Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review| Best hair oil for hair fall and dandruff

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Hair is one of the precious things and every one of us love to maintain a good and healthy hair. But Hair related problems are very common these days for both men and women. And in winter it becomes worse due to dry scalp, dandruff, dry hair and many other issues which we try very hard to hide it with a hat during winter. Even in summer due to sweat and heat, we face hair fall. There are many reasons for hair fall, some of the major reasons are improper nutrition, pollution and dandruff. In this post I am going to introduce you all to a magical oil which is going to solve most of the hair-related issues. This has worked for me. I am completely loving it. So without any delay let me tell you everything about this “Satthwa Premium Hair Oil” in detail.

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (2)

Price: Rs.599 for 100ml

Availability:  Available Online on AMAZONFlipkart, Paytm, and on the official site–Satthwa.


Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (3)

About Satthwa

So basically Satthwa was founded by Mr.Prashant and he is the one who formulated this oil. He was dealing with a serious hair fall and after trying out different brands and experiencing zero percent positive result on him, he came up with his own formulation. To know more about it in detail and see his before after image you can click HERE


100% chemical free oil

Contols Hair fall

Promote hair growth

Fights premature greying

Clears dandruff

What makes Satthwa Premium hair oil a unique oil

Satthwa premium Hair oil is made from 100% pure oil’s and has a blend of 9 different oils. The power of 9 oils are

V. Coconut Oil

Not only does coconut oil promote hair growth, but it also prevents dandruff and makes hair thick.

Sweet Almond Oil

 Smoothens cuticles and prevents shedding. It regulates blood flow to the scalp.

Castor Oil

 Darkens hair and stops premature graying. Stops split ends.

Amla Oil 

 Rich in vitamin A and C. It’s a natural conditioner. Minimizes hair loss and prevents graying.

Emu Oil 

Acts as a fortifying agent for hair. Stimulates dormant hair follicles and helps with new hair growth.

Jojoba Oil 

Anti-fungal and unclogs pores. Repairs hair and cleanses the scalp. Helps balance pH levels.

V. Olive Oil 

Treats dry and damaged hair. Makes hair shine, smooth and soft.

Vitamin E 

Provides antioxidants, keratin strength, and reduces frizz.

Grapeseed Oil 

High in antioxidants. Promotes hair growth and delays premature aging.

Direction to use

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (4)

My experience with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

I got this Satthwa Premium Hair Oil as PR sample and to be frank with you I am very possessive about my hair. I don’t like experimenting with my hair products and if you have read my hair care routine you must be knowing that I have been using Parachute Scalp therapie for years. So I was kind off reluctant to accept it. Then I did a little research and accepted it. And I must tell this was the best decision of mine. If I had not tried this then I would have really regretted. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is completely natural and safe to use on hair.

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Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (3)

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with white color flip open cap. The packaging is very basic and you can find all the details on the bottle’s sticker. The bottle is well placed in a brown carton box with satthwa printed everywhere. I liked this packaging and yeah it is a travel-friendly packaging. Now coming to the consistency, it has a bit thicker consistency and it is light yellow in color. It has a very mild fragrance of mix of olive oil and castor oil. Satthwa Premium Hair oil can be washed off very easily even with a mild shampoo.

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (3)

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (4)

I am genetically blessed with straight and silky hair(Alhamdulillah) and I observed the change in my hair texture right after my first hair wash. I applied this oil before going to bed and washed my hair next day. And after washing the hair, my hair became softer than before. I wanted to check its effect so I did not use conditioner. But my hair felt the same way how it used to be after using conditioner(without using conditioner) The blend of oils which has been used in Satthwa Premium Hair Oil are proven natural hair conditioner. So Satthwa Premium Hair Oil improves the texture of the hair. It conditions the hair and when the hair is well conditioned, hair fall decreases gradually. After using it for almost 1 month, it has decreased my dandruff also( though I had mild dandruff). I had the issue of dry scalp and since I started using this oil, I was surprised to observe that I don’t have dry and flaky scalp anymore My hair has been growing well so I don’t know if this oil is making my hair to grow or it is my normal growth Almost all of their claims are true. I don’t have any gray hair so can’t comment on it.

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (2)

I am completely blown with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil. I would recommend every single of you to give it a try. Trust me you will love it. My reviews are always honest and I am strongly recommending you not because I received it from the brand. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil has become my regular hair oil and not just me I have made my brother also to use it. I am surely going to re-purchase this oil. To be frank, I have ditched my previous oil which I have been using from my schooling* I didn’t wanted to sound mean, but can’t help it* Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is a bit on the pricey side but it is worth the money. It is not the quantity but the quality that matters.

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Amazing things about Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Improves the hair texture


Treats dry scalp

Control dandruff

No paraben

Blend of 9 oil that is extremely good for hair

Worth the money

Conditions the hair very well

Ideal for dry hair

Makes hair shinier and softer


None. I am going to re-purchase this.

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Final Verdict

If you are facing any hair issue, I would stronglyyyyyy suggest you use this. Because this has really improved my hair texture and since I started using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, my scalp dryness was completely gone.

That is it Lovelies. Hope you liked the review. Are you going to try this out? 

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  1. Nice. I am experiencing pre mature grey hair. What hair oil will work from spreading all over.

    • This oil claims to prevent. You can try this or you can try home remedies. I have an article on it. Search under DIY category

  2. I have just started using this hair oil and I am experiencing lot of hair loss while applying it 🙁 Is this the same case with you?If no,what is the correct method of applying it?

    • Hi rahul, how long have you been using this oil? try this at least 3 weeks to know the results. Because I reviewed this when I got this oil for the first time and till today I am using only satthwa. Either give some time or if you are feeling that it is the oil which is causing hairfall then better stop it. it would not have suited you

  3. i am using it for like 4-5 times and my hairfall has increased. its highly expensive and doesnt give any solution fr hairfall at all. instead simple coconut oil didnt cause any hairfall. Never going to purchase it.

    • Ohh That’s sad. Maybe it didn’t suit your hair. Just check the oils that are blended in. Because I am currently on my 4th bottle of it and this is working amazingly well for me and worked well for my brother too. 🙂

  4. Ahh I wish I could buy it! Going to try to make it on my own and see how it goes.

  5. You are not alone, my hair started to fall and later I realized that they have become so thin that I could clearly see my scalp from the front. I was terrified, I thought I will go bald and that’s when I started to buy every product which I thought would work, but nothing did.

  6. Used for first time today for hairfall. My hairfall increased after using this oil.dont know whether it will take time to show its effect.
    Please reply want to know if it’s ok to use or not

    • No hair oil can show the result( positive/negative) after the very first wash dear. I would suggest, you use it for at least for 20-30 days before coming to any conclusion. But yes after using it 3-4 times if you observe that it is showing a negative result then discontinue because not all the products suits everyone. I reviewed it after using it for almost a month and this is working great for me and most of the people who have used it. I am about to buy my third bottle.

  7. Your experience with this hair oil is great.I have so much gray hair if it can do something about that then I am sold out for this.

  8. Hello Khadija.
    I really REALLY want this product. Can I get this in Pakistan?

  9. Me too! Possessive about my hairs! I have been using bajaj almond hair oil for so long, because it helps in keeping my hair frizz in control. The ingredient list on this one is so impressive! I will try out this one. Khadija do you think that this oil will keep my hair frizz in control too? 🙂

  10. I am looking for an effective hair fall solution. Losing hair like crazy. This product looks promising since I have used a DIY hair mix in the past.

  11. Wow! This will be a saviour for my coloured hair! Thanks for introducing this to me

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