Cotaryl Cream Review| Magically heals the cracked heels

Cotaryl Cream Review| Magically heals the cracked heels

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Cracked heels are very common and almost all of us has experienced it at least once in our lifetime. This is more prevalent during the winters. On a winter night, when I was applying this Cotaryl on my heels before sleeping, I randomly posted a picture of it on my Instagram. It was then I realized that a lot of people are facing the same thing and in fact, many of my Instagram followers tried and came back saying that it worked.

Cotaryl Cream Review

I have been asked to share this multiple times, so here I am reviewing it once and for all.

Price: Rs. 83 for 50g

Product description :

Cotaryl cream is recommended for dry and hyperkeratotic skin, hyperkeratosis (abnormal thickening of the outer layer of the skin), Ichthyosis (dry, scaling skin), eczema, and Cracked feet. It contains Urea and other natural moisturising factors.

Cotaryl Cream Review

Availability: Very easily available in all pharmacy

My experience with Cotaryl Cream

This cream was actually prescribed to my mom years ago and my mom asked me to try it. I call this as a magic healer for my cracked heels. My heels don’t crack crazily but during winters I do experience dryness and minor cracks.

This Cotaryl cream makes my heels soft just in a week. If the cracks are very minor then I get my normal soft heels back in 3 days. You can start seeing the difference the very next morning or in 2 days.

Cotaryl Cream Review

How do I use it & How I advice you to use?

I apply a thick layer of Cotaryl on my heals, wear socks and go to bed. For best results, I would recommend you to follow the same procedure.

Even if you have severe cracks, this cream is going to treat them.

Well, Cotaryl is not just for cracked heels. When I shared on Instagram, I came to know that many people use it for their cracked fingers and dry hands. Even on the packaging, it is written that this is for itchy and dry skin. I am not sure if this can be used on the face though.

If you are facing very dry, flaky skin on the face and chapped lips then you can try boroline and the most raved secret lotion mentioned in my eBook.

Cotaryl Cream Review

Amazing things about Cotaryl Cream

Extremely hydrating


Even sever cracked heels can be treated

Works faster. You can see the difference in 3-7 days

Ebook Promo

Works like a magic

Can be used on extremely dry and itchy skin (Body)

Can be used for dry and cracked fingers too.



Would I recommend?

Yes yes and a big YES. Since this is for dry, cracked heels & fingers there’s no fear of breaking out too. I would highly recommend this to everyone who’s facing such issues and recommend this even to your mom, dad or anyone who’s experiencing this.


Final Verdict

Overall verdict

This is an amazing cream and a blessing for cracked heels and dry hands. It starts showing effects in a day or two and completely treats the dryness.

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Cotaryl Cream Review| Magically heals the cracked heels

Cotaryl Cream Review| Magically heals the cracked heels Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️ Cracked heels are very common and almost all of us has exper

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