpop liipie stix review and swatches, cami, lbb, with the band


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