Bid Goodbye to Dark Circles with home remedies- Here’s how!

Bid Goodbye to Dark Circles: Here’s how!

Tired of those under eye bags? Concealers can sure help you fake a good night’s sleep but behind all that makeup, only you know the darkness you have been lurking under your eyes.

Dark circles and puffiness in eyes can make you feel conscious and can sometimes be annoying to an extent. Getting your beauty sleep in plenty is the answer!
Adequate sleep is the number one factor contributing towards a glowing skin, followed by a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep is responsible for making your skin pale and hence the appearance of dark circles. Moreover, insufficient sleep results in slow blood circulation, which again makes the appearance of dark circles evident.

Combating dark circles is not an overnight process as it has to be dealt with gradually, consistently and with loads of patience.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of dark circles, I’d suggest trying out natural and simple home-made remedies that can do wonders on the skin rather than spending on expensive creams and serums.

However, even when it comes to natural ingredients you should be careful as to what suits your skin and what doesn’t. Doing a patch test helps in determining whether or not you are allergic to any element added as part of the remedy.

These are some of the tried and tested beauty hacks which I have personally tried and seen results in no time. Thus, I am suggesting you all to try them out and see the results for yourself.

Listed below are some of the natural remedies which you can make use of with ingredients straight from the kitchen.

1. Cucumber and Potato

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

Potatoes for eyes? Yes! You read that right. Surprisingly, potatoes are very good for skin lightening. When combined with cucumber which we all know is great for under eye bags can be magical.

How to use:

Peel a potato, chop it into pieces. Keep it aside. Now peel a cucumber, chop them into fine pieces. Add both of them into a blender and make a juice.

Dip a cotton ball into this mixture and apply it in your under eye area. Practice this at least twice a week and see the results yourself!

2. Tomato

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

Tomato is yet another vegetable, or botanically speaking a fruit which works as a magic on the skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is said to lighten the melanin content in the skin also helping the skin pump up.

How to use:

Slice a tomato into half and gently massage it across the eye area and wash it off after 10-15 minutes.

NOTE – Tomatoes, when applied externally on the skin, can cause a little irritation which is normal but if it persists, you should wash it off immediately.

3. Almond oil

almond oil for skin, hair, nails and health, khadija beauty

Almond oil is an excellent remedy for dark circles which is very effective when applied on a daily basis. Sweet almond oil contains properties that are not just great for eyes but also for the skin. It helps in reducing acne and contributes towards a glowing and healthier looking skin.

How to use:

Gently massage your under eye area with a few drops of almond oil every night and wash off your face in the morning.

4. Aloe Vera and its gel

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

We all know how good Aloe Vera is for the skin as it contains natural healing and moisturizing properties. When applied directly under the eyes, it can help lighten the skin and further keep the under eye area hydrated.

How to use:

Apply fresh aloe directly from the plant or use a gel and gently massage it under the eye. Using once every day before going to the bed is ideal for good results.

5. Rose water & Honey

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

Rose water and honey, both are miraculous ingredients which contain anti-oxidants that help in bringing out the natural glow from the skin. While rose water is a well-known remedy for acne, mixing it with honey helps in reduction of dark circles to a great extent.

How to use:

Add a tablespoon of honey to a bowl and mix few drops of rose water. Mix it evenly and apply this mixture to your eyes. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

These are some of the best DIY remedies for combatting dark circles. When used consistently, you are sure to see positive results! Let me know if you’ve already tried or are going to try any of these!

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That is it guys. I hope these remedies helped you in some way or the other.

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  1. Thank you home remedies . These are simple home remedies and there is no sides effects even . Similarly we can try with the laser acupuncture pen , it will not have any side effects it increases the blood circulation and decreases dark circles for more information please go through the blog electric massager

  2. Great info! Dark circles are common eye problems and home remedies are often success to treat them easily. Cucumber has many essential nutrients and antioxidant property that helps to reduce dark circles naturally. Thanks for sharing valuable blog.

  3. You posted it just when I needed it. Thankyou for sharing. Will try the aloe vera and tell you the result. ☺

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