Trendy Lehenga Choli Designs you would love to wear

Trendy lehenga choli designs you should wear

The lehenga choli has been around for quite some time. We have seen it with bridesmaids, children, college students and even working women. The lehenga and top is easy to style and needs little to no effort. Traditionally it was strictly for weddings but designers started to create different designs to match different occasions. You can transform your whole look by pairing your lehenga with a different choli or top.

trendy kehanga choli designs for women

Take a look at some of the famous Lehenga choli designs

Pure silk lehenga choli

      trendy kehanga choli designs for women                                           

This lehenga choli ensemble is traditional. Traditionally, silk was worn by royalty. It symbolized wealth and prosperity. The style has been trending for centuries. A silk lehenga choli created with some embroidery or embellishments gives off and elegant and sophisticated look. You can wear this outfit to cultural festivals and traditional ceremonies.

Bareback choli with lehenga

The bareback is one of the most popular top designs in India. It is a traditional style but is still trending in the fashion world. Without the bareback choli, your traditional outfits are incomplete. You can go with silk, crepe, cotton and silk blends for a more traditional lehenga choli. This outfit is good for casual days and festivities.

Lehenga choli with a long kurta

                      trendy kehanga choli designs for women     

What do you do when the cold season is approaching? Wear an appropriate cover up to keep you warm all through. During winter some people go full on for the western winter look while many like to remain traditional.  To keep warm in your ethnic attire, wear a long kurta jacket over your lehenga choli. The length of the jacket should be similar to your choli. This look is fashionable and will keep your warm in the cold weather. You can wear it to festivals, school and social events.

Mix and match lehenga choli

     trendy kehanga choli designs for women                                               

When you mix and match a lehenga choli look, you just put together different pieces of the outfit that have different colors and designs. If you are a daring fashion guru, you can put together two prints in one go.  The easiest way to mix and match a lehenga choli is putting together two pieces that are in the same color family. When mixing two different items, ensure the colors or match and the design and cuts go well together.

Princess cut lehenga a choli

               trendy kehanga choli designs for women                     

A princess cut choli can have a variety of necklines, it is up to you to choose one you are comfortable in and fits your body type.  Princess cut choli with deep necks are meant for shorter people while high neck blouses go well with tall people. A princess cut choli is trendy and traditional, creating a casual look.

Short kurti jacket and lehenga kurti

This look is made for summer. While summer festivals and cultural ceremonies await, get ready with your lehenga and long sleeved choli. The short kurti jacket is designed like a half-coat and kurti. The kurti jacket is sleeveless and most are made of linen and silk. This look is creative and gives off an elegant look. If your lehenga choli is printed, opt for a plain kurti jacket and vice versa. This is a casual look for summer, hanging out with friends and college

Kurti replaces choli

             trendy kehanga choli designs for women           

If you are tired of lehenga choli and done mixing it up, you can try pairing it with a kurti. This ensemble is modern, stylish and sophisticated depending on how you dress it. Replacing the choli with a lehenga is a simple as mixing it up. You don’t have to buy the two-piece together.  If you have a printed lehenga, pair it with a block colored side slit kurti from Stylecaret for a transitional look. You can wear this as formal or casual depending on the cut of the kurti.  A clean cut kurti is more western and formal compared to an asymmetrical or flared kurti.

Fancy sleeves choli with lehenga

Fancy sleeves look good on any traditional attire.  The most common modern sleeves are flared, puffed, ruffled, split, bishop and sleeves with shoulder cuts. A tight fitting choli with flared sleeves is modern and chic. Ensure the flare of the choli does not draw away the attention from the lehenga. You can complete this look by adding some cute pompoms, wedges or block heels. Make sure the color of your choli matches with that of your lehenga.

Basic covers on lehenga choli

In some parts of India, even the slightest exposure of your body is socially unacceptable. It is important to cover up so that you don’t offend your elders and their views. Plain cove-ups or ones with contrasting colors will ruin your whole look. If you were going for a modern street wear lehenga choli, cover it up with a denim or leather jacket for a modern indo western vibe. Traditional cover-ups include the dupatta and scarf. If you are going out for something casual, cover up with a sheer dupatta for a simple but fashionable look.

Anarkali lehenga

                trendy kehanga choli designs for women                     

The anarkali lehenga is a traditional style that creates a layered look at the hemline. The anarkali should be shorter than the lehenga but not too short. A midi anarkali will work well for this look. Match the floral patterns of the anarkali suit with the patterns of your lehenga for a complete look. Match this outfit with a pair of sandals and a dupatta cover.

T-Shirt or crop top and lehenga

T-shirts and crop tops are a modern trend that is popular among the youth. The t-shirt is tucked into the lehenga and paired with sneakers of converse for a chic look. A crop top with a lehenga creates a laid back look you can wear at home or to class.

Final word

These lehenga combinations are beautiful and will make you stand out during different occasions. The designs are meant to create different looks depending on the occasion. You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to transform your look. Spend on what you can afford and mix it up with what you have in your wardrobe.

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