Activated Charcoal Powder Benefits & Different Ways to Use it

Activated Charcoal Powder Benefits & Different Ways to Use it

Are you also confused about what charcoal is, how is it beneficial, is it good for your skin, how to use this? Find all the answers to your questions here –

A few years back, I haven’t even heard of charcoal and how it is beneficial for our body. But gradually the cosmetic companies started adopting this activated carbon which is also known as charcoal. While people started using it for their better skin and whitening their teeth, it helps in removing the toxins from our body.

Activated carbon is different from that of burnt pieces of food and charcoal bricks. Charcoal is made by heating the carbon-rich material which includes coconut shell, wood, sawdust at high temperature. Result of which, it is highly nutritive and works as toxin removal from our body.

Nowadays, charcoal is easily available in the form of capsule or you can just buy it in powder form which is used for cleaning your skin and whitening of your teeth and basically is a natural cosmetic product.

activated charcoal powder

You can get many benefits from charcoal, here’s how it is beneficial for you –

Remove Acne 

Yes, girls, it is not a myth. You can get rid of your acne issues with the help of this charcoal which can be consumed in the powder form or in the capsule form. As it is helpful in removing toxins it removes the impurities of your skin and as a result, your acne gets removed and you get healthy skin.

You can find wide range of soaps, face wash which have charcoal in it which can be beneficial for you can apply it directly by taking spoonful of charcoal powder, mix it with aloe vera gel, spoon full of rosewater, a pinch of sea salt with 3 drops of tea tree oil, make the whole mixture consistent enough so that can be applied easily.

Let it dry and then rinse off, it will make your skin amazing.

Teeth Whitening 

Charcoal powder can really whiten your teeth. The instruction is really simple, you just need to sprinkle some charcoal powder on your toothpaste after applying it on your toothbrush. You will undoubtedly get a bizarre look as it is black in color, but these temporary black teeth will get you white teeth if you do not fail to use it regularly.

If it got a spill on your clothes you may get a stain, so keep a towel at the time of using it. This is basically a whitening agent and probably weaken your enamel so use it efficiently or if you find you are having sensitive teeth you can cut down your use or just use it 2-3 times a week. For better result you could also use teeth whitening products from Actinera.

Inner Body Detox 

As charcoal is a detoxifying agent, some people consume it, to get rid of toxins available in our body, there are various recipes you can adapt to consume it inelegant way.

But you may get constipated if you consume in more quantity and make sure your intake of water also increases as it absorbs liquid from your body result of which you may get sluggish or get constipated. Charcoal often require a week or two to make your body toxin free.

Get rid of intestinal gas 

Charcoal helps in minimizing your gas especially after the intake of food which create excess gas. If you also have upset stomach every now and then you can always count on charcoal powder, but regardless to say don’t use it in excess as it can harm your body.

Liquid and gases which are trapped in the intestine can be easily passed through the holes of activated charcoal and helps them in neutralization.

Repair Kidney 

Our kidney has many undigested toxins and drugs which can be easily filtered out with the help of the charcoal. Activated carbon is really effective to remove toxins which are obtained from urea which is the basic byproduct of digestion.

In a study, it is found that the charcoal was initially experimented on a rat, whereas it was given 20% activated carbon result being the inflammation and damage of the kidney was reduced.

Relief from bites 

There are times when people got stung by bee, spider or snake and they don’t have any epinephrine nearby, and a severe stung may cause death. So charcoal powder can be used as it easily removes the poison from insect and spider bite.

There are many people who have shared their experience and took it to the internet about how charcoal helped them from getting rid of the injurious poison and saved their lives.

With the above discussion, we can understand that charcoal comes with various benefits and activated carbon can be used for medicinal purposes. With the benefits comes the side effects, make sure you never intake overdose of charcoal, as it can be really harmful to you and with the regular use you find any side effects, cut down the use of it or use it less. Remember, it is a detox agent and uses it carefully to prevent your skin and other body parts.

Got the answers to all the dilemmas? So plan it today, and make your skin healthier with this amazing toxin removal agent and get benefits from it. Tell us if you find it worthy and share your experience of using charcoal with us.

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Activated Charcoal Powder Benefits & Different Ways to Use it

Are you also confused about what charcoal is, how is it beneficial, is it good for your skin, how to use this? Find all the answers to your questions here -


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