Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

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Face cleansers are the most important skincare products and using the right one would help you improve your overall skin effectively. I am going to review a face cleanser from a herbal luxury brand called VANYA. This is 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

About the brand Vanya

Vanya started out as a little venture at home. We would passionately make herbal skin and hair care products from fresh ingredients we found in our organic garden and used herbs hand-picked from our frequent trips to the Himalayan villages.

The overwhelming feedback received from everyone encouraged us to start our own range of retail products. Hence with the help of herbal and formulation experts we intensified our research on therapeutic enhancement of herbs. Our belief is to be close to nature. As a result, our skin and body care products are natural and pure, made in small batches at our specialized herbal mill with the finest herbs hand-picked from the small farms in the Himalayan foothills.

Let me get directly into the review.

My experience with Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser

Price: Rs. 695

Availability: Vanya website, purplle, flipkart


Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

How is the packaging of Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser?

So this cleanser comes in a classic old silver color tin container with the brand label on it. You can find the ingredients at the back if the container and all the other details on the outer cardboard box.

I liked the container as we can reuse it for storing something later. But it’s kind of difficult to use cleanser every time from a tub packaging.

I liked the packaging of all the products from this brand and when you go to their site you can even shop products based on the ingredients of your choice.

Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

How is the consistency, color, and fragrance?

This haldi clear cleanser is white in color and has a runny consistency. It looks like a white cream.

It has a VERY strong fragrance. I feel that’s the only drawback and a big con of this product TBH. The moment I open it, I can smell a very strong fragrance of turmeric oil.

Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

How is this face wash?

The ingredients list is quite impressive. The very first ingredient is purified water, and then the second ingredient is glycerin and then followed by the natural ingredients extracts and oils. I can also see glycolic acid in the ingredient list which is an  AHA- chemical exfoliator 😍

It is creamy and doesn’t foam at all while massaging on the face. After washing off it effectively removes all the dirt/gunk, oil from the face, give you a feel and a look of a cleansed face.

Now this part is a bit confusing for me– there are times when I felt my skin a bit stretchy after using this Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser which disappeared as soon as I applied moisturizer. and then there are times when I felt my skin normal without any dryness or stretchy feel. So I feel if you have dry skin then this may leave your skin a little stretchy.

The only this which bothers me a lot. I mean A LOT is its fragrance. It is very strong and people with sensitive nose will not be able to tolerate it at all. Even while washing off I could smell it. I really wish the brand works on its fragrance and makes it milder. The smell of turmeric essential oil was too high which made it a highly fragranced cleanser. I was scared that it may break me out as it has such strong fragrance but luckily Alhamdulillah it didn’t break me out.

The key ingredients in this cleanser are tulsi and haldi. Haldi/turmeric oil helps in brightening the skin and tulsi extract acts as natural astringent.

Amazing things about Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser

Cleansed the face well

The ingredients list is impressive

100% vegetarian

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The tin tub can be reused

The first two ingredients are water and glycerin.

Suitable for all skin types except for flaky skin.

Cons of Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser

Extremely strong fragrance

Tub packaging can be a bit messy to use

Slightly expensive (maybe because they have sourced pure ingredients)

Overall verdict

Everything is good about this cleanser except for its fragrance. If you have a sensitive nose or fragrance sensitive skin or cannot tolerate strong smell then you may not like it. It does the job of a cleanser coupled with some skin-loving ingredients. If not this product, if you are interested, may be you can trr their other ranges. I am attracted to their pomegranate and rose range.

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Vanya Haldi clear face cleanser review

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️


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