Easy ways to use cold pressed avocado oil for skin and hair| Speaking tree

Easy ways to use cold pressed avocado oil for skin and hair| Speaking tree

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Oils can do wonder not just for your hair but for your skin as well. Organic cold pressed oils are safe to use and have active ingredients in them from which you can gain maximum benefits. Today I will be reviewing avocado oil from a brand called “Speaking Tree”. They manufacture 100% pure and natural cold pressed oils. I will also be listing some of the awesome and simple ways in which cold pressed avocado oil can be used for both skin and hair. So let’s get started

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.225


About the Brand:

Speaking Tree is a small effort to bring the benefits of Mother Nature to mankind, in its purest form. At Speaking Tree , we ensure to select the best choice of ingredient for optimum utilisation by the body. Speaking Tree is way to interact with the subtle intricacies of the self, to heal thyself.



This cold pressed avocado oil comes in a blue colored glass bottle. The outer packaging is really impressive. The bottle comes safely in a cardboard box where the brand name and other details are mentioned clearly. And the unique thing about speaking tree cold pressed avocado oil is that they have provided an extra roll on the bottle along with the oil. I found it attractive and this kind of extra effort from the brand wins my heart. You can transfer the oil to the roll on bottle and can use it under your eyes or where ever you prefer.

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

How is the smell and colour?

I did not find any specific smell. And to cross check I asked my sister and even she didn’t find any sort of fragrance. So I would tell this cold pressed avocado oil is odorless and colorless.

Does it feel heavy and greasy?

So basically I ran out of my night serum. I LOVE oils and at night I use gold elixir but since it got over, I thought of giving this Speaking tree cold pressed avocado oil a shot. To be honest I thought it would be heavy on my skin. But to my surprise, this oil is not heavy at all. I have an oily skin and if I am using it then this can be very easily used by any skin type. Cold pressed avocado oil is lighter than cold pressed rosehip oil. Now you can compare their texture. They are lightweight and doesn’t give any kind of greasy feeling. I seriously loved the fact that they are neither heavy nor greasy. Because these are the two main reasons why most of the people feel meh and tend to skip oils.

uses of cold pressed avocado oil, khadija beauty

The amount of oil you use depends on your skin type and your choice.

Awesome ways to use cold pressed avocado oil

Face moisturizer

Dry skin people can definitely try this as their daily moisturizer. It is a rich source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, omega fatty acids. It also acts as a source of antioxidants and minerals. Basically, these are essential for a healthy skin and so when this cold pressed avocado oil is applied in the face they supplement these vitamins and micronutrients to the skin which in turn helps in maintaining a good skin.
Winter is here and usually in winter everyone faces dry skin, so they can resort to this as a moisturizer.

If not in the daytime, you can also use this as a night serum which would provide deep hydration all throughout the night. I use this as a night serum.

Deep cleanser in Oil cleansing method

I have mixed this with castor oil and other oils and using it as a deep pore cleanser in oil cleansing method (OCM). Oil cleansing method can open up your pores and can suck out all the dirt, impurities and remove the dead cells. So this oil, when used in OCM, can help in removing blackheads and dirts from pores.

Mixing it with body lotion

You can add few drops of this cold pressed avocado oil in your normal body lotion and use it for extra hydration. They have anti-aging property so this will protect your skin from premature aging too.

As a leave-in hair conditioner to prevent split ends

As I said cold pressed avocado oil is non-sticky, you can use it on your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Just take 2-3 drops of it and apply it to your dampened hair tips. This will lock in your hair moisture. So this, in turn, will prevent split ends.

Face mask

Add 1-2 drops of this oil in your face mask and you will get a smooth skin. This will help in getting rid of flaky skin

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Mixing it with other oil mixture for hair therapy

You can also mix it with olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil and apply it on your scalp. This will give added benefits and helps in soothing the scalp. It can be used for treating dry scalp too.

As an under eye serum

Since this natural cold pressed avocado oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it can be used as an under eye serum to prevent dark circles. One of the major reasons for dark circles is antioxidants deficiency. So this can help in reducing dark circles.


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Other important uses of avocado oil

Clear, soft, healthy skin

Protects the skin against infection

Detoxifies your body & aids weight loss

Perfect oil for deep tissue massages

Anti-inflammatory and keeps the heart healthy


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That is it guys. Hope this helped you in some way. I personally love using oil for my hair and ski. Which is your favourite oil? Let me know in the comments.

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Easy ways to use cold pressed avocado oil for skin and hair| Speaking tree

Easy ways to use cold pressed avocado oil for skin and hair| Speaking tree Hello my lovely people out there!!! 🙂 Oils can do wonder not just for your hair

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