IPL Vs Laser| What’s the difference? Which is better for you?

ipl vs laser

IPL Vs Laser| What’s the difference? Which is better for you?

Comparing Skin Procedures That Can Help You Reverse Damage

Skin damage is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape it. It happens as a natural part of the aging process. It can also be exacerbated by external influences like environmental factors. Even what you eat or drink can affect your skin over time.

But just because skin damage occurs does not mean your skin has to stay damaged. There are skin procedures that can help you reverse some of the damage. Comparing those treatments to choose the one most likely to work on your skin can help you get the best and fastest results.

ipl vs laser

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments for Skin Health

You may have heard that light can treat your skin. It sounds strange, but certain types of light can definitely trigger healing in your skin cells. One such type is intense pulsed light (IPL). An intense pulsed light device is so named because it sends pulses of light through your skin layers.

That light helps to encourage cellular activity and restoration. One way it does so is by making your body produce additional collagen. The collagen helps to keep your cells drawn close to each other, reducing wrinkles.

IPL photofacial treatment can be used for acne, hyperpigmentations, rosacea, and wrinkles.

IPL photofacial aftercare

Always keep your skin moisturized

Wash your face with mild face wash/cleanser

Do not forget the sunscreen

Do not shave or wax for the next 2 weeks

If you have got bruises (which is rare) after IPL treatment, it will take 1-2 weeks to heal

Laser Procedures and How They Differ from IPL

Another way to treat various skin problems, including wrinkles, is with laser procedures. You can use laser treatment equipment for multiple purposes. Among them are wrinkle and scar reduction and general cellular repair encouragement. You can even use lasers to perform procedures that remove cells that are damaged or dead from your skin’s surface.

Laser procedures differ from IPL procedures in a few ways. For example, lasers are much more focused beams of light, while IPL pulses are more diffused pulses.

Lasers also typically produce more heat and provide more in-depth treatments. Therefore, you may see results faster from laser procedures than IPL. Also, lasers are best used by clinical professionals, but some IPL devices are more commonly used at home. Although, clinical IPL treatment is also available.

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Selecting the Laser Procedure You Actually Need

The trick to having a successful laser treatment is choosing the type of laser procedure you actually need. For example, if your skin needs overall revitalization, a non-ablative laser procedure may be best. It targets deeper tissues and encourages widespread cellular restoration.

Ablative treatment is more commonly used to perform a laser peel. That is a procedure that focuses more on the outer layer of your skin by removing imperfections and foreign materials.

Additional Ways to Improve Your Skin Health

There are many additional ways to improve your skin health besides the use of light therapies that are also worth considering. For example, sound waves can be as effective in many cases. Sound waves like ultrasound or radio frequencies can work their way into your skin and create cellular reactions that lead to healing.

Sound wave treatments are typically mild so they may not be right if you want immediate results. Instead, you may prefer microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. Both methods offer similarly quick results.

However, like ablative laser treatment, they can leave you temporarily at higher risk for skin infections. They can also cause mild temporary side effects like swelling and redness. Therefore, you have to consider your options carefully before choosing a treatment to have.

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IPL Vs Laser| What's the difference? Which is better for you?

Comparing Skin Procedures That Can Help You Reverse Damage

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