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This post is again a very different one and probably the coolest post of my blog. I am going to talk about a planner and I bet you would have never come across such planner ever. It is the Bhasad Planner from a brand called “Butterly Yours”. This is their signature planner. I have been searching a lot of planners and designs on Pinterest, Instagram and every online shopping site, I am so glad that I found this and so damn happy that they sent me this. I am very excited to share every funky and cool thing about this planner right away. So keep reading to know why am I using the word “COOL” so many times.

bhasad planner review, planner, khadija beauty


Price: Rs.349

Size: 5*5 inches

Availability: Available on amazon, Snapdeal, Butterly yours

Product description

An exclusive personalised & handy organizer to flaunt for real and feel crazy about. A must have accessory for your desk that makes you and have your friends going gaga about it

Features that make it irresistible are

• Helps you prioritize your to-do list and stay organized• Helps you prioritize your to-do list and stay organized

• Helps you prioritize your to-do list and stay organized• Uses ‘The Desi Dilli Slang Lingo’. Who said Organized has to be #NotSoCool

• Uses ‘The Desi Dilli Slang Lingo’. Who said Organized has to be #NotSoCool• Premium Quality Faux Leather Casing

• Premium Quality Faux Leather Casing• Comes personalized with your name on it.

• Comes personalized with your name on it.

• Comes in 4 colors- Hot Pink, Shiny Black, Parrot Green and Ferrari Yellow• Best ‘Out of the box’, cool and funky gift

• Best ‘Out of the box’, cool and funky gift

So when you buy one don’t be surprised if your friends ask only one question ‘Where did you get it from??’

My review on the Bhasad Planner from Butterly yours

My very first reaction after seeing this planner was hahaha wow. Okay before starting my review let me tell you guys that only if you know Hindi or at least understand Hindi( an Indian language) you will find it cool and in fact you are going to relate your life with this planner. This planner came in a cardboard kind of paper box over which Brand name and other details were mentioned and there was a quote with a hashtag. It says #If I was organized, I’d be dangerous (isn’t that cool?)



And then the major thing comes out- My personalized planner. The planner comes inside a plastic cover. Now coming to the planner, I chose the black color because Black looks classy, royal and nothing can go wrong with this color *I love black and all the shades of black?* My name is imprinted on the bottom right corner in silver color. I was 101% satisfied with this planner the moment I saw my name on it. The ink and print quality is also good except the letter ‘I’, but the overall printing quality is good and the imperfection is not prominently shown. 

bhasad planner review, planner, khadija beauty

bhasad planner review, planner, khadija beauty

The cover of this planner is made from a very good quality soft faux leather. And the base of it supported with a hard cardboard so basically it is like a leather diary cover inside which a booklet is placed. The leather is soft and the stitches are very clean and strong. Overall quality of this bhasad planner is ek number(I mean top of the roof). Now let me tell you guys about the coolest part of this planner When you open it, you can see a booklet of around 150 pages and the words or the categories used in the planner is what makes it cool and different from other planners. Every page is divided into four equal parts with a heading/category. Now the words used to describe the category are something which everyone of us can relate to.

bhasad planner review, planner, khadija beauty

bhasad planner review, planner, khadija beauty

Ebook Promo

Back View

We always have so many things to do and what we usually do is, write them all in a note or somewhere. But do we actually segregate them according to our preferences and priorities every single day? No I don’t and I know many of us don’t. So, besides being cool, personalized and classy, this bhasad planner actually helps us to sort out our daily life by letting us know which work is urgent, which work is important and other things. The four categories that are present on every single page are
BHASAD – Urgent & Important

O TERI KI – important not Urgent

BHAINS KI AANKH*this is literally making me laugh* – Urgent not important

DEKH LENGE YAAR – Not important not urgent

SO these are the super cool categories which are going to help us narrow down our preferences and make our life a little organized. I am a completely disorganized person and usually put up all the work in the section “dekh lenge yaar” till I reach my deadline( maybe because of my last minute working habits which I developed during my engineering and I guess most of the engineers too do this?) The paper quality is good and you can either tear off the paper every day or keep them as such. I am going to keep them all recorded. And yes do not worry if the paper gets over, the booklet can be removed from the leather cover. So once they get over you can replace them with another set of a booklet.

Amazing things about Bahsad planner

Super cool

Personalized and good quality material

Help you screen out your daily work in a funky and cool way

Very handy


Has one pocket



Cons? How can anyone find a con in this planner?

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That is it guys. Check out 3 other funky products from Butterly yours and off course this planner too on their official site or click HERE. Hope you liked this. Do share your reaction and your thoughts about this bhasad planner with me in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been looking for a leather planner reviewed and you answered my request! Just bought it from Amazon.

  2. A must have products for lazy bums like me! The personalization part is just chic!

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