Questions To Ask A Massage Therapist Before Choosing One

Questions To Ask A Massage Therapist Before Choosing One

To alleviate pain is the number one reason why a person would seek a service of a massage therapist. There’s this expectation that one would feel good after the session. It is then crucial to pick the therapist that can give you the soothing experience you are looking for.

Various spas that offers massage therapy are out there. A friend or a relative could have recommended one for you. It’s okay to heed their recommendation since by far, “word of mouth” is still the most effective marketing strategy.

The responsibility that rests upon your shoulder to achieve the result you want is to choose the right massage therapist. You can’t just pass this on to someone else or rely on someone else’s opinion.
Below are some questions you can ask a massage therapist to see if he/she is the right fit for you:

1.    Where have you gotten your massage therapy training?

To have this question make sense, check the competitive massage therapy training centers in your area. As you hear the response of the massage therapist, you already have an idea as to the kind of massage therapist you’ll have.

This is just one of the defining factors though. Do not entirely and directly base your decision whether to get the therapist or not on the massage education your therapist-to-be has gotten.

2. Are you a licensed therapist?

Each state has different requirements for a therapist to even qualify to take the examination. If the therapist has a license to practice, then the individual has passed the required number of hours of training and has been adequately trained attending to people that need the service.

3. What is your massage philosophy?

Each therapist may differ on this. You can perhaps meet one with a “no pain, no gain” philosophy or someone who has a gentle approach. It is best that you know what you want so you’ll just match with the answers of the therapist in determining if you have just found the right one for you.

Here are some questions you need yourself to answer though to get the most out of your massage therapy:

•    What’s the primary intention in getting this massage therapy?
•    Can I tolerate pain during the massage therapy?
•    How often will I get a massage therapy?

During the course of your massage therapy session, a professional massage therapist can just easily adjust to the kind of pressure you’ll require of him/her to do based on what you think you like on a specific area of your body.

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4. How many years of experience do you have?

Quality is  not only based on the length of experience, however, it affects the effectiveness of an individual in their expertise. This is very well applicable to massage therapy. As the therapist gets seasoned, their hands just seem to flow lightly on your body towards those pressure and pain points. The lightness of the hand and the finesse in the technique will show the experience, most of the time.

5. How will I feel the day after I get this massage therapy?

To avoid misconception, it is better that you have an idea of what you will feel the next day after your massage. Generally, the idea that we have when it comes to massage for relaxation is that eventually on the next day, we’ll feel better. If your massage therapy is to treat an injury, the result may not be as comfortable.

6. What type of massage will you recommend for me?

You can decide on your own, but you are free to ask the professional before you ask what kind of massage suits your condition. You will then be assessed based on the reason why you would want a massage and will explain to you which type you must get.

questions to ask a massage therapist

Do you have any questions for me?

A therapist who cares for your well-being will shoot you a question or two to check on your needs and to assess your situation.

These are some questions you can expect:

•    Is this your first time getting a massage therapy?
•    When did you first notice this discomfort?
•    Why do you require massage therapy?

Getting a massage therapy is for your wellness. Receiving it from a professional elevates it to another level. Make the most out of each session by correctly choosing your massage therapist.



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