How to get a glowing and healthy skin naturally

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We all dream of having a glowing and healthy skin. For this, we often apply a lot of skincare products. But do you know that you can keep your skin healthy without applying too much of products? Today, I am going to talk about this crucial topic.

Now, let us discuss the main points that help in maintaining a glowing and healthy skin.

1. Drinking Lots of Water is the First Step for Glowing and Healthy Skin

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty

We should drink enough water, so that our body is not dehydrated. A Little amount of dehydration leads to dryness and that is reflected on the skin. We should have at least 12-14 glasses of water every day.


Drink 1 glass of warm water after you wake up every morning.

Drink water half an hour before having your meals. Never drink water in between or after meals.

Drink water 1 hour after having meals.

Avoid drinking too much of water at night.

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2.Don’t give too much of sun exposure to your skin!

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty

Sun exposure is good for our skin, but in a limited quantity. Sun is the main and the best source of Vitamin D. We should keep our skin exposed to the sun for a short period of time as too much of exposure can harm our skin. Using sunscreen everyday is another secret for a glowing and healthy skin.


The best time to expose your body to the sun is the time between 7-8 am and 3-4 pm. These are the two timings when the sun rays give maximum benefits.

Don’t stand in sun for too long. Try to get exposure for 15-20 minutes in a day.

Wear sunglasses while traveling in the sun for long hours. Also cover your skin, so that it doesn’t get tanned.

3.Never let stress overcome your mind!

Nowadays, most of the people have stress related to family, work, etc. But, we should not let high levels of stress affect our body. We should be calm and meditate to keep our body relaxed. If we take a lot of stress, bad effects will be shown on our skin too.

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty


Indulge in your favorite hobbies when in stress. Like, listen to music, watch television, play games, paint on the canvas, etc.

Do yoga and meditation to keep out toxins and have healthy skin.

4.Sleep for at least 8 hours in a day!

We often neglect our sleeping hours while working late or using social media late night. We should not stay awake at night for a long time. Sleeping for 7-8 hours in a day is necessary to maintain healthy skin. If we will not sleep for enough time then our skin will be dull and eyes will have large dark circles. So, sleep on time, so that your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself while you are sleeping.

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty


Try to sleep maximum by 11 pm. 

Try to wake up early before the sun’s rise.

5.Exercise to keep your skin clear!

Exercising or doing yoga is necessary as it increases oxygen circulation in our body. It also helps in the circulation of nutrients and releases the toxins from the skin in the form of sweat. This helps in maintaining clean and healthy skin.

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty


Exercise at least 5 days in a week.

Do half an hour cardio, so that sweat brings out the toxins from your skin.

For women: Don’t do cardio exercises or stomach exercises during first 3 days of periods.

Always keep a smile on your skin, as a smile is the best exercise.

6.Watch what you eat!

Eat a plate filled with rainbow colors. You should intake all the fruits and vegetables available during particular seasons. Eating different food items will help you get all the nutrients in a particular amount. Each nutrient contributes to the health and glow of your skin, so have everything in a small amount. Avoid having junk food as they have lots of oil that make your skin dull and problematic.

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty


Eat food items rich in antioxidants so that your body has the ability to fight diseases. Antioxidants also reduce the aging process on your skin. You can have food items like Blueberries, Pomegranates, Spinach, Raspberries, Nuts, Grapes, etc.

Include vitamin C in your diet as it reduces the occurrence of wrinkles. So, have a lemon, oranges, etc.

7.Drink Organic green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. You should drink at least 2 cups of green tea every day. This helps to have a glowing and healthy skin. It clears out the toxins from the skin, leaving it to be clear and soft. It also helps in reducing excess body weight.

how to get glowng andhealthy skin, khadija beauty

Some homemade recipes to keep your skin healthy:

  1. Include lemon in your diet. It has citric acid that keeps the skin clear by removing dead cells. It can also be mixed with sugar and used as a scrub to remove dead skin.
  2. Turmeric has properties of an antiseptic and it is a skin-lightening agent. You can mix it with gram flour and water or milk and use as a mask for 15 minutes. It will brighten your skin immediately and nourish from within.
  3. Honey is a magical ingredient for your skin. You can apply it directly to your skin and leave it for 15 minutes to get a baby soft skin.
  4. Cucumber has lots of hydrating properties. You can grind it and apply the pulp to the skin directly and leave for 10-15 minutes to repair damaged cells and get a fresh glow.
  5. Papaya helps in maintaining clear skin. You can use its pulp on the skin thrice a week to get clean skin. It removes dead skin, tanning and heals the skin problems.
  6. Cold pressed organic facial oils are the show stopper when it comes to skincare. You can apply few drops of oil to your skin directly before sleeping. Use it for 10 days and you will notice a drastic change in your skin.

You can use your favorite home remedies along with natural care on regular basis to see the changes in your skin. So, kick start your skincare routine from today and have glowing and healthy skin forever.

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I hope these tips and home remedies will be useful to you! Do let me know the feedback and results in the comments section below.

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