Neulii Aloe BHA serum review| Soothing & Calming serum

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I have reviewed Tea tree BHA serum from the same brand Neulii a while back and today I am going to review their another serum. A Serum is used to give some extra hydration apart from the hydration that your moisturizer gives. The more hydrated your skin is, the more healthy and fresh your skin is going to look. Aloe is a magical ingredient and is a boon for all skin types. It has a healing and calming property which is why they work well for all skin types. Now that I have given a basic introduction lets dive into the review.

Neulii Aloe BHA serum review, khadija beauty, best serum

Price: $17.43. Now available for $13.94

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Neulii Aloe BHA serum review, khadija beauty, best serum

About Neulii

Neulii is a brand launched by a Korean online shopping site called RoseRoseShop. You can find here soooo many Korean skincare, makeup, body & hair, tools and cleansing products. And after all this, they have their own range of serums under the brand name “Neulii”. They have launched 5 different serums for five different skin issues. Their site ships products to all over the world and always have some offers going on.

What is serum?

The serum is basically a gel or water-based skin care product that is meant to moisturize your skin by penetrating deep into the skin. It is applied after cleansing the face and before moisturizing.

My experience with Aloe BHA Serum

Packaging: The packaging is exactly the same like the Tea Tree BHA serum which I have reviewed earlier. It has a pump packaging and is travel-friendly.

How is the consistency and smell?

This Aloe BHA serum is gel-type. The consistency is semi liquidy, runny but gel-like. It doesn’t have any fragrance at all. And the best part is that it does not contain any alcohol.

Neulii Aloe BHA serum review, khadija beauty, best serum

Neulii Aloe BHA serum review, khadija beauty, best serum

How do I use it?

Since this Aloe BHA serum has gel type consistency half a pump of the serum does the job for my oily skin. But when using at night I usually prefer one pump of it. Because we gotta provide extra hydration at night. So if you are from oily skin family then half to one pump will do depending on your preference. This serum is suitable for all skin type as it contains Aloe in it. So if you have a dry skin one to two pumps will give you enough hydration.

Does it work as per its claims?

Basically, this Aloe BHA serum claims that it helps to recover roughened and sensitive skin, contains natural BHA and aloe, excellent for calming skin. I have a sensitive skin and it completely suited me. So this is really mild and didn’t cause any irritation on my skin. And it didn’t cause any breakouts too. I can’t talk much about this serum recovering the roughened skin, but it does make my face really smooth. While applying, you will feel this Aloe BHA serum being sticky on the face but within a minute, after it is absorbed into the skin the stickiness disappears. After the application of this serum, I love the way my skin feels. It turns my face into a soft and smooth canvas. The reason for that is the aloe and BHA which is present in it. 

This serum deeply hydrates the skin without making the face sticky or oily. But after 2 hours just like any other product even this made my skin oily. I would highly recommend you use sunscreen after using this serum. Because this has BHA( Beta Hydroxy Acid) which can make the skin sensitive to light. BHA is really good for oily skin as it controls excess sebum secretion. Natural BHA elements of white willow barks exfoliate without any skin irritation to make the skin smooth. But due to Aloe as one of their major ingredients, this is suitable for even dry skin people. I would say normal and dry skin people are going to love this more than people with oily skin.

I personally love the way it makes my skin to feel. When I need lots of hydration I reach out to this Aloe BHA serum but when I have to control my oil secretion I prefer Neulii Tea tree BHA serum. So what I mostly do is during the daytime I use the Tea tree serum and at night I I use Aloe BHA serum. I love both but I love Tea tree variant more.

Neulii Aloe BHA serum review, khadija beauty, best serum

Amazing things about Aloe BHA Serum

Travel-friendly packaging

Deeply hydrate the skin

Pump packaging

Ebook Promo

Contains Aloe and BHA

Does not contain alcohol

Did not cause break outs

Free from Paraben, polyphenoxyethanol, artificial colors and artificial flavors.



Makes the skin oily after 2 hours

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Final verdict

Neulii Aloe BHA serum works well for all skin types. This gel type serum provides good moisture to the skin without making the face sticky or oily.

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