MamaEarth Argan hair mask |Reduce hairfall| Silky hair

MamaEarth Argan hair mask |cleanse & reduce hairfall

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Hair fall is a universal problem these days due to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. And before reviewing this Argan hair mask I would like to out up a disclaimer that hair fall doesn’t stop in a day or in a week. It takes minimum one month to notice the difference. Along with using shampoo and hair masks, you have to make sure you are having a healthy diet and enough water. Because if there’s any iron deficiency in the body or if you are not having the right amount of water, it leads to dryness which in turn results in hair fall. There are many other causes of hair fall too, so first analyze and understand the root cause and then look for the ways to treat hair fall.

mamaearth hair mask, khadija beauty

With that being said let me now talk about this Argan hair mask from the brand mamaEarth. This brand started up focusing on the products for Moms but then hair fall is experienced by a majority of people and not just by new moms right? I have already reviewed their C3 face mask which worked great for me. So let me get into the review and tell you guys if this worked or not

Price: Rs.599 for 200 ml

Availability: AMAZON


mamaearth hair mask, khadija beauty

My experience with MamaEarth Argan Hair Mask


The packaging is huge. It comes in a big tub like packaging with an inner safety lid. The product was filled till the mouth of the tub.

mamaearth hair mask, khadija beauty

How’s the smell?

It has a mixed smell of tea tree and some unrecognized fragrance. The fragrance is not very pleasant when you sniff it directly from the jar. But after you wash your hair, your hair smells amazing and the smell lingers around for few hours. I loved its smell after washing my hair and even my mom liked it.

How’s the consistency and color?

Consistency is like a cream. It is a bit on a thicker consistency side. This Argan hair mask is pure white in color.

mamaearth hair mask, khadija beauty

How do I use Argan hair mask?

I usually follow it up after shampooing my hair. After washing my hair with my regular shampoo, I apply this Argan hair mask on my scalp and all over my hair concentrating on my hair tips. Then leave it for 3-4 minutes and rinse it off really well with water. You will observe a lot of fowm come off while washing.

And some days when I am in a hurry or basically lazy what I do is apply shampoo on my scalp and this Argan hair mask on my hair tips simultaneously and rinse it off.

Use it 2-3 times a week for best results.

mamaearth hair mask, khadija beauty

What are the after-effects of MamaEarth Argan hair mask?

After effect 1:

This works exactly like a conditioner. In other words, this is a better version of a conditioner because they have some really appealing and benefitting ingredients. After rinsing your hair with this hair mask you can feel your hair silky soft and frizz-free. It contains curd extract and milk protein which are good for hair strength.

After effect 2

This hair masks left a very lingering fragrance on my hair. I naturally have a straight hair and this mask made my long hair even more manageable. Oh yeah, not just manageable but it also adds a healthy look and shine to the hair.

After effect 3

It claims to cleanse and soothe the scalp and it stands truly by its claims. This hair mask is nourishing and hydrating. It hydrates both the scalp and the hair. And this is why I said it is a better version of any conditioner.  I did not feel the need of any serum for taming my hair after using this hair mask.

These are the after effects which you can notice right after your first wash.

Now coming to its claims for reducing hair fall, I can’t comment on that as of now because I am not facing major hair fall right now *Alhamdullilah* Other than that it does soothe the scalp, upon regular usage you will find that it will improve hair texture. Because from the first wash itself you will observe your frizzy hair almost disappearing.

Argan oil, tea tree oil helps in eliminating dandruff. Argan oil has so many hair benefits and some of which is observed in this hair mask. This Argan hair mask is suitable for all hair types and people with dry hair are going to love this a lot.

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Amazing things about MamaEarth Argan Hair Mask 

Hydrates hair and scalp

Adds shine to the hair

Makes the hair silky and manageable

Soothes the scalps

Has an appealing fragrance which lingers around even after the wash

Has an amazing ingredient list

Phthalates free

Mineral oil free


SLS free


Did not notice any change with regards to hair fall

Final verdict

I would highly recommend this to all. No matter if you are a mom or male or female or has dry hair or normal hair, this is going to give a beautiful shiny and silky hair to all. I am totally loving it.

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