MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream Review| With Vitamin E and Argan Oil

MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil

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Most of us love having coffee like almost twice a day. Do you all know the amazing benefits that caffeine has on our skin. Let me summarise a few of them for you- it has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent redness/ swelling, evens the skin tone and has anti-aging properties too! Now imagine caffeine as a major ingredient in your daily cream! Well, MCaffeine company does this job. This brand has recently come up and is absolutely Indian based with all organic ingredients- safe to use and cruelty-free! Today I will be reviewing MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil. Read on to find out my experience with this product.

What MCaffeine says:

Give the goodness of Caffeine to your skin with this MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream!  Caffeine in the cream tightens your skin, and Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy and smooth. Aloe vera extracts in the cream nourish your skin, this keeping it youthful.
◦ Moisturizing face cream to hydrate your face all day long.
◦ The cream fights free radicals to give that everlasting fresh glow to your face.
◦ Invigorating green apple fragrance.
◦ Paraben free. Not tested on animals.


Caffeine, Argan Oil and Vitamin E

MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream

Price: INR 349 for 50ml. Currently on offer for Rs.249 on Amazon

Availability: Amazon

My experience with MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil:


The cream comes in small round cylindrical glass tub packaging with a large silver screw cap. The packaging is quite similar to the typical cold cream ones. It comes in an outer cardboard box that is pink in colour and it has all the necessary details written on it. Overall the packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.

MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream

Texture and Consistency of MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream

The texture is perfect for summers-lightweight and comfortable. It does not have that usual heavy consistency that most moisturizing creams have, instead it gets absorbed really fast without any greasy or oily look.

MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream


I think the major problem with the product is the strong smell it has, the company claims that it has green apple fragrance. However the smell is not even close to that, this is a big turn off. People who are not used to such strong and synthetic smell, should avoid using this product.

Hydration and product efficiency of MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream

It has argan oil and vitamin E , both of them are excellent hydrating agents. I don’t have extremely dry skin, so for me, it provides the optimal hydration that I want for a matte-free look throughout the day. In fact, I have been using this moisturizer before my makeup, just before putting my mattifying primer.

The quantity of the product for me is extremely less like a single jar goes for 2 weeks maximum. I have ordered 2 tubs in a month, just to follow this religiously to get the optimal results that the brand claims. My skin is very sensitive so daily exposure to the sun causes redness and uneven skin tone, using this cream has definitely reduced few of these problems. One of the major factor that the cream does not qualify as a day cream is the missing SPF.

Pros of MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil:

1. Lightweight and comfortable.
2. Gets absorbed instantly.
3. Skin friendly ingredients.
4. Does not cause acne or any other break outs.
5. Sturdy packaging
6. Provides long-lasting hydration.

Cons of MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil:

1.Srong smell.
2. Finishes fast
3. Expensive owing to the quantity it has.
4. No SPF

Would I recommend MCaffeine Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream with Vitamin E and Argan Oil?

It is that type of cream which one can try in summers or someone who has oily skin. However, I won’t suggest it to people who have extremely dry skin.

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Final Verdict

The cream has a very lightweight and comfortable texture which is like a plus point in summers, however, it lacks SPF and then the synthetic smell is not so pleasant. Thinking about the advantages- it gives really good hydration that lasts long. Since it is made up of skin-friendly ingredients, there are less chances of developing any kind of rash or acne.

Reviewer: Rhea Dadra                            Editor: Khadija

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