Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil Review| Affordable facial oil

Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil by Blossom Kochhar Review

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Today I will be reviewing a very different product from my skincare range. I have an oily skin type but whenever there is a change of season my skin turns out to be dry and dull. A lot of people suggested me to buy good skin/ facial oil. However, most of the skin oils available in the market turn out to be super oily and sometimes I have seen people complaining about skin breakouts after using such oils. So I did a lot of research online and talked with a few of my colleagues. A month back I decided to buy Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil by Blossom Kochhar.

On Nykaa app you will find it sold out most of the time and it has really good reviews too! Read on to find out my experience on this very famous skin care product.

What Aroma Magic says:

Aroma Magic Beautiful Skin Oil rejuvenates the skin and enhances the growth of new cells. Aroma Magic Beautiful Skin Oil presence of fine lines on the face and neck, firms up the skin and makes it smooth and silky. It is enriched with natural and essential extracts and oil which is soothing, skin vitalizing and that which restores youthful radiance.

It removes dead skin cells and makes you fairer

Protects from UV Rays.

Made with natural ingredients.

Where to buy?


Price: INR 338 for 20ml


Pure essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Rose, Palma Rosa & Patchouli.

Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil review

My experience with Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil by Blossom Kochhar:


The product comes in a very authentic packaging. The oil comes in a very tiny glass bottle with a black screw cap. Once you open the cap, you will find a transparent lid with a hole in it. The hole dispenses a small amount of the skin oil which is perfect for one-time use. It prevents unnecessary wastage of the product. Overall the packing is quite hygienic, sturdy and thus travel-friendly.

Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil review

Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil review


It has typical oil consistency but blends easily even with a single tiny drop. If I apply the product directly on my face, it makes my skin look super greasy! So instead I mix it up with my daily moisturizer before sleeping.

Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil review


The fragrance is quite disturbing, it does not go away easily! Though it is a beautiful blend of the most scented products, still I think the combination didn’t work out well with regard to the aroma. I think most of the skin oils, do have strong smell owing to the huge quantity of different oils it has.

Product Efficiency:

The skin oil can be used in multiple ways depending on your skin type. If you have super dry skin, then use it directly without mixing it with any other cream. One of the best and the most effective way that I am using this skin oil daily is under my foundation/bb cream. It works excellent especially during the winter when my skin is dry and dull. I use my primer only on my T-zone and near my cheeks over the skin oil. Apart from providing excellent hydration, it protects my skin from all the makeup products that I am applying before stepping out of my place.

Do not expect the product to show immediate results. After using for almost a month and also daily twice, I have observed a significant change in my skin texture. My skin feels soft because of the great hydration this oil provides inspite of the winter weather.

Pros of Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil by Blossom Kochhar

Gives the best hydration.

Evens the skin texture.

Gives a decent and natural glow with regular usage

Blends easily.

Gets absorbed fast

Made up of natural ingredients.

Safe for daily use

Travel friendly

Easily available.

Cons of Aroma Magic beautiful Skin Oil by Blossom Kochhar

Makes the skin greasy if applied directly.

Strong fragrance


Final Verdict

The bottle looks tiny but it works really well in term of hydration and improving the skin texture. However, if you are looking for a multipurpose skin oil that works on pigmentation and acne, then you can give this product a miss! The trick of using the skin oil depends on how you use it. Though I would still look for better skin oil options available in the market and give me you my opinion soon 🙂

Is this recommended?


Finding a decent skin oil is very difficult that to at this super affordable price. One can use and surely try it out especially during winters!

Reviewer: Rhea Dadra                      Editor: Khadija

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  1. You should try the fairy oil of this brand. It works wonders on stubborn acnes and clears out skin.

  2. Facial n skin oils dry skin walo ke liye bahut acche hotey hain, maine inke oils use kiya hain, abhi dry skin oil use kar rahi hu, winters me lajawab rehta hai 👍👍

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