Greenberry Organics french green clay and ylang ylang oil face wash review

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How are you all doing? It’s so damn sunny and hot this year. And with hot whether there comes so many skin related problems especially for oily skin beauties. But do not worry I am going to review a face wash that is suitable for only oily skin. During summer the oil production increases which in turn leads to clogged pores, pimple and acne. I am back with another product from the Greenberry Organics and this time it is the face wash which I am going to review. Let’s dive into the review now.

Price: Rs.599  for 150ml (you can always get that on offer. Now it is for Rs.499)

Availability: Available on Amazon . Buy Here


Aqua, Sulphate and Paraben Free Surfactant, Aloe Vera Extracts, Ylang Ylang Oil, French Green Clay


Apply gently to your face twice a day and watch your skin problems obliviate

About the brand- Greenberry Organics

Greenberry Organics are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. The ultimate mission of Greenberry Organics is to strive hard to make a difference in standard and conventional production methods filled with irregularities, animal abuse and unfair remuneration. They manufacture the products in a small batch to ensure the quality and freshness of the ingredients.  The company follows all natural ingredient policy (Strict quality control ensures only natural and naturally processed ingredients are used, which can potentially cause no harm to human skin). To know about this brand in detail, click here

Note: I receive messages asking if this is my brand. No guys this is not my own brand. I have only associated with this amazing brand.

Safety Information:

The product is 100% Natural | Natural products may cause slight skin irritation | Usage of product is case sensitive | Patch test on fist or elbow recommended before continuing with daily application of the product | Should be used only as per the instructions given on Amazon | Please don’t mix the product with any other product | Keep away from mouth, nose, ears and eyes as the product is for external application only | Greenberry Organics – The Man Soap Co. doesn’t take any claims if the product is not applied as per the instructions mentioned.

My skin type: Combination skin with oily T-Zone

My experience with Greenberry Organic’s French Green Clay & Ylang Ylang Oil Face Wash

As always let me start with its packaging. This Greenberry Organics face wash comes in a cute plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I loved the packaging except the fact that the pump doesn’t have a lock system which makes it difficult to carry while traveling. So the packaging is great, easy to use but not travel-friendly.

Greenberry organics face wash, khadija beauty,greenberry oranics french green clay and ylang yalng oil face wash

How is its consistency, color and smell?

This Greenberry Organics face wash has a semi-liquidy consistency and athers into a soft foam. It is almost colorless with a hint of light green in it. It looks green in color in the bottle because of french green clay present in them and when I dispensed the product out I can see minute quantities of french green clay in them which I kind of liked it? I also liked its mild unique and sweet floral fragrance.

Greenberry organics face wash, khadija beauty,greenberry oranics french green clay and ylang yalng oil face wash

Greenberry organics face wash, khadija beauty,greenberry oranics french green clay and ylang yalng oil face wash

How effective is it?

As it claims it really removes the excess oil from the face. You can feel it the moment you wash your face with this greenberry organics face wash. I felt it in my first time wash itself. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated. This doesn’t dry out the skin like few of the oil control face wash does. I feel my skin clean and oil free whenever I use this Greenberry Organics face wash. These days I am regularly using it and this is helping my skin to beat the excess oil secretion which is common in summer. My mom also has a combination skin and her first reaction after using this face wash was ” mere skin ko itna soft kar diya ” which means this made my skin very soft. So if mom liked it then this is a great product for sure.

I did not face any breakouts after using this Greenberry Organics face wash, which is the best thing about any skincare or makeup product. I loved the fact that it is completely organic and effective too. It may seem to be expensive but when compared to the results it gives, I don’t think cost matters. And moreover, half a pump will do the job so this is going to last for a longer period of time.

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How long does it keep the skin oil free?

Okay to be honest, this totally depends on your skin type. It sometimes kept my skin oil free for 3-4 hours and then sometimes my skin started becoming oily after two hours. And one more thing I noticed is whenever I use this Greenberry Organics face wash in the morning my skin feels hydrated, supple and oil free but then if I use it in the evening or night, my T-Zone feels oil free yet hydrated but the other parts of my face feels a little dry which goes off completely when followed up with a moisturiser. This is because only my T-Zone is oily and not the rest of my face. I wanted to tell this to you because this face wash is only for oily skin and if normal skin people try this, they may experience a little dryness.

Beauty benefits of this Greenberry face wash and how does this control oil excess production?

To those of you guys who don’t know much about French green clay, I would like to share with you that French green clay is a nature’s gift for oily skin people like me. This Greenberry Organics face wash has french green clay in it which is a well-known detoxifier, cleanser and has skin healing properties too. This clay has high absorbing property and this property makes the clay to absorb excess oil and dirt from the pores. It gently exfoliating the skin and also heals the acne. So basically it is suitable for oily and acne prone skin. French green clay also helps in maintaining the natural oil balance.

Now another major ingredient in Greenberry Organics face wash is Ylang Ylang oil. This is an essential oil which is used in skincare products for their floral fragrance. Besides that this oil also aids in healing acne and providing moisture to the skin. This face wash also contains aloe vera and I think every one of us knows the beauty benefits of aloe vera gel. Aloe Vera gel is the solution for almost all of the skin related problems.

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Amazing things about Greenberry Organic’s French Green Clay & Ylang Ylang Oil Face Wash


Washes off excess oil leaving the skin soft and supple

Contains best Ingredients

Handmade with love

Environment safe packaging

100% natural


Made from pure oils & extracts

100% sulphate and paraben free


Not a travel-friendly packaging

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Final Verdict

So it’s been a while that I have been using it and all I could tell is, this is perfect for oily skin beauties in summer. I would highly recommend you to try this.

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  1. I love the fact that it doesn’t dries out your skin. In fact both the facewash are working quite same for me 😀

  2. I have never seen a face wash containing clay. Seems a very good option for oily skin people. I have dry skin. Will skip it..

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