Suganda BHA serum Review| Salicylic Acid for Acne & clogged pores

Suganda BHA serum Review| Affordable Salicylic Serum In India

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So after almost 40 days of using suganda BHA serum (salicylic acid serum) and suganda anti-oxidant serum (many call it as vitamin C serum) here, I am sharing my experience with you guys. I have already reviewed their white lotus moisturizer which is my absolute favorite. BHA( Beta Hydroxy Acid) is one of the most common types of chemical exfoliation.

Firstly before diving into the review, I wanna give some basic information about BHA and what it does.

What’s a chemical exfoliation?

Chemical exfoliation removes dead cells by dissolving dirt & oil in the pores and breaking up the glue that holds dead skin cells to healthy skin.

These are not harsh and can be used by all skin types

Eg. AHAs, BHAs (this is the one I am going to review)

A quick introduction about Salicylic acid (BHA) which I am reviewing in my post

  • Oil soluble, Penetrates deep into the pores
    & removes dead cells
  • Has anti-bacterial property
  • Best for normal to oily & acne prone skin
  • Best for skin with large pores, blackheads,
    acne & breakouts
  • Prevents breakouts & refines larger pores

Now let’s dive into the review

Price: Rs.699

Availability: Suganda Website


Salicylic  Acid 2%, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Green Tea Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Trimethylglycine, Salicylic Acid,  Sodium Lactate  Xanthan Gum, Phenoxylethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide

suganda bha serum reviewe

How to use?

Apply a few drops on fingers and tap gently all over the face on a cleansed face. Follow up with regular Moisturiser.

Start using every alternate day. Can be used in the morning or evening.

suganda bha serum reviewe

How do I Use:

I started with using every alternate night but after my skin got adjusted to it, I sometimes use two consecutive nights too. Depending on my skin’s need.

About  Suganda BHA Serum

pH of the product is around 5. Most acids are only active when their pH is less than 4. And this stings for a few people who have sensitive skin or damaged the skin barrier. Since Salicylic acid is also proven to exfoliate skin at a skin friendly pH, it is a good exfoliant for sensitive skin who cannot tolerate very low ph products.


It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Easy to use. Since it is a glass bottle, we need to be careful while traveling.

suganda bha serum reviewe

My experience with Suganda BHA serum

This serum contains 2% salicylic acid which is safe to use even for someone who’s new to acids. The other key ingredient in this BHA serum are gotukola which is a skin rejuvenating herb and green tea which all of us know is an amazing anti-oxidant, soothes the skin and controls breakouts.

How’s the consistency and fragrance?

The consistency is just like water and is light brown in color. It gets absorbed into the skin in second. No sticky feeling at all.

Ok, I personally didn’t like the smell of this BHA serum. It could sense a weird smell while applying on my face and then it vanishes after applying. So I didn’t care much about it.

suganda bha serum reviewe

When I used it for the very first time, I did feel a slight tingling sensation on certain parts of my face. For a second, I thought of washing off my face but then I didn’t. And then when used for the second time I didn’t feel any such sensation. But still, there are some days when I feel a slight tingling sensation and it goes away after almost 15 minutes.

So as I said, I have been using this BHA serum for 40 days and I would say it’s fairly good. I didn’t face any breakouts nor did I face Purging. In fact, whenever I felt that I am about to get a breakout, I applied this serum on that area alone apart from using it normally.

I can’t see any major difference in my skin or anything but I loved the fact it kept the pores of my cheeks clean and didn’t cause any breakouts even while traveling. It has definitely been preventing my skin from breaking out by exfoliating my skin and breaking up the oils in my pores.

I was on a vacation where I used CC cream & compact all day long and it was damn hot too. There were very high chances of me breaking out but I feel removing my makeup really well and BHA serum at night is what helped my skin stay sane and calm.

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But I could notice that it didn’t break up the sebum/oil on my nose effectively. I had to follow my own method explained in my eBook to get rid of all the oil heads, clogged pores on my nose.

You have to use it regularly at least for a month or more than that to see the difference. I am very happy that we can find such serum now in India. Because it gets a bit difficult to get hands on good quality potent serum especially in India. If we try to buy international brand the customs and everything is a big headache and the price of drugstore product shoots up to high-end range.

Amazing things about Suganda BHA serum

Help get rid of dead cells

Contains 2% salicylic acid which is good for sensitive skin

Contains gotukola and green tea too

Prevents and controls breakouts

An essential while traveling


None as such

Would I recommend this?

Yes. If you have sensitive skin or oily skin and don’t prefer harsh physical exfoliation then you can definitely give this a try.  I am one of those who doesn’t prefer physical exfoliation especially those apricot scrubs breaks me out. So I love chemical exfoliation that too in a mild concentration. I personally liked it and will continue using it. Maybe after this, I would try their AHA serum. But salicylic acid is a God’s gift for oily skin people.

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Suganda BHA serum Review| Salicylic Acid for Acne & clogged pores

Suganda BHA serum Review| Affordable Salicylic Serum In India Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️ So after almost 40 days of using suganda BHA serum (sa


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