Dove Beauty Cream Review| Non- Greasy moisturiser for all skin types

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The secret for beautiful skin lies in supplementing the skin with proper hydration. Therefore moisturiser is one product every individual must use. No matter they are men or women or children or what skin type they have, moisturizing the face and body is a compulsory thing to do. Now choosing the right moisturiser according to their skin type becomes a difficult task. I have an oily T-zone and so I have been on a hunt of non-greasy moisturiser for a long time and then settled with Lever Ayush suwarna poshak. If you have read my skincare posts you must be knowing that I have been using that for over 1 year and was completely satisfied with that as it was ayurvedic. I personally prefer natural and organic products but Dove beauty cream blew my mind and currently I am using this as my daily moisturiser ?  so let’s get into the review now.

dove beauty cream, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.350 for 75ml

Available in various quantities


Dove beauty cream was not available in India earlier but thanks to Indian online shopping sites? Available on Amazon, ebay and Flipkart. Buy HERE


dove beauty cream review, khadija beauty (1)

My experience with Dove Beauty Cream

Dove beauty cream comes in a cute pink and white tub-like plastic packaging. I have 75ml packaging and it is very slim and handy-dandy. When you open the cap, you can find that the cream is further protected with a foil. I do not prefer tearing off the foil completely because then the cover of Dove beauty cream would become messy. The cream will settle on the cap and I feel that unhygienic and annoying. You can find only the ingredients at the back and no more details about the Dove beauty cream is mentioned anywhere on the packaging

dove beauty cream review, khadija beauty (1)

dove beauty cream review, khadija beauty (1)

Now coming to the consistency, it is neither too thick nor too light but very light on the skin. And once I rub it on my face, it gets absorbed immediately, like in seconds. This is the reason why I am loving this cream. Dove beauty cream is perfect for oily to combination skin. It moisturizes even the dry skin. So I can say Dove beauty cream is suitable for all skin types. It is non-greasy and very creamy in texture. You will get a matte finished soft skin after application. I have noticed that certain creams are not greasy while applying but as the time passes it makes the skin oily and sticky. But it is not the same with Dove beauty cream. So it has passed this test also. You can use this on your body also.

dove beauty cream review, khadija beauty (1)

dove beauty cream review, khadija beauty (1)

A little amount of product is enough for getting a supple and hydrated skin. So the product is going to last for a longer period of time*yayyyy* It has a mild and typical dove type fragrance. One of the biggest fears for those who have acne prone skin is will it cause break out? Then the answer for it is a big NO? Yes you can use it without any fear. It did not cause any break outs on my skin. 

If you have oily to combination skin and do not wanna make your skin look and feel further oily then Dove beauty cream is something you should try. And if you have a dry skin then get a  soft and smooth skin by using a little amount of product. On a whole, I strongly recommend every one of you to try this. 

Amazing things about Dove Beauty Cream

Cute and slim packaging

Travel-friendly packaging

Soft and creamy texture

Ebook Promo

Get absorbed into the skin in seconds


Perfect for all skin types

Do not cause break outs

Multipurpose cream

Amazingly moisturize the skin

Very light on skin


Tub-like packaging

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  1. Lovelyyy review!!! Will surely try this as it is personally recommened by youuu

  2. That’s a lovely review. I wanted to to try this from long. I am glad this is available in India now

  3. It should be like a perfect base to start make up, keep skin nourished and help in skin maintenance forever. Dove beauty cream is one such kind. Even though its description is difficult to interpret because of the language used yet I would describe it a perfect beauty cream. It’s infused with the goodness of mineral oil and cocoa butter which are highly recommended by skin experts for their skin hydrating properties plus its completely free from parabens.

  4. Can we offer Namaaz after applying this cream as it contains Cetyl Alcohol?and Alcohol is not permittible in Islam.

  5. Can we offer Namaaz after applying this cream as it contains Cetyl Alcohol and Alcohol is not permittible in Islam.

  6. Nice review Khadija. My combination skin needs it. It’s not very pricy too.

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